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When just starting off in bowhunting or archery, it may be a little bit difficult to hold the bow in the position which makes getting an accurate shot quite impossible.

What if I told you there was actually a way through which you could keep your arrow steady even at a maximum draw. All it takes is the best arrow rest and you’ll be good to go. But then, like all other bow accessories, finding the perfect arrow rest can get a little bit confusing.

To rid you of the confusion and also save you all trouble and time of looking for the best bow rest, we’ve put together a review of 8 of the very best.

We’ve sampled out the best on performance, durability and price so that you get to have the biggest kick for your buck. So, whether you are looking to get a better aim of your game or looking forward to using it for target practice, we’ve got you covered.

We also do have a buying guide that’ll set you on a good start as you shop for the best arrow rest. With that, let’s head on to the main agenda right away, shall we?

Product ImageKey featuresDetails
Quality Archery Designs QAD Ultra Rest Hunter Drop Away Rest RighthandQuality Archery Designs QAD Ultra Rest Hunter Drop Away Rest Righthand Quality Archery Designs Ultra Rest Hunter Arrow Rest
  • Type: Drop Away
  • Models: Right Handed
  • Specialty: Best for the money, Velocity drop tech, Silent.
  • Editor's Rating: 9.7 out of 10
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Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow RestQuality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest
  • Type: Drop Away
  • Models: Right & Left Handed
  • Specialty: Stainless steel, Velocity drop tech, Side by side, vertical adjustment.
  • Editor's Rating: 9.7 out of 10
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QAD Pro Series LD Drop-Away Arrow RestQAD Pro Series LD Drop-Away Arrow Rest QAD Pro Series LD Drop-Away Arrow Rest
  • Precision CNC aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Delrin components
  • Vertical, Horizontal and Overdraw adjustments
  • Specialty: Noise reducing designs with laser cut felt, cam/brake, and rubber dampeners
  • Editor's Rating: 9.8 out of 10
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8 Best Arrow Rest Review

Each of the arrow rest below is verified as being top of the line as far as performance and quality is concerned and bound to make you the best hunter you can be.

1. Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest Hunter Arrow Rest (Most Popular)

Quality Archery Designs QAD Ultra Rest Hunter Drop Away Rest RighthandQuality Archery Designs QAD Ultra Rest Hunter Drop Away Rest Righthand

Featuring a drop a way configuration, this arrow rest is exclusively right handed, features a high-quality construction, is usable with shorter arrows and will be quite safe to use. Let’s see what it packs under the hood

Product Features

This is a drop away type arrow rest. It comes at a size of 2.5 x 5.3 x 7.3 inches. The arrow rest provides full containment of the arrow which means the arrow will not rise even as you increase the draw length hence making each shot accurate

For the build quality, it features a precision CNC aluminum, stainless steel, and Delrin components all of which increase its lifetime and render it a good enough arrow rest to use in different weather conditions

This eliminates the problem of an early drop. The rest will stay cocked until you shoot, which increases accuracy for the shooter. The arrow rest can be adjusted for shorter arrows, up to 4 inches shorter than regular ones.

The laser cut felt and rubber bumpers eliminate the main problem drop away rests have. That is noise. This ensures a fletch less, noise-free shooting for the user. You can attach and detach it by your thumb with ease.

What’s to like

  • The best arrow rest for the money. Comes at an affordable price.
  • The velocity drop technology ensures it stays cocked until the arrow is fired.
  • The felt and rubber bumpers ensure noiseless shooting.
  • This versatile arrow rest can be used for different sized arrows.

What’s not to like

  • Only for right-hand users.
  • The felt might get ruined after a specific time, you’ll be needing to replace it.

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2. Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest (Editor’s Choice)

Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow RestQuality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest

Available for both the right-handed and left-handed hunters and archers, you couldn’t go wrong with this arrow rest. Considering that it also sports a durable construction, has got easy compatibility with most bows and boasts quite a versatile design

Product Features

For the build quality and design, it is made out of stainless steel for guaranteed longevity and in addition to this, it features a sleek curved capture bar that delivers utmost versatility as far as holding your arrows in position is concerned.

It also does come with an advanced vibration technology. With this, the peak vibration amplitude is kept at a minimum while at the same time, there is a durable molded rubber which creates a quiet and comfortable field

The timing cord can also be adjusted within an instance. Which gives you the perfect length after it is attached with buss cable. The arrow rest Product Features velocity drop away technology, which means your rest won’t drop until you release the arrow.

