Top 7 Best Bow Quiver Reviews For Hunting-Get Your Best 2017-2018

best bow quiver reviews
Written by Kevin Fleeman

If you are a bow hunter, then the word ammo refers to your arrows. Out in the woods on your hunting escapades, you will need plenty of arrows. To help you carry them, the bow quiver comes in handy. Take a look at our best bow quiver reviews and get your best.

There are many types of quivers categorized on the basis of how they are fitted on the hunter’s body. Each type has its own pros and cons.  When buying a quiver, you will need to understand the different types, how they fit and their individual advantages. This is the first step toward getting the best hunting quiver in 2017 for your bow hunting trips.

Out Handpicked Top 7 Best Bow Quiver Reviews

With the right information at your fingertips, you are ready to go out and get yourself the best bow quiver for hunting. Let us now check out the top products to look out for. While each of these has features that rank them among the best in the market, it is best to pick the one that most suits your needs.

#1 Tight Spot Quiver Review

Dimensions:24 by 9 by 2 inchesTight Spot Quiver Review


Description: An amazing product made in the US, the TightSpot Quiver is designed to fit onto your bow. For the first time, a quiver has been made that actually improves accuracy helping you to hit your targets. This is thanks to the extra weight that it adds to the bow enabling the reduction of unnecessary torque when shooting. However, it is lightweight enough to not wear you down.

To keep arrow vibration at a minimum, the TightSpot Quiver comes with a Vibration Absorption System. The 18-inch wheelbase leaves less of the arrow exposed and therefore little room to vibrate. You can also slide the arrow along the cable guard further ensuring little vibration thanks to the QuadFit 4-way spacer. When not in use, the shafts are held secure against a vibration dampening strip.

A 3-way adjustment technology enables you to finely tune the bow for more accurate shots. Your aim will improve with the quiver on, giving you an edge over not using the bow with the quiver on.

You do not have to worry about the arrow grips loosening over time especially when exposed to cold weather. The Bulldog Gripper provides a custom tight grip for each shaft. With its aeroplane aluminium construction, the TightSpot Quiver will give you excellent durability and sturdiness.


  • Light weight
  • Durable
  • Improves accuracy
  • Reduces arrow vibration
  • Great value for money
  • Excellent adjustability


  • Too heavy
  • Too noisy when shooting

Check more details or price here

#2 Trophy Ridge Lite 1 Quiver Review

Weight: 11ozTrophy Ridge Lite 1 Quiver Review

Product features:

  • Dual arrow grippers
  • 4 LED lights, 1 on top of hood and 3 inside the hood
  • Detachable bracket
  • Adjustable mount
  • Hanging rope
  • Holds up to 5 arrows

Description: Featuring LED lights for navigating at night, this bow quiver keeps you moving forward regardless of the time. A hanging rope allows you to hold your bow making carrying easier. Trophy Ridge Lite 1 Quiver can accommodate a maximum of 5 arrows and has an adjustable bracket. This makes it easy to secure it higher or lower. Grippers are dual-purpose meaning they can hold both fixed and mechanical broadheads.

The Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow quiver is available in a black color that makes it suitable for tracking in heavy foliage. Prey will never see you coming.

Constructed from a Ballistic copolymer material, you can be certain that this quiver will provide a long service life. 


  • Well designed
  • Durable
  • Ample room for broadheads
  • LED lights for tracking in the dark
  • Holds the arrows tight


  • Hood may be too small for fixed head arrows
  • Hanging the quiver with the cord is noisy

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#3 Apex Gear Game Changer Quiver Review

Dimensions: 18.2 by 8 by 3 inchesApex Gear Game Changer Quiver Review

Description: An excellent choice for those seeking to reduce torque and improve their accuracy. The Apex Gear Game Changer Quiver features an adjustable bracket that holds securely against the bow. When you need to remove it, the quiver can easily be taken out with the use of one hand.

When carrying, a rubber hood holds the arrowheads in place without causing them to blunt, be it both mechanical and fixed arrowheads.The Apex Gear Game Changer Quiver provides a good choice for carrying either aluminum or carbon constructed arrows.

An aluminum constructed loop will help you secure the bow in tree stands and is ideal for both left-handed and right-handed bow.

TRUE.TOUCH feel means that noise is reduced when you are out in the woods. This allows you to silently sneak on your quarry and take the shot. The Apex Game Changer Quiver adds just the right amount of weight to help you make the right shot without wearing you down.


