Gamo Silent Cat Review:Top 3 Best Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle 2017

gamo silent cat review
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Air Rifle Types

When you decide to buy an air rifle, the best you can do is at least know the intended use of the gun. When you know how you are specifically going to use the can, it becomes easy for you to select the best among the many air rifles. If you want to shoot longer distances then you definitely will need a different gun than when you want to target prey at close range. A powerful rifle is important for hunting and getting rid of pests because it ensures that they get a humane death. Gamo silent cat review will help you to select your best rifle.

Air rifles are in three different types and you also need to understand them for you to make the right choice. They are pneumatic, spring powered and CO2 powered air rifles. Each type comes with its own advantages and disadvantages and you want to go through them to make sure you know what you are buying.

Pneumatic air rifles – They are also referred to as pump air rifles because they are powered by pumping level. This level pimps air into the chamber and after every shot you will need to manually pump the rifle several times. This rifle can shoot bbs and pellets. The major advantages of the rifle include low prices, suitability to shoot to blink, safe shooting, hence good for training younger shooters and the ability to shoot pellets.

Spring powered air rifles – The rifles use a spring to compress air into the chamber to provide the needed power. You will find the rifles in three different spring kinds which are break barrel, under lever and side lever. They are powerful and very easy to use but they can be hard to cock especially with younger shooters and female shooters. This is a good type for hunting and pest control because of accuracy, power, and ease of use.

CO2 Powered air rifles – They use compressed gas as a power source when firing. These rifles come with the advantages of quick shots because you do not need to pump the rifle. You will also have the advantage of shooting tens of shots before there is need to refill the cartridge. However, this type of air rifle is not as powerful as pump and spring air rifles. The use of CO2 also makes it an expensive type, especially with continued use.

How to buy air rifles

Apart from making sure that you understand the different types of air rifles, there are other elements that you should consider when choosing the rifle. The most important elements to put into consideration include caliber, types of pellets and those it can accommodate accuracy, power, yardage, and budget.

When you take the time to evaluate all these aspects, you will be able to select the best air rifle for the exact needs you have with your gun use. There are so many brand names that are popular with air rifles. Gamo is among the trusted and reputable air rifle brands and it offers a wide range of gun models for your hunting and target shooting. You can use your rifle for target shooting, hunting small game or even getting rid of annoying pests.

Gamo Air Rifles

Gamo is among the trusted names when it comes to air rifles. It is a company based in Spain and offers decent solid guns to transform hunting and shooting experiences. Gamo air rifles are some of the most affordable in the market.

There are so many air rifle models under this brand and you might want to go through a few reviews to make the right decision. But whichever model you select, you can be sure that your Gamo air rifle will make your shooting experience worthwhile. The materials used on the guns may not be that most durable, but the rifles sure serve their functions efficiently.

Top 3 Best Gamo Silent Cat Available On The Market.

Below Are Top 3 Best Gamo Silent Cat Reviews

Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle review

Just like the name suggests, the Gamo silent cat air rifle is a very quiet gun and yet it manages to generate enough power to make any shooting or hunting experience result oriented. It is the perfect rifle for eliminating annoying pests and it is also a good choice for target shooting.

Product highlights

  • Non-removable noise dampener that reduces noise by 52%
  • Caliber .177
  • Air rifle scope of 4×32 with rings
  • Skeleton stock
  • One year limited warranty

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The rifle design

The Gamo Silent Cat Rifle has a synthetic stock that offers resistance to weather conditions. This material also makes the rifle sturdy and the rifle also has ND 52 clamor housing framework that withstands the hard-hitting punch. The skeleton stock makes the rifle very easy to handle and offers grip similar to AR rifle or thumb-hole stock.

The design pays attention to comfort and you will have an easy time using it in all aspects thanks to faster muzzle that comes handy even for fast targets. The noise dampener and overall design of the air rifle yield quiet but quick shot without disruption hence the gun is suitable for hunting.

Rifle Performance

The gun has excellent noise dampening abilities, hence reduces shot volumes by a good percent so you are able to kill annoying pests easily. The noise dampener is mounted on the barrel and makes it harder for the game to notice discharge hence shooting is made easier.

This Gamo silent cat rifle uses PBA ammunition hence it can fire 1200fps with a little decrease when using lead bullets 0.177. It comes complete with 4×32 scope and mounts that aid accuracy against targets that are moving. To reduce recoil and protect you from any side effects, the rifle has ventilated rubber pad and the cocking system is automatic even though it has a manual trigger.

This rifle has break barrel and spring cylinder frameworks that make it suitable for learners and advanced shooters. The frameworks make it easy to use and reduce upkeep by far. The barrel is easy to position and the weight of the rifle is manageable. For effortless picking, a sighting scope of 40 feet is recommended.

