Browning X Bolt Review
Written by Kevin Fleeman

In our Browning X Bolt Review we cover everything from the woods to the range so you don’t have to. The Browning X Bolt is not a plain ole rifle, for this is one of the top of the line hunting rifles available on the market. I recently hunted with an X-Bolt Composite Stalker in .30-06 and I seriously liked it.

The X bolt is a much improved, smoother version of the company’s A-Bolt, which was very first introduced way back in 1985. There are still a few similarities between the two firearms. Both of these highly sought after rifles rely upon push-feed. Both of them are bold and action packed hunting rifles perfect for deer, elk or other large game. Both the A Bolt and X Bolt are available in several configurations in terms of stock material, calibers, barrel, lengths, and action lengths BUT it’s in the details where this Browning X Bolt clearly shines through the clouds. With the X bolt, Browning has clearly gotten rid of some of the gimmickiness of the A Bolt and replaced it with seriously cutting edge, badass hardware pieces.


Take a closer look at the high quality plastic rotary mag of the Browning X Bolt Rifle. Its light weight but sturdy. I also quite liked the rifle’s Savage center feed. It accepts more than 2 WSM cartridges and even fits 3! Although you won’t blast away at deer at random but it simply makes sense to have a mag that fits more than 2 rounds, right? This is where the rifle clearly wins.

The X Bolt features a 3 lug design instead of the standard 2 and also offers a faster 60° bolt throw. The bolt is also quite an action packed meaty piece of steel and fits precisely into the action.

Everything on the Browning rifle comes with its trademarked name and X-bolt is no exception. 4 solid screws mount the scope base on the X-Bolt making it operable even for the less intelligent people like my Uncle Dan.

The Trigger on the X-Bolt is yet another premium part, waiting to be explored. The rifle’s crisp trigger that they call the Feather Trigger can be adjusted to whatever you want as it moves very little. It uses a simpler exterior interface and breaks pretty cleanly.

It’s also pertinent to mention the rifle’s Inflex Buttpad and stock here. In fact, these are the sections of the gun where Browning makes up for the premium price. The grippy stock has soft touch surfaces on the required spots. It comes with a great fit and look. Also, the buttpad at the back and the forth doesn’t flex at all. The Browning logo is present on the trigger guard that is made of metal and further adds to the premium overall feel of the rifle.

Honestly, I need something which is extremely accurate or else it generally gets tossed. I need a perfect 5 shot group –for my style of deer hunting and it does this flawlessly.  Okay here are the field results on deer with Browning X Bolt- 1st deer at 40 yards and it dropped right at the track. 2nd deer at 30 yards dropped dead. The 3rd deer that was running at 50 yards simply took a nose dive. The 4th one around 210 yards staggered before it dropped and the last one at 160 yards lay still while painting the greenery red.

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That concludes our Browning X Bolt Review! You can get the Browning X-bolt Rifle in any way you may want. Keep in mind – many people say this is the best new hunting rifle. So, is this the perfect rifle? It is certainly one of them.

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