  • Offers excellent adjustability
  • Great quality
  • Arrows are held tightly by the double gripper design
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Little to no vibration
  • Easy installation and removal


  • Not very lightweight
  • May not fit all bows

Check more details or price here

#4 LimbSaver Silent Quiver Review

Weight: 13.6ozLimbSaver Silent Quiver Review

Product Dimensions: 17.5 by 5.7 by 2.3 inches

Description: the LimbSaver Silent Quiver is the perfect choice for those looking for a blend of silence and lightweight design. Thanks to the durable NAVCOM material construction, you can now stalk your quarry in complete silence.

Rubberised housing dampens the vibration. There is no foam on the inside meaning that you won’t have to worry about the arrowheads becoming blunt.

Double grippers keep your arrows securely in place and allow for a wide range of sizes.  You can also carry expandable as well as fixed broadheads. An easily adjustable attachment system allows for quick fit and removal and is durable enough to withstand harsh elements.

The disconnect system is easy to use, silent and quick and allows you to take out the quiver with a near silent motion. There’s minimal side torque when the quiver is fixed on the bow helping you make accurate shots. This is thanks to the rear mounting mechanism.

The limb saver Silent Quiver allows you to carry up to 5 arrows of varying widths.


  • Quality product
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to detach from bow
  • Silent operation


  • Vibrates at the mount
  • May not be suitable for larger shafts including 0.3-inch arrows.

Check more details or price here

#5 Kwikee Kompound K6 Quiver Review

Weight:8.7 ouncesKwikee Kompound - K6 - 6 arrow Quiver

Dimensions: 12 inches length

Product features:

  • Black cover
  • Holds up to 6 arrows
  • Minimal vibration thanks to the ultra-locking function
  • 2 arrow grippers
  • Detachable

Description: With an overall carrying capacity of 6 arrows, the KwikeeKwiver Kompound-6 provides the measurements by which most other quivers are built. This is why they are the most recognisable and popular brand in the world.

Durable polymer construction will provide a long service life seeing you through to achieve hunting success. It’s easy installation and removal provide efficiency when you are out in the woods. The KwikeeKwiver dual grippers are designed to withstand harsh conditions and you will not have to worry about the grippers loosening.

An ultra-lock design eliminates vibration allowing you to make a silent draw and release, all while holding it securely on the bow.


  • Holds the 6 arrows securely in place
  • Excellent design
  • Fits well on the bow
  • Easy to mount and remove
  • Durable
  • Great value for money


  • Single arrow clamp
  • Shaft could break easy

Check more details or price here

#6 Kwikee Combo – 4 Arrow Quiver Review

Weight: 9.7ozKwikee Combo - 4 Arrow Quiver Review

Dimensions: 12 5/8-inch length

Product Features:

  • Holds a maximum of 4 arrows
  • Can support a range of arrow diameters
  • Ultra-lock for eliminating vibration

Description: with dual grippers that enable the carry of both mechanical broadheads and fixed broadheads, the KwikeeKwiver Combo 4 Arrow Quiver is as versatile and dynamic as they come. Its ability to accommodate different shaft diameters adds to its flexibility. It’s no wonder KwikeeKwiver is a world-famous brand.

Its simple light weight construction makes for easy carry and does not affect your aim. Once you are perched on your treestand, easy fix and removal mechanism makes it simple to use. You will not need to worry about the noise either thanks to the ultra-lock system.

The KwikeeKwiver Combo 4 Arrow Quiver will provide a long service life thanks to its durable polymer construction material.


  • Dual arrow retention arms
  • Small and compact
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect size
  • Secure hold for arrows
  • No foam in the hood keeping arrows sharp
  • Noise dampening screw


  • Non-ergonomic
  • Exposes the broadheads
  • Not very quick to release.

Check more details or price here

#7 Truglo Loc Down Quiver Review

Truglo Loc Down Quiver ReviewDescription: For hunters looking for an affordable quiver with features of most high-end brands, then the TrugloLoc-Down Quiver fits the bill. TRUE.TOUCH finish provides smooth and silent handling helping you stalk your prey noiselessly.

Rubber insert holds your arrows securely and there is no foam. This keeps your shafts as sharp as possible. You can finally carry both carbon and aluminum arrows with ease as well as fixed and mechanical broadheads. The rubber insert also serves to reduce vibration creating silent draw and release.

The TrugloLoc.Down quiver holds up to 4 arrows. It has an adjustable mounting bracket that enables both right and left-handed use. You can also move it up and down with a one hand release.


