Best Barnett Crossbow

Best Barnett Crossbow

Barnett is a brand that has been around for tens of years and has gained a reputation for the innovative bow, crossbows and arrows. It is among the most trusted brands you can choose when looking for a crossbow. It is actually the original pioneer or modern crossbows and it continues to improve the weapons to enhance hunter experience. On this article, I discussed top 4 Barnett Crossbow Reviews for the hunter.

The crossbow models under the brand are tailored for different sizes, skill levels and hunter style, hence delivering performance that is personalized and results that are unmatched. The crossbows are precise, lethal and silent changing hunting experience for all hunters. The crossbows from Barnett are great for hunting because:

  • They feature anti-dry-fire trigger mechanism that eliminates damaging dry fires and smoothens pull
  • Barnett crossbow are well-built weapons made strong and durable hence suitable for hunting
  • They are easy to set up sight and even draw and fire so you are able to hit target within no time
  • They are powerful and accurate
  • The draw weight is not large, but FPS is excellent
  • They are backed by a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty
  • They are some of the cheapest yet powerful crossbows in the market.

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Best Barnett Crossbow Reviews For Hunter

Best Barnett Crossbow

#1 Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow Review

The Barnett recruit compound crossbow is a compact bow that makes the perfect size for hunters who are small framed or female shooters. The small size of the bow makes it easier for the shooters to handle, but still enjoyable enough speed needed for the hunt. With 130lbs draw weight, 300FPS and 80 foot-pounds, the bow is suitable for taking down any given game being pursued. The buttstock is adjustable making it easy for shooters to use as they grow by simply making necessary adjustments.

Product highlights
  • 130lbs draw weight
  • Sizeable for woman and hunters who are small framed
  • Finger reminders passing through foregrip
  • Possible to integrate crank cocking device
  • Adjustable buttstock
  • Includes quiver and 3 20 inch arrows
  • Rope cocking device and red dot sight included
  • Quick and easy to assemble
Durability and construction

This crossbow uses composite limbs and a composite stock making it a durable bow. The quad limbs offer great energy and the ergonomically designed pistol grip is really functional. With the buttstock that is adjustable, users can easily tailor the crossbow to meet their body sizes. The bow’s foregrip has a pass-through design and has finger reminders to ensure that your fingers are helped out of the way of cable and string. This bow also features Barnett’s anti-dry-fire mechanism to make every shot flawless.

Power and accuracy

The Barnett recruit compound crossbow comes with a 300fps speed and 400-grain arrows and therefore deals out 85ft.lbs kinetic energy. Whereas it may not be the most powerful crossbow, it is quite impressive for the size. The red dot scope included offer accurate sighting and with a few easy and quick adjustments you will be able to start shooting with high accuracy. The scope makes it effortless to maintain grouping, but because it has no magnification, accuracy may not be that good when shooting longer ranges. The narrow bow reduces snag on trees and bushes as you walk through the forest to a hunting spot.

Contents and assembling

Barnett Recruit crossbow is among the very few models you will find structured for small-framed hunters. Apart from offering the easy hold and firing with enough energy needed for a successful hunt, this bow does not disappoint when it comes to package contents. Every bow package comes with a number of items and they are:

  • The Recruit crossbow
  • Quiver for the arrows
  • 3 20 inch arrows
  • Premium red dot sight
  • Rope cocking device
  • Warranty card
  • Hardware and tools for assembling
  • Instruction manual

The bow is straightforward to put together, but it is important that you use the manual if it is your first time handling a compound crossbow. If you need the quiver, you can attach it and then attaché riser to your stock; this is easy to do in a few steps. Once done, you can mount the red dot sight or scope to improve aiming accuracy as you go hunting or shooting. This is one of the easiest crossbows to put together and you should be done assembling in a few minutes time.

The scope and arrows

The premium red dot scope includes sights in with ease and can withstand months of abuse and use, but it may not be the best for long range shooting. Its optics are nicely coated to resist fogging and the illumination rheostat is adjustable and works smoothly and easily. The 3 20 inch carbon arrows are decent for target practice and you can use any other 20 inch arrows with the scope but Barnett recommends 400-grain arrows.

The shooting

The recruit compound crossbow offers 130 pounds draw weight, making it very easy to draw even without the use of a rope cocking device. But considering the device, it included, it is best that you use it to ensure that the string pulls evenly and consistently. The draw is light and smooth and string latches in cocking mechanism securely and reliably. Before firing, it is very important to inspect the arrows and the crossbow; discard or repair damaged or bent arrows and nocks. It is also of importance that you never dry-fire the bow because it makes warranty void and will damage string, limbs, and cables and expose you to injuries.

