Apex Covert Pro Single Pin Bow Sight Review of 2019

Bow-hunting and archery are exciting activities not just for starters, but also for the seasoned shooters. With the right bow and accessories, you will have a very pleasant experience when shooting. A bow sight is among the gear that you can choose to enhance your shooting. A bow sight helps in gauging the arrow strike so you are sure exactly where they are going to land. With a sight at hand, therefore, you can be sure that your shots remain targeted as compared to when shooting without the sight. The apex covert pro is the best one single pin bow sight on the current market.

The Apex Gear 1 Dot Covert Pro Sight is one of the most advanced single-pin sights you can find today. The sight has an ultra-light aluminum construction suitable for extended holding periods at full draw. This sight is adjustable and comes with a gravity-line technology, which helps in aligning pin movement with gravity. It works on a PWR-Dot illuminated center technology which makes it possible for the green LED center dot to be adjusted into 11 different brightness modes. With this feature, it becomes possible for bow-hunters to enjoy superior long distance, the accuracy with every shot they make. The sight has aperture housing that allows easy horizontal and vertical tilt adjustments so you are able to fine-tune your options.

The sight tape is rear facing to give an easy time seeing and using an adjustable yardage indicator pin. This together with the gravity-line rotational adjustment aids proper shooting from a tree stand or difficult angles that would otherwise affect a perfect placement. The best thing about this bow sight is that it is designed for both left handed and right handed archers so you do not have to worry about anything when making your purchase.

With the Apex Convert Pro Sight, you can change your pin from red, yellow then back to green in seconds. It works excellently well, even in unpredictable lighting changes. The yardage is easy to adjust with only one hand and you will also love the micro-adjustable windage and elevation that enhances accuracy. This sight comes with a .010inch dia and .019 dia. pin set and 60 yardage tapes that are pre-marked so shooters have an easy time matching arrow flight characteristics.

Setup of Apex Covert Pro Bow Sight

The Pros and Cons of Apex Covert Pro Bow Sight

  • It is a long distance bow sight that features illuminated center dot reticle for accuracy
  • The indicator pin is adjustable so you achieve the most suitable options for shooting conditions
  • The sight has pro dot aiming point that is well-illuminated to seeing and aiming is easy
  • This sight has micro-adjustable windage and easy one hand adjustments so shooters have an easy time aiming and shooting at the target.
  • It uses PWR-Dot illuminated center dot technology that offers 11 different brightness options
  • The sight also features gravity-line rotational adjustment that aligns pin movement with the gravity for enhanced shooting ease and accuracy.
  • The yardage tape location is placed facing the rear so it is very easy for the shooter to see and adjust accordingly
  • This pro sight also comes with adjustable 2nd and 3rd axis illuminated level and can be adjusted to suit left and right handed users
  • The pro sight comes with a small wrench that can prove challenging to use for some
  • The set screws on dovetail slide are small and thus can also prove a little tedious to work with

Some of the features that really matter when choosing a bow sight include sight lights and pins, the housing, 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment, elevation and windage, fiber optics and bubble levels. As far as the Apex Gear 1 Dot Convert Pro Sight goes, all these features have been carefully considered and incorporated to offer bowhunters and shooters the most pleasant experience achieving excellent shots. You will love the black finish of this sight that makes it suitable for all kinds of shooting conditions. The black color is also color preferred by most shooters because it suits all kinds of shooters the gender notwithstanding.

This is, without doubt, one of the best sights you will find in the market and when used with the right crossbow, you should experience a rewarding shooting session every time. It is easy to use and offers superior quality.

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