Top 12 Best Deer Hunting Rifle For The Money-Tasted & Reviewed

Best deer hunting rifle
Written by Kevin Fleeman

Hunting can be a very exciting outdoor activity and a successful hunt is always more than fulfilling. But to be the success that you wish to be when you set out to hunt, you must have the right equipment and gear for the hunt. Apart from ensuring that you have the best hunting gear like clothes, gloves and hunting boots, you definitely will need a hunting weapon. Bows and rifles are the commonly used hunting weapons and best deer hunting rifle is most used for deer hunting.

There are so many hunting rifles in the market today. To get the best therefore, you must take a few things into consideration. Even before you start going through the rifle options you have for the hunt, there are important questions you should start by asking yourself.

Who will be using the rifle?

Hunting looks more of a man’s activity but the truth is there are women who love outdoor adventures and so are children. To purchase the best deer hunting rifle, therefore, you must think about the age and gender of the person who will likely use it. This way you will be able to select a rifle that best suits that individual and makes their hunting experiences more than fun. The user should be in a position to comfortably hold the rifle, use and also recognize the operating mechanism.

What type of terrain will you be hunting in?

Hunting terrains can be quite different and you therefore want to know yours so you can select a rifle that best suits it. For instance 30/30 0r.35 caliber hunting rifles are most suitable for short range terrains with heavy brush and cover whereas a.30-06 caliber rifle may be more suitable for long shots in open areas.

Are there area restrictions?

The last thing you want to do is set out for a deer hunt with a rifle only to find out that the hunting area prohibits the use of rifles. There are areas where you would need to use a shotgun and nothing long range, to ensure that you understand the hunting limits in your hunting grounds so you do not end up on the wrong side of the law.

What is the ideal rifle materials and weight?

Composite materials are now being used in constructing best rifle for hunting deer. The materials are less prone to breakage, rust and erosion. However, a wood or steel rifle still makes a very popular choice among hunters. The rule here should be to select a material that meets your expectations and a weight that you can comfortably handle when you finally get to the hunting ground to take down your deer.

Quick Compression of Our Top Picked Hunting Rifle

Our Handpicked 12 Best Hunting Rifle Reviews

#1 Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle is a high powered adult air gun that is great for pest control and small game hunting. This rifle has the 4×23 scope, PBA ammunition, and mounts that completely changes hunting experience using air guns. It has a non-removable noise dampener that reduces the noise by 25% and the velocity is quite impressive too.

The rifle caliber matches grade lead bullets and synthetic stock makes the rifle a durable all weather choice for any hunter.  For recoil absorption, the rifle features a ventilated rubber pad. The manual trigger safety and the automatic cocking system make the rifle very safe when using out in the field.

Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle

Rifle Highlighted Features

  1. One year limited warranty
  2. Skeleton stock
  3. Caliber .177
  4. 4×32 scope with 1 piece mount

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#2 Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle

This hunting rifle is most ideal pest control and linking, but can work great too with deer hunting. It has a composite stock that makes it suitable for all-weather and adds to its durability and lightweight nature. The Ruger Blackhawk has fiber optics and a fully adjustable rear as well as a 4×32 scope and mount.

The rifle makes hunting in extreme weather still enjoyable thanks to the fog proof, waterproof qualities that it has. It has a nitrogen filled shockproof, multiple lens matte black finish coating, elevation adjustments and wind-age that make it suitable enough for any given weather.

Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air RifleRifle Highlighted Features

  1. 4x magnification
  2. 32 mm objective lens; 29 feet field of view at 100 yards
  3. 0.177 caliber
  4. One year limited warranty
  5. Velocity; 1000 ft/sec

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#3 Hatsan 95 Air Rifle Combo, Walnut Stock Air Rifle

The Hatsan 95 air rifle has a spring piston break barrel. The single shot rifled steel barrel makes the gun exciting in looks and long lasting at the same time. This hunting rifle has Quattro 2 stage adjustable match trigger that makes shooting bliss and a Truglo fiber option rear sight that is fully adjustable to give hunters an easy time aiming accurately.

