Top 11 Best Archery Target Review of 2018

Best archery target

Archery comes in two categories, target shooting and field shooting. Target shooting is most popular and the target faces come with a middle spot and other concentric circles around the middle spot. The goal of the targets is for archers to shoot arrows as close to middle spot as possible thus sharpening their skills in the process. Bow hunters use the best archery target to improve their shooting and most choose 3D archery targets because they mimic the natural hunting environment.

Archery targets come with two major purposes. One is to give you the archer a challenging mark to hit and the second is to give your arrows a safe place to land to avoid damaging them. A well-constructed target is therefore very important not just in sharpening your skills as an archer but also in keeping your arrows in top shape for a long time. There are so many target styles and types out there and the good thing is that they are matched with specific bow styles, broadhead and arrows so you are able to get the most suitable for your kind of shooting.

Quick Comparison Of Some Top-Rated Archery Target

Best Archery Target Variables

When choosing an archery target, you should strive to get the best in terms of features. There are a few variables that make a target good or bad and when you have this in mind, you should definitely have an easy time selecting the best for you.

variable 1 : A good target should be durable, so it is able to serve your needs for a long time. Think about whether the target that you get can withstand all weather conditions without getting damaged. A good target should actually be sturdy enough no matter the weather conditions.

variable 2: A good target should have the ability to stop arrows no matter how many you might end up shooting into the same hole. Such quality will make your shooting fun whether you are shooting broadheads, expandables or fieldpoints. A target that is self-healing will be able to stop even fastest wood or aluminum arrows without any problem.

variable 3: Apart from holding and stopping your arrows smoothly, a good target should give you an easy time when pulling out the arrows. There are targets that hold the arrows too tight, thus requiring plenty of effort from you when you are pulling them out and this can interfere with the fun that comes with the shooting. An ideal target should only require a two-finger pull to free the arrows and after which complete target integrity should be restored.

The Types of Archery Targets

Archers usually have a hard time choosing the best and the right target for their arrow and bow types. With so many types of targets in the market, you definitely want to be sure about what is best before making your purchase. Each target is designed for particular bow setup and the more information you have about the options the easier the time you will have making the right choice.

Bag targets: These targets are very common and they are simply filled bags that come with large surface areas, making them quite ideal for beginners in archery. The good thing about bag targets is that they are designed to be able to withstand repeated use and they can also hold hundreds of hits. The bags usually have synthetic material fillings that effectively stop bolt and make it very easy for the arrows to be pulled out.

The bags are safe enough so they do not ruin arrow fletching as is usually the case with hay bales. However important to note is that the bag targets are most suitable for field points because broadhead tips will usually get stuck and this can end up ripping the outer target material. Bag targets are also highly recommended for indoor use because the porous material may not withstand extended outdoor use.

Foam block targets: These targets are easily portable, durable and they make very good choices for light bows. The foam is layered and hence friction is what stops the arrows and prevents tips from breaking. However, bows that have a heavier draw may prove too powerful for the targets because they are generally lightweight and the arrows end up getting buried in the foam. When using the targets, shooting angel should be considered carefully because it can increase block target life significantly. It is recommended that you place the target block in such a way that foam layers lie vertically to easily guide arrows between instead of across layers. Because they are portable and lightweight, the block targets can be used outdoors without much of a problem.

3D practice targets: They are most suitable for those who want to sharpen their hunting skills using compound bows. They mimic various animal species to make the shooting feel as real as possible. Beginners will find the 3D practice very effective and fun and even more experienced hunters still find them very good targets when preparing for hunting seasons. Usually, the 3D foam targets come with vital organs marked out on their outer surface so that you the hunter knows where exactly to aim your arrow when you are out there in the field. This marking also makes it clearer where the arrow hits with a different stance so you will understand the point system in competitive shooting.

The only major disadvantage that comes with the 3D targets is that the foam wears out with time, especially around the center spot and you might need to replace it every now and then. The targets are best for field tips because broadheads easily get stuck in center foam. They, however still make the best in improving accuracy and skill because of the realistic design. You will love the lightweight construction of the targets that makes it possible for you to move them easily around your practice field. They are quite ideal for silhouette shot practice.

