Best Bow Peep Sight 2018 Reviews & the Ultimate Guide

Best Bow Peep Sight 2018 Reviews & the Ultimate Guide

Ask any serious bow hunter and they’ll definitely agree to the fact that one of the ways you could be a better bowhunter is by getting the best bow peep sight.

Easy as it may seem to simply do a quick search on the internet and settle for the first bow peep sight you stumble on, the probability of you getting a substandard peep sight is quite high. This possibility, therefore, calls for utmost care and all the help you could get which is where we come in.

We’re obliged not only to present to you a product listing of the best bow peep sight for hunting but also a detailed buying guide.

Let’s first start off by taking a look at our comparison chart, shall we?

Best bow peep sight 2018 comparison chart

#1G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Hunter Sight9.7/10Check Price
#2Pine Ridge Archery Nitro Peep Sight9.8/10Check Price
#3Allen Center View Peep Sight9.6/10Check Price
#4Precision Peeps Sight9.5/10Check Price

Best bow peep sight- 4 of the best reviews

Now here’s the moment that we’ve all been waiting for. Let’s find out which is the best peep sight for hunting that you really need, shall we?

1. G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Hunter Sight

best peep sight

Kicking off our best bow peep sight for hunting is the G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Hunter Sight. It has got a lot more in store for you besides just allowing you to view your target perfectly.

Let’s take a closer look…

Features a non-abrasive coating

Starting with the build quality, the outside of this peep sight is made out of a non-abrasive coating. This just so happens to be quite outstanding since you won’t have to worry about the peep sight giving in to friction no matter how much you use it on your bow.

It is constructed from 7000 series aluminum

Picking up from our previous point, what makes this a peep sight worth your money is not only the fact that it comes with an abrasion resistant coating but also the 7000 series aluminum construction.

As far as durability is concerned, aluminum is built to take a beating and even better, it is lightweight and you’ll hardly feel the difference upon adding it on your bow.

It comes with a convex interior: keeps the image round

It’s not a good enough peep sight if you can’t get a clear shot of what you’re aiming at, right? Well, so as to ensure that you get to see your target with utmost clarity, the peep sight has got a convex interior which keeps the image round.

As compared to the standard peep sights, this one makes it easier to have a clear shot at all times.

Radial string groves for easy usage

As for the string groove, you’ll be getting a convex which creates less surface area that the string will get in contact with.

Why is this important?

It reduces friction on the string significantly which could otherwise damage your bow.

The Pros The Cons
  • An abrasion resistant coating that prevents wear and tear.
  • A convex interior that keeps the image rounded.
  • An aluminum construction for the perfect aim.
  • It’s got an inconsistent rotation at times.
Frequently asked questions
Q: can this peep sight be used on recurve bows?
A: no, you won’t need this
Q: which size is the best for my bow?
A: medium size is the best
Q: can I use a tube with this peep sight?
A: no, it’s not possible

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2. Pine Ridge Archery Nitro Peep Sight

best peep sight for hunting

Coming up second last on our review of the best peep sight for bow hunting is the Pine Ridge Archery Nitro Peep Sight. Other than just being available in 8 different colors, let’s take a look at what more it’s got to offer.

Made of lightweight and high impact resin

Besides just being able to give you a better accuracy, the build quality is also just as important which is why on this peep sight, you’ll be getting a lightweight and high impact resin construction.

These two are basically the most important things on any peep sight if you really are after getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Has got a durable color matched silicone tubing

Yet another thing that’s worth pointing out on this peep sight is the color matched silicone tubing. Other than just having outstanding aesthetics, it will neither rot nor crack.

Durability and aesthetics all in one- definitely not something you’ll get on just any bow peep sight.

A suitable angle for shorter bows

It’s not every day that you’ll get an outstanding peep sight for shorter bows. Well for this bad boy, you’ll be able to get the perfect angle for shorter bows and an outstanding aim at the same time- definitely worth every penny.

The Pros The Cons
  • It’s got a perfect angle for shorter bows.
  • Made of high impact resin for utmost durability.
  • It’s lightweight- makes it more user-friendly.
  • It might be a little too large for some applications.
Frequently asked questions
Q: what is the size of the sight hole?
A: they’re available in ¼” and 3/16”
Q: how do I use it?
A:you’ll need to split your strings then tie it in
Q: what exactly does a shorter bow mean?
A: it’s basically a bow with a shorter axle to axle length

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3. Allen Center View Peep Sight

best peep sight for bow

We’re already done with our review and to wrap it all up, we’ve got the Allen Center View Peep Sight. If you’re all about quality and performance, then this is definitely the peep sight for you.

A rugged anodized finish

Meant to ensure that your peep sight gets to last as long as possible is an anodized finish. This is both corrosion resistant as well as anti-oxidic. It simply ensures that you get to have the best aesthetics and simultaneousit won’t give in to wear and tear.

Smooth edges to keep the bowstring intact

There is more to a peep sight than just giving you a better aim and it is because of this that you’ll be getting smooth edges on this peep sight.