It includes a full draw indicator mark that functions to ensure the launcher position is right when the bow is fully drawn

What’s to like

  • The best drop away arrow rest, made of stainless steel.
  • Advanced sound and vibration dampening system. Side by side and vertical adjustment.
  • Full containment of the arrow, move any direction you need.
  • Bounce back problem of arrow rest is reduced to zero.
  • Comes with clear manual in DVD and paper form.

What’s not to like

  • The clamp that holds the timing cable to the cable of the bow should come with better quality. A minor setback for a rather outstanding rest.

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3. QAD Pro Series LD Drop-Away Arrow Rest (Best Quality Guaranteed)

QAD Pro Series LD Drop-Away Arrow RestQAD Pro Series LD Drop-Away Arrow Rest

Boasting to be one of the best brands as far as giving us the best arrow rests is concerned, Quality, Archery Designs have got yet another reputed arrow rest for you, the Pro Series LD Drop-Away. In addition to having some of the best aesthetics, it does live up to its brand name to give you some of the best shots from your bow.

Here’s what it’s got…

Features the lock down function. Accidental bounce backs of your arrows don’t have to be a problem any more since with the lock down feature, you’ll be able to have your draw at full length without the arrow going out of line and at the same time, the rest won’t come into contact with the arrow shaft.

It is both right and left handed. Whereas most arrow rests feature only one of these two configurations, this one actually does have both which makes it quite versatile as you can lend it or resale it.

For the build quality, this bad boy is definitely designed to take a beating. It features a precision CNC, stainless steel and Delrin components for the construction. With all this, it guaranteed to last quite a long time without giving in to damage whatsoever.

Other than having one of the best build qualities, it’s design also features utmost noise reduction. The felt and the cam are both laser cut and in addition to this, there are rubber dampeners present to minimize the noise which makes this a good enough arrow rest to have on your bow for stealth operations

There is also vertical, overdraw and horizontal adjustments. Intended to make every shot more accurate than the previous one, this rest has got all these adjustments that facilitate pin-point accuracy.

What’s to like

  • Features a noise reducing design
  • Made from CNC aluminum, stainless steel and Delrin components
  • Has got vertical and overdraw adjustments
  • Suitable for both right handed and left-handed archers and hunters

What’s not to like

  • The top bar has fetching contact with some arrows

Frequently asked questions

Q: does it come with a cable clamp?

A: yes, it does.

Q: does it have a lock-down technology?

A: yes, it’s got this

Q: does the lifter bounce when it slams back down

A: no, it doesn’t

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4. Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX, Mossy Oak

QAD Ultra Rest HDX Mossy Oak Infinity QURHDXCOQAD Ultra Rest HDX Mossy Oak Infinity QURHDXCO

This is another product from Quality Archery Designs, though a little bit expensive is the Ultra-Rest HDX. This one gives a quite performance, has all it takes to keep all your shots straight and boasts a top of the line build quality

That being said, here’s what it’s got…

Product Features

Starting with the build quality, it features a precision CNC aluminum, stainless steel and Delrin construction. As far as longevity is concerned, you couldn’t go wrong with this one whatsoever.

The arrow rest comes with smooth action, quick reload and full containment facilities. You can load an arrow and move to any point without worrying about the arrow falling off. The product offers full clearance on fletching when properly set up.

The top of the line product comes with brake/cam feature which resists any bounce back of the rest. Also, the increased spring tension allows the arrow to travel faster and uninterrupted.

Features a Harmonic Dampener Technology. Regarding this, there is an injection molded rubber thumbwheel which is designed to minimize the peak vibration amplitudes and upon doing so keeps the noise as low as possible

What’s to like

  • Made of quality materials, durable and rust-proof.
  • Velocity drops away for smooth shooting.
  • The brake/cam Product Features do not let the rest to bounce back.
  • Provides great camouflage with the mossy oak pattern.
  • Felt and laser cut rubber for noise suppression.
  • Best Compound Bow Arrow rest.

What’s not to like

  • Well, no cons as per Product Features, the product comes in only right-handed version.

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5. NAP Apache Drop-Away Rest 

NAP Apache Drop-Away RestNAP Apache Drop-Away Rest

Designed to give you the least trouble in making your adjustments, this arrow rest has got a quality construction, can be counted on for stealth operation and will give you some of the most accurate shots

Product Features

So as to make tuning it up in the field easy, it has got laser graduations to let you keep up with the tuning and you won’t be needing any special tools or equipment to make any of these adjustments.

Has got a rugged all-metal construction which is yet another thing that makes this the best arrow rest for anyone on a budget. With a rugged all-metal construction, it is bound to get you through any weather for a high performance over a long time.