#2 Barnett Outdoors BCR Recurve Crossbow Review

Barnett Outdoors BCR Recurve Crossbow PackageBarnett Outdoors BCR Recurve Crossbow Package

Designed to deliver utmost accuracy and comfort is the Barnett Outdoors BCR. The crossbow comes with a premium red dot scope that is far much better than the traditional scopes. Other than this, there is an adjustable butt pad that makes it more comfortable to use. Above all else, you get a composite lightweight stock which makes it even much better to handle.

Product highlights
  • Adjustable butt pad
  • Anti-vibration Foot Stirrup
  • Quick detach limb assembly
  • Lightweight composite stock
  • Finger reminders and pass-through foregrip
  • A premium red dot scope
  • 150lbs for the draw weight
Durability and construction

As far as construction is concerned, the Barnett Outdoors BCR crossbow is made to give you the best time. The butt pad for starters is an adjustable one hence you can set it just right to suit your preference. It also comes with a lightweight composite stock which definitely contributes in cutting the weight of the crossbow down to 4.5 pounds which is quite easy to handle. There is also a finger reminder and a pass-through foregrip for additional convenience when handling the crossbow.

Power and accuracy

There is nothing as awesome as hitting your target right on the spot, right? So as to make this possible and give you the best accuracy, the Barnett Outdoors comes with the premium red dot scope. There is also the AVI (anti-vibration isolation) high compression on the components. This cuts down noise and vibrations by an outstanding 30% which adds on to the accuracy. The draw weight on the Barnett Outdoors is 150 lbs and the trigger pull is at 3.5 pounds.

Contents and assembling

As for the contents, here’s what you should expect from the package.

  • The Barnett Outdoors BCR Recurve crossbow itself
  • A premium red dot scope
  • 3 arrows with practice tips
  • An adjustable butt pad
  • 150 lbs on the draw weight.
The arrows and scope

Included in the package is a premium red dot scope. As compared to the traditional scope that we’re used to, this is far much better since it will be easier to lock on to your target. Included in the package are the arrows as well. You get to have 3 of these and with practical tips as well which should be enough to get you going.

The shooting

It is how good or bad the crossbow shoots that dictates whether or not you should purchase it. When it comes to the Barnett Outdoors BCR Recurve, there is the MIM or rather the Metal Injected Mold trigger that allows for a tight quality tolerance. This, in turn, accounts for the smooth trigger pull at 3.5 pounds that will definitely prevent any accidental shots. With the Anti-dry fire trigger, you’ll not be able to shoot the weapon without an arrow in place which also adds on to the durability of the crossbow. The draw weight is 150lbs which may prove to be quite hard for some hence you should get a rope cocking device just in case.

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#3 Barnett 78128 Crossbow Review

Barnett Whitetail Hunter II CrossbowBarnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow

Think of how awesome it would be if you were able to get your hands on a hunting crossbow as good as the Barnett 78128 Crossbow. If you want something that’s light and at the same time does not compromise on durability as well as precision, this is definitely the crossbow for you. From the bowstring to the stock and the scope, you’ll be amazed by how good this crossbow performs.

Product highlights
  • All stainless steel components.
  • Trigger tech technology with 3lb cero-creep release.
  • 4×32 scope
  • Lube wax included.
  • Lightweight quiver
  • Nock sensor & ADF
  • Rope cocking device included
Durability and construction

It won’t be any good if it won’t last for long, right? Well, when it comes to durability, the Barnett 78128 Crossbow has been designed to take a beating and stand up to even the harshest conditions. The fact that its components are made of stainless steel for starters makes it tolerant to corrosion. The overall weight of the crossbow is 6.4 LBS which is quite light owing to the fact that it’s made of stainless steel. Just think of this as one of the most durable and lightest crossbows you could get for your money

Power and accuracy

When it comes down to putting it to test in the field, this crossbow delivers as much as 350 fps yet at the same time, the trigger tech technology gives it an outstanding 3lb zero-creep release. This definitely will prevent accidental shots and at the same time, it will you’ll be able to pull the trigger with less effort. So as to eliminate dry fires that could lead to damage on the limbs and axle, there is the Nock sensor and the ADF. The crossbow also boasts an outstanding 150 lb draw weight and 122 FT of kinetic energy

Contents and assembling

Here’s what you’ll be getting from the package.

  • The Barnett 78128 Whitetail Hunter II crossbow.
  • A rope cocking device
  • 2-twenty-inch Headhunter arrows
  • Lube wax
  • 4×32 scope
  • A side mount quiver

Assembling is most probably the trickiest part when it comes to using a crossbow since if you don’t set a component exactly as it should be, you may end up damaging the whole thing. To make things easier for you, this bow ships to you with most parts assembled. For final assembly, you just have to attach the riser with the provided nose bold and you’re good to go.