The stock of the rifle is in a beautiful walnut finish and the pistol grip is checkered. The shock absorber system of the rifle is made up of forearm rubber recoil pad to reduce felt the recoil. Other features that make this rifle amongst the best hunting rifles you can choose include the scope lens covers, hex wrench, mount and 3-9×32 scope.

Best deer hunting rifle

Rifle Highlighted Features

  1. Mount and 3-9×32 scope
  2. One year limited warranty
  3. Anti beartrap mechanism
  4. Automatic safety ambidextrous stock
  5. Rubber recoil pad

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#4 Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable Pump Air Rifle (.22)

The dependable accuracy and timeless performance are what makes this hunting rifle among the most popular amongst hunters. It is a .22 caliber multi pump pneumatic rifle that has a lightweight and sleek hardwood Monte Carlo stock and a brass barrel that is fully rifled. The velocity is up to 685 fps, making the rifle great for pests and small game including deer, but it can also be a great choice for backyard target practice.

The fully adjustable sights featured in the rifle will give you an easy time zeroing in on your target. This Crosman Benjamin bolt action air rifle offers incredible precision with the bolt action single shot. It has fixed front sight and a rear sight that can be adjusted for elevation and windage.

Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable Pump Air Rifle (.22)Rifle Highlighted Features

  1. Variable pump for single shot action power
  2. Fully adjustable sights
  3. Monte Carlo stock design
  4. Cross bolt safety
  5. Shoots up to 685 FPS/14.9 FPE

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#5 Crosman Benjamin Trail NP XL 1500 .177 Caliber Nitro Piston

This Crosman Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle has a forearm that is 70% much quieter compared to other break barrels. It has a hardwood stock that makes it durable and quite stylish and you will also love the smoother cocking and shooting. The rifle does not have the spring torque and therefore no spring fatigue, even when you leave it cocked for long periods.

The spring offers lots of perfection even in colder weather and lasts much longer compared to a metal spring. The stock has twin cheek pieces and textured grip that gives you a more comfortable hold onto the rifle. The rifle also comes with sling swivel studs mounted.

Crosman Benjamin Trail NP XL 1500 .177 Caliber Nitro Piston

Rifle Highlighted Features

  1. Centerpoint optics
  2. 309×40 AO scope
  3. Textured grip
  4. Bull barrel ambidextrous stock
  5. 900 fps

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#6 Umarex Octane Air Rifle Combo, Gas Piston Air Rifle

The Umarex Octane Air Rifle is a gas piston air rifle that has a rifled steel barrel and SilenAIR integral silencer that makes it among the quietest hunting rifles you can find. It has fiber optic sights with the rear being fully adjustable for elevation and windage. The synthetic thumbhole stock makes the rifle quite attractive and you will also be impressed by the rubber recoil pad that can stretch to 14.25 length.

The stock is grooved for easier handling and cocking. Some of the major features that make this rifle one of the best deer hunting rifle is the smooth cocking and smooth shooting it offers. It has not spring torque hence no spring fatigue and works perfectly well even in cold weather.

Umarex Octane Air Rifle Combo, Gas Piston Air RifleRifle Highlighted Features

  1. Thumbhole stock
  2. 3-9×40 AO scope and mount
  3. One year limited warranty
  4. Rubber recoil pad
  5. Automatic safety
  6. 2 stage adjustable trigger and 3.50 lbs trigger pull

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#7 Diana RWS 34 Breakbarrel Rifle, T06 Trigger Air Rifle

This popular German rifle is one of the best when it comes to powerful and accurate shooting. The Diana RWS 34 break barrel air rifle has a hardwood stock that is well-balanced so you have an easy time to hold and using the rifle.

The 2 stage adjustable trigger, finely rifled barrel and fiber optic sights with a rear this is fully adjustable are some of the features that make the rifle a great choice for your deer hunting adventure.

The most outstanding feature of the rifle is the affordability and great power. It may not come with a mount and scope, but you can easily find the most suitable for the rifle.