One thing the rest is adored for is its 360 degrees sound dampening system. This allows the hunter to shoot without spooking the game. The rest provides full containment system.

What’s to like

  • The rest can be set up without any help of the wrench, or additional tools. Just take help of laser graduations and get it done.
  • 360-degree sound dampening system definitely the best arrow rest for hunting.
  • Easily adjustable vertically and horizontally.

Metallic body, durable and rust proof. Great for the price.

What’s not to like

  • The manual is poor. However, you can take help of YouTube.
  • Not compatible with all bows, check beforehand.

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6. TRUGLO Down-Draft Cable-Driven Full-Containment Drop-Away Arrow Rest 

TRUGLO Down-Draft Cable-Driven Full-Containment Drop-Away Arrow RestTRUGLO Down-Draft Cable-Driven Full-Containment Drop-Away Arrow Rest

As far as drop away arrow rests are concerned, this one really does give you a huge bargain. There are lots of amazing features to look forward to. It is safe and easy enough to use for anyone that’s just getting started. The build quality is also one of a kind and setting it up is relatively easy.

Let’s find out what it packs under the hood, shall we?

Includes technical rubber dampeners. With these included in the design, you are guaranteed to get through any hunting situation since they ensure each shot is silent hence making them eligible for stalking your prey in silence.

For flexibility, it also includes a downward-moving bus cable and with this, it can be switched for both left-handed and right-handed use so you can lend it out or even re-sale it if you’d like to upgrade.

With installation being a priority especially for first time users, this one is one of the easiest to set up on your compound bow and the same goes for when you are out in the field. You won’t be needing any equipment whatsoever to set it up. Considering that it is only 12 ounces heavy, the added weight on your bow will be hardly noticeable for uncompromised accuracy.

With the sealed bushings present on the arrow rest, the speed of the arrow will be uncompromised once you release the arrow which means you get to take those long-distance shots.

The TRUGLO Down-Draft also does come with two different color options- the Realtree Xtra and the black one. You can match either of the two options to your bow for a consistent appearance which allows you to aim and take your shot while wholly concealed.

Yet another amazing feature on the TRUGLO Down-Draft is its bounce back prevention. This comes in handy especially when you’re just starting to use the rest since your shots will not be thrown off.

What’s to like

  • Ideal for left-handed and right-handed use
  • Prevents unwanted bounce back while firing
  • It’s lightweight
  • Features a quick and easy installation
  • Includes sealed bushings for silent shots and increased speed

What’s not to like

  • It interferes with the fletching at times

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: can it be used for a left handed bow?

A: yes, it can easily be switched over

Q: does it work on a recurve bow?

A: no, it would not work on a recurve bow

Q: does it come with a cable attachment?

A: yes, it does have a cable attachment.

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Best Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rests Reviews

7. Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest

Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow RestTrophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest

It’s quite amazing how much you will be getting from this arrow rest without breaking the bank for it at all. It’s silent, has got a reversible mount and also comes in 3 different sizes, the small, the medium and the large variants.

Product Features

Featuring a composite-encased biscuit, you’ll be getting a much stronger arrow rest. Depending on the arrow size you use, you might need a specific biscuit size for optimal performance

The arrow rest is designed for both right and left-handed persons. For accurate shots, the vanes keep the arrow in position so that it’s consistency and accuracy is well maintained

The rest also comes with windage and elevation adjustments both of which allow you to correct each of your shots for pin-point accuracy levels.

The arrow rest comes with rubber boots for silent loading. With these, metal to metal contact is impossible and you can count on it as being the best arrow rest for hunting

What’s to like

  • Reversible mount design.
  • Elevation adjustment.
  • Advanced windage provided. 3
  • Made of 100% aluminum.
  • Silent loading with the speedy switch.
  • Three different sizes available.
  • 7 different colors available.
  • Extremely cheap for the money.

What’s not to like

  • Hard to install in compound bows.

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8. Cajun Bowfishing Biscuit Arrow Rest

Cajun Bowfishing Biscuit Arrow RestCajun Bowfishing Biscuit Arrow Rest

Despite coming in quite a simple design, the Cajun Bowfishing Biscuit Arrow Rest is designed to allow for easy loading of your arrows, has got a durable construction and it is equally as good for the left handed as it is for the right handed.

Product Features

It includes a V-notch at the top which makes loading up each arrow quite smooth and in addition to this reduces slide obstruction as you take your shots hence giving you a high level of accuracy. Speaking of accuracy, it also comes with both windage and elevation adjustments.

This arrow rest also features a reversible design and you can count on it for both left and right-handed use to deliver accurate shots in either case.