  • Real value for money
  • Fits well
  • Easy to adjust
  • Hold arrows securely
  • Light weight
  • Reduces vibration
  • Silent operation

Check more details or price here

Types of Bow Quiver

  1. Back Quiver: This type is usually made from leather and has a strap by which the hunter uses to attach to his back. It creates a sort of backpack feel. To get to the arrows, the user will need to lift his hand up and backward. Some more modern back quivers enable for a low and backhand movement. This makes it more concealable and minimises movement when you spot your prey.

The downside to back quivers is the amount of movement associated with retracting the arrow. Hunters will do much better with as little movement as possible. 

  1. Pocket Quiver: This is a kind of belt quiver and usually creates a type of pocket on your side or back. It leaves the arrows sticking out. There are two main types. The field quiver and the pocket quiver. The main difference between them is that the field holds the arrows pointing backward while the target holds them facing forward.

While they offer an easy access to the projectile, it can be a bit tricky when moving through thick cover.

  1. Bow Quiver: Mostly ideal for users of compound bows and sometimes recurve bows, the bow quiver offers a great option for hunters wishing to launch quick and easy shots. This is because it is attached to the bow, hence its name. However, it is not ideal for longbows.

Due to its close proximity to the hands, the hunter has an advantage of drawing quickly and easily to take a shot. The downside is that it holds few arrows and can also wear down your other arm when aiming.

  1. Ground Quiver: As the name suggests, it is to be placed on the ground and features a stand to make this possible. Ground quivers are best when practicing since they can be left in a stationary position.

One benefit of this type of quiver is its ability to hold a large number of arrows.

  1. Hip Quiver: Can also be referred to as belt or side quivers. They can be worn on your back or side and usually fit around the belt with the help of several straps. With the added advantage of being very light, some also come with leg straps for a tighter, more secure fit.

You can order yours depending on your hand orientation with different manufacturers designing them for either right-handed or left-handed individual.

How To Choose The Best Bow Quiver For Hunting?

Now that you know the types of quivers to look for, you can finally make an informed decision. A few other considerations to keep in mind in order to make an even better choice are as follows.

  • Colour: Camouflaged quivers will give the intrepid hunter an edge over a brightly colored one. You will be able to blend into your surroundings much better making it harder for prey animals to spot you. Many manufacturers allow for a variety of colors from black to combat. The choice is yours.
  • Size: Size is another highly important factor. The quiver needs to be large enough to accommodate all your shafts. In cases where you will require extra gear such as arrowheads and bow releases, there should be room to accommodate for these too.
  • Lids: An added feature of some quivers is the lids or tops. This proves valuable in keeping your gear and accessories dry. The elements could cause damage such as rust. Lids ensure the arrowheads are always secure, ready for the next launch.
  • Durability: Quality needs to be top-notch. This is because when out there in the woods, you are exposed to elements that could easily damage any light material. From low hanging branches that could tear into the quiver in rainy weather, durability is a factor when looking to buy the best bow quiver.
  • Noise: The amount of noise that the quiver produces during movement can be a serious handicap when stalking your quarry. The best bow quivers need to be silent. Ensure that there is little to no noise when you attach it to your body.

Advantages of Using a Bow Quiver

It is without a doubt that bow quivers are the most popular way of carrying arrows by hunters. There are several reasons why this type of quiver is preferable. Let’s look at a few benefits of using the bow mounted quiver.

  1. Convenience: Imagine you are walking through the woods silently looking for your prey and then suddenly it’s there. You need to be in the right position to take a shot within moments. The prey may pick up your scent or some noise may cause it to run. Having the arrows near the bow creates a fast and convenient way to access them for that quick shot.
  2. Reduced vibration. Mounting the quiver on the bow adds extra weight. However, this weight is not too excessive. When taking the shot, the vibrations are reduced helping you aim better to hit your quarry.
  3. Easy to detach. Some hunters like to remove the quiver once they are perched on their treestand. This makes the bow light and it also allows for a range of movement. More room to move helps to take better aim and thus better shots.
  4. Little maintenance. Bow quivers have a simple design. There are very few moving parts which make them easy to maintain. This factor also adds to their durability. Since there are few parts, very few things can go wrong.
  5. The right number of arrows. The preference among bowhunters is a maximum of five arrows. Bow quivers allow hunters to carry between 3 and 7 which is enough for them. With bow quivers, hunters have all the arrows they need.

Clearly, picking out the best bow quiver for hunting is not as easy as it may appear. We have seen that the right kind of information is key. We hope that we have provided helpful tips on our list for bow quiver reviews. Cheers and happy hunting!

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