Diana RWS 34 Breakbarrel Rifle, T06 Trigger Air Rifle

Rifle Highlighted Features

  1. Accurate, powerful break barrel
  2. Limited lifetime warranty
  3. Adjustable rear sight
  4. Hardwood stock
  5. Two stage adjustable trigger

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#8 880 Powerline Kit, Dark Brown/Black, 37.6 Inch

This is the most affordable hunting kit you can find. The 880 Powerline kit is a popular multi-pump pneumatic rifle that features wood grained Monte Carlo stock. This rifle also features forearm and can shoot pellets and BBS at 750 f/s.

The rifle also has a number of pumps that you can use to easily adjust velocity and power for a better hunting experience. The synthetic molded woodgrain stock gives the rifle a classic look and comfortable feel and is completed with raised cheekpiece and deep grip and forearm checkering. It has a 4×15 scope and comes complete with safety glasses, 500 daisy pellets, and 750 BBS.

880 Powerline Kit, Dark Brown/Black, 37.6 Inch

Rifle Highlighted Features

  1. One year limited warranty
  2. Multi-pump pneumatic rifle
  3. Shoots BBS and pellets at 715p/s
  4. Wood grained Monte Carlo stock

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#9 Gamo 6110065654 Big Cat 1250 .177 Caliber Air Rifle

The Gamo Big Cat air rifle is a hunting rifle suitable enough for small and large pest control needs and also ideal for target practice. The synthetic stock is lightweight but very durable and it also features a rifled steel barrel that is made of high tech polymer over molded precision to offer the rifle the protection it deserves even when being used in extreme climate.

The power plant is heavy duty and produces 1200 fps and comes complete with BBA. The single cocking system of the rifle makes it easy to use and the non-slip checkering on forearm and grip makes every aim steady for accuracy.

Gamo 6110065654 Big Cat 1250 .177 Caliber Air Rifle

Rifle Highlighted Features

  • 4x magnification
  • 32 mm objective rifle scope
  • One year limited warranty
  • Durable, lightweight synthetic stock
  • Heavy duty power plant
  • 2-stage adjustable trigger
  • Automatic cocking safety system
  • Nonslip forearm and grip texture design

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#10 Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle (22)

Crosman Nitro Venom air rifle features the rifled barrel with a fluted muzzle break and recoil pad in sculpted rubber. To make optic mounting fast and easy, the rifle comes equipped with Centerpoint 3-9x32mm precision scope and quick lock mounting system. It has ambidextrous stock that has a cheekpiece that is raised and a forearm that is modified into beavertail design so that artillery hold shooting position is promoted swiftly.

The forearm also comes with a wider surface area so there is enough space to rest the palm and achieve better accuracy. With muzzle energy around 21 fpe, the Crosman Nitro Venom is a rifle for serious hunting. The Nitro piston technology gives the rifle stability, stealth, and power.

Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle (22)

Rifle Highlighted Features

  1. Beavertail forearm
  2. 3-9×32 precision scope
  3. Quick lock mounting system
  4. Rifled steel barrel
  5. Lever safety
  6. Alloy pellet velocity up to 950 fps

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#11 Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston Air Rifle

The Benjamin Titan air rifle has breakbarrel and is the best deer rifle you can find. The gas piston rifle has 11mm scope dovetail and a stock that is ergonomic and ambidextrous. This rifle has dual raised cheekpieces and the muzzle brake that has been included to offer added leverage.

The gas piston does not only make this rifle much quieter but also reduces vibration; this is the quietest break barrel rifle you can get for your hunting experience. The CenterPoint points are unmounted but it also comes with the 4×32 scope and mount. Nitro piston offers you the benefit of smoother shooting, smoother cocking, and no spring fatigue. You can find recommended targets and safety glasses and other accessories to complete the rifle.

Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston Air Rifle

Rifle Highlighted Features

  1. 4×32 CenterPoint scope
  2. Thumbhole stock
  3. One year limited warranty
  4. 2-stage adjustable trigger
  5. Gas piston

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#12 Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Stock Pellet Air Rifle

The Benjamin Marauder rifle is the successor of popular Discovery model and it is a multi-shot air rifle. It features a synthetic stock that is durable and lightweight making the rifle among the best hunting rifle especially for beginners. This rifle has a custom choked barrel and internal shroud that makes it quiet in operation and accurate too.