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Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper ND52 Air Rifle

The Gamo silent stalker whisper is a gas piston rifle that utilizes nitrogen gas strut instead of spring. This makes the rifle much quieter and easy to cock compared to a break barrel spring rifle. This rifle also has a noise dampening system that reduces firing decibel by over 50%. It has a 2 stage adjustable trigger and shock absorbing system to eliminate recoil.
Product highlights

  • Gas spring and 3-9X40 scope
  • Inert gas technology for faster cocks and smoother shots
  • ND52 noise dampening barrel
  • Fluted polymer-jacketed steel barrel
  • Synthetic molded stock
  • Recoil pad

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The rifle design

This Gamo silent stalker whisper has a fluted polymer-jacketed steel barrel that gives it an attractive look. The stock of the rifle is synthetic molded making the rifle suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. The stock also has non-slip checkering that is quite valuable, especially in wet conditions. For ambidextrous shooting, it also features twin cheek piece pads. The rifle model indeed offers a comfortable hold thanks to the carefully constructed stock and the sights are accurate and do not interfere with the scope. It is a great looking durable rifle that you will love using.

Rifle Performance

Gamo silent stalker whisper has Inert gas technology that improves cocks and smoothens shoots. The gas cylinder does not seize up even in freezing temperatures, hence you know that your hunting or shooting session won’t be disrupted by the weather conditions. The noise dampening barrel adds to the functionality of the rifle because you can shoot without being given away.

The muzzle velocity and power is reliable, making the rifle a great choice for hunting. The Gamo’s shock wave absorption system eliminates recoil by 74% so your hands remain comfortable as you fire. This is a powerful air rifle that offers extreme accuracy and optimum performance.


This air rifle has a sleek, modern design that is appealing, is lightweight and comes with a single cocking system. With the comprehensive manual safety system, you will have minimal mishaps when loading or cleaning the rifle. The inert gas technology mechanism boosts the shooting power of the rifle and the solid, sturdy construction makes it easy to carry and operate.

It offers high shooting accuracy and is relatively quiet so your chances of hitting the target as soon are you pull the trigger are enhanced. However, the scope design may not be very suitable for shooters who have broad hands.

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Gamo 6110065654 Big Cat 1250 .177 Caliber Air Rifle

Gamo Big Cat 1250 is a new has a new lightweight and durable synthetic stock. It combines high tech polymer over a molded precision steel barrel to make the rifle suitable even for extreme climate. It has a power plant that is heavy duty and produces 1200fps with PBA. This is a spring piston rifle and you will love the features that make the rifle a good choice for target shooting and controlling large and small pests.

Product highlights

  • Synthetic stock with over-molded polymer for durability and weather resistant
  • Shoots 1250 fps with PBA platinum
  • Non-slip checkering on forearm and grip
  • Single cocking system
  • One year limited warranty
  • Automatic cocking safety system
  • Fluted polymer jacketed steel barrel
  • 2 stage adjustable trigger

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The rifle design

The Gamo Big Cat air rifle is constructed with an all-weather molded synthetic stock making the rifle ideal for different weather conditions. The butt plate has ventilated rubber pad that absorbs recoil to ensure that you remain safe and comfortable during hunting or shooting.

The stock also has twin cheek pads to offer comfort during ambidextrous shooting and the forearm and grip feature a checkered non-slip texture to give you perfect hold on the gun even in wet conditions. This rifle has a scope ramp that is grooved and its scope includes rings. The optics have a magnification of 4x and the objective diameter is at 32 millimeters. Weighing 6.1 pounds, this rifle is relatively lightweight so you have a more pleasant experience every time.

Rifle Performance

Measuring 43.3 inches and with 3.74 pounds trigger pull, 30 pounds cocking effort and 0.177 caliber, this is indeed a reliable rifle for hunting. The Gamo Big Cat air rifle has 3 stage adjustable trigger and uses break barrel spring piston technology for its power. Apart from using PBA platinum pellets, it can also use lead pellets and can fire up to 1000 rounds in any given weather.

The features of this rifle make it suitable for both hunting and shooting practice. It has noise dampening level of 4- medium high, but it can be really loud with the PBA pellets. The trigger safety needs to be adjusted manually, but the socking safety is automatic.

The optics are efficient enough to offer accurate shooting and come complete with 4×32 scope and rings. To achieve more efficiency when using this rifle, you can mount red dot sights. With a red dot scope, you will have an easier time shooting down fast targets. The rifle can be used by both left and right handed shooters. If you are looking for power and accuracy in your shooting then the Gamo Big Cat 1250 rifle is a great choice.

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There are so many reasons as to why shooters turn to air rifles. But even though they are some of the best, you should always take your time to check out the options that you have so you can select functional and durable air rifles for your shooting or hunting sessions. Gamo air rifles are indeed some of the best and most affordable you can find. Using the rifle reviews, you will be able to make an informed decision and one that you will not regret. Get everything right in terms of equipment and you will always enjoy successful shoots and hunts.

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