For longevity, the biscuit is aluminum encased which means you can use it for quite a long time without worrying about corrosion


  • Includes laser engraved reference markings
  • The biscuit is aluminum encased.
  • Comes with Windage and elevation adjustments.
  • Offers both left and right-handed use.


  • It’s not suitable for really heavy arrows.

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Types of Arrow Rest

There are different kinds of arrow rests on the market. Sometimes they are distinguished according to bow type, sometimes they are differentiated according to containment. Each type has their own pros and cons.

However, the types available on the market can be divided into 2 main categories. Drop Away and Whisker Biscuits. Both are popular among hunters and chosen according to their preferences.

1. Drop Away Arrow Rest

Drop away rest allow your arrows to travel fast without any interference. The rest is made in a way that the arrow won’t fall off. Upon the pulling of the string, the rest comes up, providing a nice resting place for an arrow. As soon as the string is released, the rest drops and provide the arrow a clear path.

As they provide minimal contact, the chance of fletching is almost none. They are mechanical type arrow rests, and probably more efficient than its counterparts.

However, setting up this rest properly might take some time and practice. Also, they are known to make a little bit of noise, so you’ll be needing an additional attachment like foam to suppress that noise.

Once you are set up and ready to go, Drop Away arrow rest works like a charm.

2. Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest

The Whisker Biscuits rest is one of the oldest and simplest types of rest. It was first of its kind with a full containment system. This arrow comes with bristles in a circular pattern making a hole at the center. The arrow won’t fall off no matter what you do.

Whisker Biscuits are very easy to set up. They are simple and non-mechanical, thus eliminating the chance of mechanical failure. Great for hunters who like to move when they shoot.

The downside is sometimes they might initiate a fletching contact. If the rest is set up properly, that problem should not bother you much. They are far less noisy too.

Drop Away Vs Whisker Biscuit

Which one is the best? Well, it really falls down to the hunter’s preference. First one is a mechanic, super-efficient is you solve the problem. Another one is simple, easy to set and great for hunters on the move. As for speed, both of them don’t have a significant difference.

Also, each category of rest has many rests and versions under it. That’s why there is no simple answer to the Drop away vs. Whisker biscuit question. It’s always good to do your research before buying one.

We have picked up the best arrow rests, market favorites below to help you with the selection.

Consideration When Choosing The Best Hunting Arrow Rest

Attachment With The Arrow

This comes down to practice and preference. Some people like least attachment style rest so that the fletching effect doesn’t happen. Others like to have full containment, as it offers more stable shooting if no fletching happens.

Sometimes it comes down to the job you want it for. For example, a hunter who likes to shoot on the run or in moving position, will most likely to go with Whisker Biscuit style.

Noiseless & Smooth

You don’t want your arrow to collide with the rest, which will result in missing the shot. A smooth rest is important which allows your arrow to go through it effortlessly.

Also, some rests have a tendency to make noise when the arrow is passing through. This might spook the game and hamper the very reason we are using the rest. However, a simple tweak as some felt will solve that problem.


Well, who doesn’t prefer lightweight if the quality is not compromised? A lightweight arrow rest will not add extra weight to a bow. You can also carry it and adjust it in the middle of a chase with ease.

Left Handed/ Right Handed?

That’s important since many people don’t care to check the matter when purchasing. Only to find out the purchase is completely wasted. Check in which version the rest comes in.

Ease of Set Up

Setting up an arrow rest isn’t that hard, well, for experienced ones. For a beginner, it might be a pretty hefty job if he isn’t habituated with the process. Not only setting up, setting up properly is the key to an accurate shot.

Whatever rest you purchase, make sure you spend some time learning to attach it properly and make some test shots.


You’ll be needing the best arrow rest for hunting if you want to get the most out of your hunting trip. It is therefore important to have a durable arrow rest. A rest that goes for years offer the most ROI. Stainless steel arrow rests are generally strong, rust-proof and durable.


Accuracy is obviously the first thing in mind when it comes to using your bow and either of the bows rests above has this covered regardless of your style of hunting. We’ve also taken a look at the buying guide from which you’ll know how to choose one and which one you really need

If you have some extra bucks to spare, it’s always better to go for drop away type because they are extremely effective. The new models address the problems of drop away rests and solved them. They tend to go for a longer time.

If you are just starting off on using your bow, going for a whisker biscuit would be a good idea. They come usually cheaper and with simpler models.

We’ve compiled bests of both categories on our list. We listed products from the cheaper and pricier tier. We hope this list will help you choose the ultimate one.

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