The 2 stage adjustable trigger is designed to ensure that shots are steady and smooth every time. You can get a high pressure tank or hand pump separately to give you an easy time filling the rifle that operates between 2,000 -3,000 psi. The rifle also comes with an auto indexing clip.

Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Stock Pellet Air Rifle

Rifle Highlighted Features

  1. Custom choked barrel and internal shroud
  2. CUp to 900fps velocity
  3. CBolt action mechanism
  4. CRaised aluminum breech and heavy duty pull bolt
  5. CMulti-shot design complete with auto indexing clip
  6. CDurable pleasant synthetic all-weather stock

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Deer Rifle Style Options

Now that you know the kind of rifle you could be searching for and you are sure of the hunting regulations in the area that you are targeting with the deer hunt, the next important thing you should think about is the rifle style that suits the hunt. The styles are basically categorized according to the action. Action in this case is the process of loading the cartridge in the chamber.

When it comes to the deer rifles, the action is in three primary kinds and they are lever action, bolt action and semi-automatic. Each of the action options comes with pros and cons and to make the best choice, therefore you would need to at least go through each.

  • Semi-automatic – This kind of a rifle fires a bullet every time trigger is depressed without a need to eject spent case or crank another shell into chamber manually. Therefore, once the trigger is squeezed, the bullet gets fired and the casing is thrust out of the chamber and next cartridge slides into the chamber ready for firing. This is the best hunting rifle style you can choose because it is easy to use and requires less effort for a shot. You can work with it till the magazine is empty before you refill.

However, this style encourages giving up quality for quantity among hunters, so there is careless aiming and firing. Also important to note is that this rifle style also has a jamming tendency, especially when the spent casing is not ejected properly. It is not a very durable hunting rifle compared with other action styles simply because the firing mechanism wears it much faster.

  • Lever action – A lever action hunting rifle uses a lever that is needed to be brought all the way down and back up again for a bullet to be fired. By bringing down the lever, spent cartridge gets ejected and bringing it up causes the next shell to slide into place so the rifle is ready for firing again. The lever action may not be as fast as a semi-automatic action but is has less jamming issues. The only challenge would be not getting the empty casing ejected when the lever is not fully depressed and this can cause a jam. Lever action deer rifles remain very popular among hunters because they are long lasting and durable.
  • Bolt action – Hunting rifles with bolt action have the shell held by a heavy bolt that locks it in place inside the chamber. Once discharged, the bolt is moved upward manually to unlock it. Pulling the bolt slides empty case put and moves the next cartridge in place, allowing the bolt back into firing position when locked in place.

As far as safety goes, this style is considered safer by majority hunters. The rifles are also very easy to clean considering that bolt can come off entirely so you can clean the rod thoroughly. This feature also makes it very easy to replace the firing pin when necessary.

The only weakness of the style is that it is slowest among the three action styles with regards to the re-chambering cartridge. The hunter is mostly left to assume that they need only one shot or two before the deer becomes a target that’s not viable anymore.

Hunting Rifle Traits to Consider When Buying

Deer hunting rifles have several common traits that make them different from other firearms. They include high muzzle velocities, heavier bullet weights and effective range and large relative hitting power and stopping power. These are some of the most important aspects you can consider in your hunting rifle before buying.

Bullet Weights

Grains are what measure bullet weight and are abbreviated gr. The rifle you select with directly define the bullet weight, but a deer field delivers bullets whose weight is adequate enough to bring down a deer efficiently and fast for that matter. The bullet in this case refers to the projectile and not the shell or cartridge.

The common bullet weights for deer rifles are 150gr, 170gr and 180gr. Apart from knocking down the deer, these bullet weights mostly also kill instantly. If your rifle has the right weight, it saves animal too much struggle and saves you from having to track it to the point it succumbs.

Best deer hunting rifle

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Powder Amount

This is a very important component of RHP or relative hitting power and muzzle velocity. The more the powder in the cartridge, the faster the bullet will move. The chamber of a deer rifle can hold large cartridges with large power capacities.

The amount of powder that is possible to use therefore largely depends on the chamber diameter. The small chamber also means smaller muzzle velocity, hence stopping power is less.