There are numbs that provide extra grip that won’t slip out of your hands. The tough material can handle any big fish that you may encounter, letting you grab them safely.

The tacky Diamond-Grip has been directly injected onto the nylon mesh palm, which gives you a better grip in the water. The back of the gloves is vented foam mesh to keep your hands cool while you’re wearing them. The neoprene cuff has Velcro closures to keep the gloves attached and keep water out.

Top Rated Archery Target Reviews Are Available On The Market
Morrell Yellow Jacket Crossbow Target

Morrell yellow jacket crossbow target is designed only for field tips, but it has a durable construction and a functional design nonetheless. The target has the ability to stop bolts even at 350 feet per second and this makes practice very fun with a huge variety of heavy and light compound bows. The bright yellow and black cover makes the target easy to spot even at a distance with the red dots providing an even clearer aim place.
Best archery target

The target is two sided, thus giving both beginners and experienced archers an effective item to improve aim and make accurate shots. Because of the durable construction, this target is able to withstand repeated use and hits and filed tips slide out smoothly without damaging the cover. The center of the target is layered thus effectively stopping fast bolts from bows that are heavier and yet it is still soft enough to keep tips protected from breakage. Because of its lightweight nature, you can easily hang it at varying heights indoors for your practice.

The Highlighted Features Negative thing is
It has an E-Z tote carrying handle for easy transportation. Target designed only for field tips; broad heads will only rip it off.
Weighs 30 lbs. hence offering easy lift for preferred placement.
Brightly colored to make spotting and aiming easy for archers.
Incredible stopping power and easy arrow removal.

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Field Logic Hurricane Archery Bag Target H25

Competitive shooters and hunters will find this deer bag target most ideal because it features everything important in improving aim accuracy. Field login hurricane archery bag target h25 has a durable construction and the pricing is very affordable considering the versatile design that it has. It is most recommended for field tips and the bright cover gives you an easy time aiming to hit black dots when practicing.

Best archery target

The reverse side has clearly marked vital organs for even more fun shooting and with the durable, sturdy construction; the target withstands repeated hits even in the hundreds. It has excellent stop ability for field tips from heavy and light compound bows.

The target makes it very easy for you to pull out arrows without tearing of ripping off the cover and because it weighs 5 pounds, you can easily hang or mount it on your preferred spots for your practice.

The pros The cons
It has an attached handle to offer convenient carrying Not recommended for expandables and broad tips
Field tips slide out smoothly without tearing the deer cover Packaging not easy to hide and will indicate content insides
High visibility design
Tri-core technology for performance that is simply unmatched

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Field Logic Glendel Pre Rut Buck 3D Archery Target

Field logic glendel pre rut buck 3D archery target will help hunters improve skill with bow set ups and archers will find it great for honing aim and accuracy. The realistic design makes the target idea for beginners because aiming is made easier for them, but even experienced archers will still find the target most suitable for their practice.

This life like buck measures 36 inches around the shoulders so accuracy of stance and aim can be effectively worked on. Because it is styled after 250 pound buck, archers always get a clearer sense of where exactly they are aiming their shots. The construction is sturdy and will therefore withstand repeated hits.
Best archery target

The 3D field logic Glendel pre rut buck target is designed to withstand weather conditions and can therefore be used outdoors without any problem. It has a large shooting surface and can stop bolts up to 390 feet per second thanks to the four sided core. It features a metal pipe that offers a secure stand on the ground, meaning that the target can definitely take a beating as you practice without disappointing.

The pros The cons
Large surface area offering seven times core shooting surface Plastic legs, hence target wobbles when pulling off field tips
Excellent stopping power May not hold together after extended use outdoors
Easy to pull tips
Easy installation and easy to move

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Field Logic Block Crossbow 20 Target, Black

This foam block target makes a great choice for both experienced archers and beginners who wish to improve aim and practice. It has four sides that are well-marked so that you have an easy time improving the accuracy and aim and the colors makes it easier to see the points from a distance.

All four sides have lots of targets and the patterns are vivid for distance shooting and close range shots alike. It has a polyfusion design that gives it stability and at the same time extends its life by making the arrows very swift in removing without damaging the cover; it is a feature that also saves archers from arm fatigue especially during long practice sessions.

