Allen chest waders Big Timber Bootfoot Neoprene Review

Allen chest waders

The Allen Company is known for quality sports and fitness products and hunting waders are some of the company’s specialties. The waders under this brand are not only affordable, but reliable in performance and you will love the different choices you have so you can make the best selection for your next fishing or duck hunting trip. The Allen Chest Waders Big Timber bootfoot neoprene is among the top options under the brand.

This bootfoot neoprene chest wader is designed to offer comfort. The neoprene shell makes the wader durable, comfortable and warm, hence it can be a great choice for seasons when the temperatures are low. This fabric performs exceptionally well, especially in cold water, which is the reason why many anglers find it as the most suitable for the fishing trips and duck hunts. The mossy oak break up infinity camouflage makes the suit perfect for the hunts; you will be able to easily blend in with the surroundings thus making your trips more successful.

The Big Timber Bootfoot chest wader also features reinforced knee pads for extra protection and added toughness and durability. The high back design also makes the suit very useful in deeper waters even when you experience water flashes and such kind of situations. As for the sizing, you will find this wader in different sizes and the adjustable web suspenders make it even easier for you to find the perfect fit for your height so you enjoy maximum coverage. The front D-rings also featuring on the wader are useful and worth mentioning. They make it possible for anglers to carry any other additional accessories for their duck hunting trips and water activities. There is also a web wading belt included to ensure you keep reliable seal between your body and the wader to keep water out in all kinds of situations.

The boots of Allen chest waders

This is a bootfoot wader and you will just love how the rubber boots are constructed to match the conditions of waterfowl hunting. The boot has 600grams thinsulate insulation offering your feet with much needed protection and warmth for the water hunting conditions. The insole of the boot is comfortable and soft to give your feet soft landing even with longer hunting periods.

The boots also feature a semi-hard toe-cap and a steel arch that enhances foot support. With the toe-cap that is hard, you do not have to worry about hurting your feet even when wading in rocky waters. The rubber material is long lasting and you can be sure that your boots will last just as long as the wader serving your water hunting needs.

  • For the features provided, the wader is one of the most affordable you can find
  • It has adjustable web suspenders that make it possible for you to get the perfect fit for your frame
  • The D-ring at the front and back makes it possible for anglers to carry along other accessories they may need for the hunting trip
  • This suit comes with a web waist belt included too for a secure seal between the body and the wader so there are not accidental splashes even when you trip
  • The quality and functionality of the wader are enhanced by the hand warmer pocket, reinforced knee pads and high back design
  • The Allen Big Timber wader has rubber boots that are durable and have semi-hard toe-cap and steel arch to offer support and protection
  • The 600 grams thinsulate insulation makes the boots warm and comfortable
  • The neoprene fabric used is not breathable and this therefore may not be the best choice If you hunt in extremely hot temperatures or during the hot seasons
  • The rubber insulated boots can feel a little too heavy for most anglers

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Verdict to buy

The one good thing about this Allen Big Timber bootfoot neoprene chest wader in mossy oak break-up infinity camo is that it comes with a warranty on manufacturing issues. You can have it replaced or repaired within one year, giving you assurance to get value for your money. The cover does not, however cater to normal material breakdown, improper care or abuse.

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