What you need to remember when going for your deer hunting rifle is that the amount of powder and weight of bullet contribute to stopping the power of the rifle. Therefore light bullet with the large powder amount means high muzzle velocity, but close range firing is what works to bring down a deer simply because the RHP is low.


This is the bullet diameter and is measured in inches or millimeters. It is an important element that helps in distinguishing between small game rifles and deer rifles. Small caliber rifles are best primarily for smaller game, but there are rifles that are still very suitable for deer hunting even though they do not have high caliber.

The numbers can get confusing and so it is important that you get all details from an expert, so ensure you choose the caliber that is good enough for your deer hunting mission. But in essence you need a rifle that has the large enough caliber, high muzzle velocity and good RPH to have a good hunting experience, but in most cases it is all a matter of personal preference.

Muzzle Velocity

It is the speed of the bullet and largely relies largely on cartridge rather than a rifle. But still you should remember that your rifle should have a good sized chamber to accommodate cartridge. Shell casings that are larger hold more smokeless powder and the bullet therefore moves at faster speed once it leaves the barrel.

Muzzle velocity plays a huge role in an effective rifle range so make sure you understand what your hunting rifle’s range is before you consider it suitable enough for deer hunting in the kind of terrain you are likely to be hunting in.

Rifle Care Tips For Better Deer Hunting

Besides choosing the best deer hunting rifle, you must also learn how to care for the rifle to make every hunting session a pleasant one. The rifle will also last as long as the kind of care you accord it. With the rifle being the most important hunting tool, it is important that you keep it in top shape and a few tips can help you do just that.

  • Scrub barrel. This you can safely and effectively do using a powder solvent, phosphor bronze brush, and patches. You can then polish the tiny grooves using a non-embedding compound. A clean barrel should be free from copper streaks from the muzzle end.
  • If you have a wood stocked rifle, it is common to have dents on it. By laying damp cleaning patch over depression and heating cloth with hot iron tip, you will manage to easily raise the dings. The steam works into the wood fibers and swells them up thus diminishing the dents.
  • Consider hosing down the action. You can do this by taking the barreled action from the stock and removing the scope. You can then use a high quality gun scrubber to spray the action down and the trigger too if you have a bolt gun. It is important to spray outdoors and wear safety glasses when spraying the action. Re-oiling should not be necessary after the spray.
  • With the barreled action of the stock, wipe off the accumulated goo on the underside of the barrel and receiver too. All other corresponding stock surfaces can be wiped in the same manner and then you can re-oil metal surfaces that you have cleaned.
  • Keep an eye on the base to ensure all screws remain tight. The base can also be removed to check for any oil leaks that need wiping. All surfaces around the base including screw holes and base screws should be degreased before the base is replaced.
  • Remember to clean scope lenses. This is a task that can easily be done using lens tissue and camera lens cleaner. Light rust should also be removed from the trigger and other surfaces. You can gently scrub using steel wool and oil to achieve the best results.
  • Replace rubbed screws and take care of worn areas. New screws can be got from a local gunsmith for replacements that are necessary. Worn areas that are likely to last should be taken care of as appropriate depending on the location and material.
  • When leaving for the deer hunt, remember to carry all-weather grease for oiling gun, especially in wet condition so that you prevent rust and lubricate it as appropriate. Also important to carry is lens wipe to clean optics without scratching, bore snake to clear muzzle blockages that could occur as well as oiled rag to wipe down wood and metal stock after the hunt.

Final Verdict

Whether you are looking for the best long range hunting rifle or short range hunting rifle, bolt action or lever action hunting rifle, you need to make very wise choices. Remember that the choice you make will greatly determine hunting experience, hunting abilities and maintenance too.

With so many hunting rifles in the market, going through top options greatly helps you in settling for the best rifle for deer hunting to make every season remarkably successful for you. Hunting is only as good as how prepared you are by the time you leave. For that reason, always match your hunting boots, gloves and clothes with the best hunting rifle.

You can use the hunting terrain to help you make all the best decision from the boots to the rifle and camouflage hunting clothes. There is a rifle suitable enough for every hunter; all you need to do is look!

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