Best archery target

Field logic block crossbow 20 target is built for crossbow and works very well with broadheads and field points. The large size of the target makes it a great choice for backyard shooting sessions with your family and friends and the lightweight construction gives you an easy time moving it or transporting it to desired practice field areas.

The pros The cons
Accommodates broadheads and field points Item packaging shows what is inside and you may need additional packaging to ship
High density core stops bolts even at excessive speeds
High contract design
Easy bolt removal
Four sided shooting to challenge archers
Crossbow core that is high density

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Rinehart RhinoBlock Target

Foam block target that is durable, able to withstand repeated shots and helps in improving skill for any archer. The Rinehart RhinoBlock target is made with a self – healing foam that never loses shape and integrity even with hundreds of shots.

The durable foam makes it easy for field points to be stopped and removed and you also have the freedom to use broadheads and expandables without damaging the target. With the self-healing nature of this target, you will definitely cut replacement costs that come with tears and rips.

Best archery target

The target has 22 pound lightweight construction and this gives you an easy time carrying and moving the target from one place to another. The foam makes the target suitable even for outdoor conditions and it also has a rope at the top to make it possible for you to hang it strategically. It also has holes to make mounting the target easy for archers.

The pros The cons
It is 6 sided with 2 3D sides with clearly marked internal organs to improve killing shots The deer silhouette is much smaller than live animals
Larger markings to improve aim Item packaging indicates the contents
Small targets to help work on arrow placement
Stops field points, expandables and broadheads with ease
Rope handles for easy moving
Easy to elevate or mount

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Morrell Double Duty 400 FPS Field Point Archery Bag Target

The most notable thing about this foam block Bone collector target is that it has a durable construction that resists all types of weather. This is a feature that makes the target ideal for outdoor practice without worry of damage.

The targets are clearly marked and the bright color gives archers and easy time seeing and aiming even at a distance. The design stops field points and offered easy arrow removal without bolts tearing and ripping the foam. It has an internal structure that is durable preventing collapse of the cube from repeated hits. This target can actually stop shots up to 400 feet per second.

Best archery target

It has four shooting sides giving you different target options so you can challenge your skills as much as possible and improve accuracy and aim in the process. Pool ball style targets and the dart board targets add to the fun of the game.

The pros The cons
4 shooting sides; 6 bull eyes, 9 ball game, dart board and full colored midsection with vitals in color Suitable only for field points
E-Z tote carry handle for convenient transportation of the target
Weighs 32lbs and comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty
Nucleus center and tough target with maximum life
Excellent stopping power and easy bolt removal

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50% OFF SALE! Silhouette Shooting Targets

These high visibility fluorescent orange paper targets are suitable for firearms marksmanship. They are easy to see shots and come with a 100% money back guarantee. The easy shot targets offer highest quality shooting targets and they come at the lowest possible prices. You can enjoy volume discounts on 50 packs of 100 packs.

The fluorescent orange color makes it possible for fun shots to be clearly seen so there is immediate visual feedback. These easy shot firearm targets allow easy spotting of the bullet holes so you achieve higher scores and tighter groups.

Best archery target

The targets are versatile and durable and can handle dozens of shots thanks to their size. You can use multiple weapon types on the targets at various distances. These targets work flawlessly with airsoft, AR’s, rifles, pistols, shotguns and even pellet guns. They come with repair stickers in the same color so you can cover up holes and use the targets again. The target sheets each come with multiple kill zones to aid point scoring, center mass and head shot zoned to improve marksmanship training.

The pros The cons
Durable and versatile Protective eye and ear wear required for both spectators and shooters
150 orange bullet repair stickers included
100% lifetime money back guarantee and quality guarantee
Suitable for both outdoor and indoor range use
Accommodates any weapon
High visibility

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The Block Classic Archery Target

Archery targets were revolutionized by original block target because it came with layered design that stopped arrows with friction as compared to stopping with force. The new line of Block Classic archery targets retains the same technology, but offers higher contrast. The Block Classic target has the original open layered design and it has the ability to stop broadheads, field points as well as mechanical broadheads.