With a smoother edge, you won’t have to worry about your bow string being damaged. This, as compared to most peep sights in its class is definitely the best.

A lightweight and durable aluminum construction

The peep sight itself is a lightweight and durable aluminum. This means that you get to use it for the longest time while it’s in good shape.

The Pros The Cons
  • Smooth edges included keeping the bowstring safe.
  • A light and durable aluminum construction for the best performance.
  • It includes a rugged anodized finish to prevent wear and tear.
  • It might take some time to get positioned correctly.
Frequently asked questions
Q: how good is the accuracy?
A: your accuracy will definitely improve with this peep sight
Q: does the color fade?
A: no, it doesn’t
Q: what is the size on this peep sight?
A: it comes in two sizes- ¾” and 3/16”

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4. Precision Peeps Sight

best bow peep sight for hunting

Now here’s something that’s out of the ordinary, in addition to just being able to correct most misalignment mistakes, this peep sight has got plenty more for you.

It includes a center post

Starting with the most striking feature on this pep sight, let’s take a look at what the center post is really about.

Whereas the circular radius makes it easy to aim at your target, the center post makes thins even much more interesting since you get to align your target perfectly well. It gives you just the ideal reference point for taking your aim.

It’s made from 7000 series aluminum

For the build quality, you’ll be getting a 7000 series aluminum bow peep sight. As far as durability is concerned, this one’s just the best and even better, you’ll hardly feel the weight of the aluminum on this bow peep sight.

The Pros The Cons
  • Includes an aluminum 7000 series construction for utmost durability.
  • It’s got a center post for an accurate reference point.
  • The edges are smooth to prevent damage to your line.
  • It may take some time getting used to the pin.
Frequently asked questions
Q: how easy is it to use?
A: it’s quite easy to get accustomed to
Q: how are the edges on this peep sight?
A: they’re polished hence there are no sharp edges that may damage the string
Q: will my aim improve without a sight to line it up?
A: yes, it definitely will

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A complete guide to choosing the best peep sight for bow

You’ve got 4 of the best at your disposal and that’s good but it’s unfortunately not good enough based on the much we have in store for you in the next section.

So, how should you go about when choosing the best peep sight for bow hunting? Let’s find out, shall we?

What is the significance of getting a peep sight?

Before we take a look at what you ought to consider before making your purchase, how about we first learn how an ideal peep sight should work?

We always love to keep it simple and to the point. So, if you have any idea how to take an aim with your gun, the same goes for the peep sight except that in this case, rather than dealing with bullets you’ll actually be dealing with arrows.

The peep sight allows you to align what you are seeing with the bow sight that you are using. Even though you’ll still need to observe any other archery techniques, your aim will be made easier.

Visibility in low light

If you’ve had some experience in hunting, then you probably know that most of the hunting is done in either dusk or at dawn.

Well in order to escape all the hassle that is involved in tracking down deer, why not hunt smart and go for the illuminated bow peep sights?

Whereas some illuminated peep sights are activated by nature, some of these will actually require a battery in order for them to light up. You’ll only be needing the pin to light up for you not to pass up a shot at a deer.

There’s more:

You should also ensure that the pin lights up quite well and that it can also be seen via the peep sight. Even better, you could go a step further and look for a peep sight whose illumination is adjustable since too bright or too dim a peep sight could risk you missing your shot.

Utmost durability

As it goes for the bows themselves, one of the most important features on a peep sight for bow hunting is that it should be constructed to last.

Whereas some may be made out of plastic, others, on the other hand, will come with an aluminum construction that’s both durable and lightweight which is obviously what you should go for as far as peep sights are concerned.

Easy adjustments

The best peep sight for hunting should come with both the elevation and the windage adjustments. In some models, you’ll get Allen keys and other adjustment tools but it is always best that you go for the sights that have got an adjustment knob. The latter are much faster to adjust and tuning is much easier as well.

Level vs no level

Though it’s a feature that has just been adopted in the past few years, the presence of a level on your sight can make quite a huge difference as you take your shot.

Here’s how a level works:

Though it’s hardly noticeable, most hunters end up bending their bows right before they take their shot. With a bent arrow, the sight pin will definitely be bent which in turn leads to a poor shot.

The diameter of the peep sight

Yet another thing that you should take into account is the diameter of your bow peep sight. The larger the diameter is, the more the amount of light it is going to let in. what we’re supposed to pay attention to for the diameter is a bow peep sight that is neither too large not too small.

With too large a peep sight, it is going to let n too much light which in turn may compromise our accuracy. If it is too small, on the other hand, it’s going to let in a little amount of light which may make it difficult for us to see our targets in low light.

Final verdict

It’s been a good review and its sadly time to wrap it all up. We’ve taken a look at the top 4 best bow peep sights each of which is worth every penny.

If budget is not a problem, you should go for the Allen center view peep sight that’s worth every penny. On the other hand, the pine ridge archery nitro peep sight will give you a kick for your buck despite its simple design.

With the buying guide, you’ve got utmost knowledge in choosing the best. There’s definitely no way that you could go wrong with our review- you do deserve the best.

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