About Me

kevin fleemanHello Everyone,

My respectful greeting to all of you & Thanks for keep watching me.

I’ve been hunting ever since I can remember. Growing up in Wyoming, hunting and fishing was a big part of my childhood. My dad introduced me to hunting at an early age and would take me with him each time hunting season rolled around. The hunting part stuck. The fishing… well, I’m working on that.

As a career firefighter I am able to spend many days hunting in the mountains, which is one of the benefits of working 24 hr shifts with 4 days off in between each set.

When it comes to hunting, I always want to be “good to go” and ready for the next adventure. Whatever takes you outside of your element, pushes you to the limit, and requires putting in the extra effort in order to reach your goal, is always worth it in the end.

Climbing the next ridge line and not wanting to stop until I’ve reached my goal is what keeps me pushing each year. A full freezer in the end, puts the exclamation point on the adventure and a smile on my face. The smell of elk burgers on the grill is something that never gets old!

I am here to share my beginner to expert hunting experience. At my blog you’ll be find bow & rifle hunting advice from my “real-life”. Also, I’ll be reviews hunting gear and accessories to help you pick the right one for your hunting trip. Keep in touch and get the latest hunting news and advice to get closer to your target.

Ohh! Don’t forget to ask me any question or advises whatever have in your mind about the bow & rifle hunting. Also, you can send me your opinion too. You can contact me at here or, mail at kevinfleeman1@gmail.com

I am also available at social at Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Pinterest.