Best archery target

The design is done is such a way that archers have an easier time removing the arrows. The layered foam makes the block strong enough to withstand repeated use and with the arrows easily sliding out, you will have less to think about ripping or tearing it off. It may not be self-healing, but the foam is tightly packed to make arrow removable easy without damage.

The pros The cons
Layered foam for a study durable construction Only 2 sides can be shot the front and the back
Easy arrow removal The plywood on top, bottom, right and left sides of target ricochets arrows
Stops both mechanical and fixed broadheads, and field points
Excellent stop power
Lightweight for convenient moving
Sizeable to make shooting fun

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Rinehart® 18 – 1 Broadhead Target

The Rinehart 18 – 1 Broadhead target has 18 vivid target zones that will definitely make your shooting sessions fun and exciting. This target is made from legendary solid Rinehart self-healing foam and will therefore take arrows without lowing integrity and shape. Weighing 2 pounds, this target is lightweight and even comes complete with handle that makes it easy to carry the target from place to place.

The lightweight nature of the target makes it ideal for different settings, including hunting camp, backyard or even at the club when you need a quick practice session.

Best archery target

The 18 sides make the target the longest lasting in the market and you will love the fact that it can accommodate expandables, broadhead and field points. The solid sturdy construction makes it possible for the target to withstand repeated hits.

The pros The cons
Perfect target for practice in any given place It is expensive
18 sides; archers get 18 targets in one unit Packaging reveals content inside
Self-healing foam to retain integrity and shape of the target
One year guaranteed
Stops broadheads, expandables and field points without risk of damage

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Morrell Yellow Jacket F/P Bag Target

Morel yellow jacket field point target is American made, ultra durable and portable. This is actually among the most durable target bags you will find in the market. It has an exclusive IFS (internal frame system) construction that helps in creating depth consistency for ultimate arrow stopping power running all the way to outer target edges.

Best archery target

This target is sizeable for easy transport and the construction helps in maintaining shape for a considerably long period. Also very important to mention is that this target is 100% waterproof and you can separately get a replacement cover for it. It makes the perfect target for camp or home use. It measures 23inches in width, 25 inches in height and 12 inches diameter.

The pros The cons
Multi layered design Noticeable smell when the arrow hits target
Excellent arrow stopping power
Internal frame system technology to maintain target shape and integrity
E-Z tote carry handle for easy convenient moving
Ultra durable and portable
Replacement covers available

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Field Logic Youth Block GenZ Open Target

Youths need targets that work well with lightweight bows and those that are able to prevent bouceouts and at the same time maintain target life. The targets therefore need to be economical, repairable and durable to match with the needs of the youth. Most targets specifically built for youths come with built-in stands, replaceable cores, carts and sleeves.

The Field logic youth block GenZ open target was created with the young archers in mind. The target is intended for 40 pounds draw weight bows or less and feature legendary open layered technology that allows swift arrow removal and longer life without issues of the kind of arrow tip used by the shooter.

Best archery target

This target has white on black aiming points that make it easy to see. The points offer young archers smaller points and larger points to achieve any degree of difficulty and at the same time to improve accuracy. The target is lightweight and come with an inbuilt handle to make carrying easy.

Highlighted Features Negative Features is
Designed especially for youth archers Not suitable for adult archers
Uses the legendary layered technology for excellent stopping power and easy arrow removal Occasional tip overs when the arrow hits high
High contrast design
Longer target life
Can handle bows of 40lbs draw weight and less
Sizeable and reasonably priced

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In Conclusion

As an archer or hunter practice definitely makes perfect because it sharpens your aiming and accuracy. With the right archery target you will not only be in a position to practice more and hone your skills, but you can also engage in competitive sessions with your friends and family. With so many targets available in the market, you will without doubt find one that matches with the shooting needs and expectations that you have.

What seems to matter most in a good archery target is a solid, durable construction, excellent arrow stopping power and easy removal of the arrows that won’t damage the target after a few uses. It is best that you make all comparisons between the best targets before making a choice that will serve all your shooting needs. A few checks can help you land an affordable, high quality target that will last you for a considerable length of time without falling apart even when used outdoors.

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