The arrows and scope

Out of the package, you get a 4×32 scope which will definitely offer an outstanding zoom which is much easier to sight in your targets with. As for the arrows, even though you get 20-inch arrows out of the box, you can use longer ones such as 22 inches. This, however, has to be done with at least 400 grains with the correct nocks.

The shooting

The crossbow comes with a rope cocking device that you may use in order to reduce effort while cocking the string. Since you have the lube wax included, you should lube your string every 10 shots for a smoother performance. The draw weight is 150lbs which makes using the rope cocking device more important.

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#4 Barnett Ghost 410 CRT Crossbow review

The Barnett Ghost 410 CRT crossbow weighs 7.3 pounds and 20inches from axle to axle making it lighter and faster compared with its predecessor Ghost le to axle making it lighter and faster compared with its predecessor Ghost 400. It has however maintained most of the impressive features like Barnett’s proprietary carbonlite riser technology, CRT. The technology shifts the balance point from the riser and back to shooter shoulder, offering safety and perfect weight and speed balance. But unlike the Ghost 400, Ghost 410 has longer comfortable shoulder plate, is lighter and of course, has 410 FPS.

Product highlights
  • Impressive 410 FPS shooting speed and 195 draws weight
  • Rope cocking device
  • Talon sling and 3×32 scope
  • Quiver and 3 arrows
  • 20-inch axle to axle
  • Foot stirrup as part of riser
  • Excellent accuracy at 70 yards and over
  • High-quality scope
  • CRT light carbon riser for well-balanced feel
Durability and construction

The ultra-light carbon riser makes the ghost very comfortable to hold and handle and also makes aiming pretty easy. The CRT technology simply shifts the crossbow weight closer to the body this more leverage is achieved for easy weapon handling. It is a technology that also reduces the overall weight of the bow so you can easily carry it around.

The bow’s grip comes in an ergonomic design and is very comfortable; it keeps fingers off the flight rail thus preventing string acceleration from hurting the fingers. The shoulder plate which is longer is designed in such a way that it sits comfortably and nicely against your body. It is a safe crossbow thanks to the anti-dry-fire mechanism that engages safety once the weapon is cocked. It means you cannot fire unless the arrow is properly seated on flight rail. The feature adds to the life of the bow because damaging dry-fire is eliminated.

Power and accuracy

Ghost 410 bow is the most powerful considering that most crossbows do not exceed 340FPS shooting speed. With its 410 FPS, it can generate 150 ft-lbs kinetic energy. As for the accuracy of the crossbow, several features such as carbon riser trigger system and scope greatly improve it. The carbon riser prevents dropping forward of the weapon so you have a comfortable and stable aim, whereas the trigger system and string latch work together flawlessly for smooth sting release every time. The scope improves aim and does not even require constant tuning elevation and windage.

Contents and Assembling

Just like other Barnett crossbow packages, this package comes with several items including:

  • The Barnett Ghost 410 compound crossbow
  • Quick detach quiver
  • 3 22 inch Easton bolts and field points
  • Rope cocking device
  • Padded crossbow sling
  • 3×32 four reticles illuminated the scope
  • Extra recoil pad
  • Sample of string wax
  • Assembling hardware
  • Manual and warranty card

Assembling this crossbow is a breeze considering that the scope comes mounted onto the stock and the foot stirrup is integrated part of the riser. You should be ready to start shooting in as few as 3 or four minutes as a result. You simply need to secure riser to stock using one Allen bolt and then secure quiver mount to bow bottom using screws and you are done.

The scope and arrows

This crossbow has a top quality scope and it comes mounted and sighted, meaning you will not need to make any knob adjustments. You can however still sight it in case performance is not at par. It is the nature of this scope that makes the bow accurate. The field of view is wide and with no excess fogginess around edges and it also has four reticles illumination bright enough to hunt even when dust is falling. It has a lifetime warranty and it is water, fog, and shock resistant. You can use 22-inch carbon or aluminum arrows with the best being 400-450 grain arrows.

The shooting

This crossbow makes it possible for you to lengthen or shorten string to suit arm’s length or other needs. You can use tope cocking aid to reduce effort need to cock. When shooting, remember to achieve a firm foot in the stirrup to avoid slipping from under the shoe and hitting your chest.


Barnett crossbows are definitely reliable because of their features, some of which are unique to the brand. Depending on the bow that you choose, you can rely on valuable Barnett accessories to improve your hunting or shooting experience. There are different models you can choose from and reviews can help you make the right choice depending on your intended use of the bow. Barnett has a bow for every kind of hunter and hunting requirements.

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