Best Bow Sling Reviews of 2018: Excellent Selections by Expert

Best Bow Sling Review of 2018

I was a trainee in a famous sports club, learning archery at my young age. Once I was out with two of my friends from there for hunting in the forest nearby with our bows and arrows. We were looking for something to hunt.

And my god! We were very excited as it was our first time.

But while carrying all our stuff and especially the bow we felt exhausted after roaming a while. In that time we had to hit back to home and all of our excitations went in vain. When our teacher came to knew about this he advised us to use bow slings.

That time we came to know about two types of bow slings, one for both sports and hunting and other ones especially for sports experts. One of them helps to carry the bow with the least amount of weight while providing maximum comfort and the other one by keeping the bow balanced after a shot.

On the market you will get various brands making tons of bow slings, some of them worth of spending your bucks and rest of them are not. Therefore, to differentiate the best one for you among these I will be helping you with this best bow sling reviews.

Best Bow Sling – Comparison Table

ImageProduct NameUses forMaterialS. FeaturePrice
Quick-Fit Bow Sling, Realtree APAny BowCamouflage FabricWaterproof Price Here
Primos Neoprene Bow SlingAny BowFabric Toughest materialPrice Here
Bow Wrist Sling 550 ParacordSports/Hunting Bow550 ParacordEasy to installPrice Here
Ten Point Gear Bow Archery Wrist Sling 550 Paracord Sports/Hunting Bow550 ParacordMultiple security adjust Price Here
Braided Bow Sling for a Compound BowCompound BowNylon Specially for compound bowsPrice Here

1. Allen Company Quick Fit Bow Sling Review

Allen Company Quick-Fit Bow Sling Review

What Do We Like Most?

Allen Company is more likely dominating the stalking type bow sling sector with their premium fabric quality and high endurance. In this Quick-Fit Bow Sling, you will get a high-quality real tree like camouflage fabric that has nylon straps rigidly attached to it. So it will protect your expensive bow from falling accidentally.

Things that make it one of the best bow slings on the market is described below-

Product Overview

You will be getting a 40-inch long bow sling that is easily adjustable to any bows in this length. The fabric is flexible and so it won’t harm your bow in any way. While using this bow sling you can even carry your bow even if it is raining. Because this sling’s fabric offers you waterproof protection. Therefore, you can say it is designed to provide maximum satisfaction to the consumer.

In the strap section, you will get a padded shoulder strap that is moveable. The stripe is adjustable that allows you to get any preferable length. This will allow having maximum comfort while carrying your bow. For more flexibility, the manufacturer has provided a fixed handle on it. If hanging the bow on your shoulder seems less secure or comfortable to you, use the handle. See? They think about your comfort that much, and this is what I love the most.

There is a D-Ring in this bow sling that allows connecting your bow to the tree-stand. You can easily fold this bow sling in this ring and keep this in one place. There is a padded end on to the sling that is to protect your camera.

The Pros

  • Adjustable strap provides high flexibility to carry the sling
  • A padded shoulder strap is soft and movable so it offers you maximum comfort
  • The sling fits perfectly on any 40-inch arrows in the sling
  • Tree camouflage design allows low visibility of your weapon when you are on the hunting
  • It consists of a D-ring to connect easily
  • A handle is provided alongside with the shoulder strap that proves the versatile usage of the bow sling
  • Waterproof fabric that protects your bow from any kind of corrosion

The Cons

  • The fabric is not that smooth, so it may seem noisy to some specific users
 When you see a manufacturer covering up little things that allow getting the highest satisfaction of the consumer, it is obvious that their product is of premium class. Allen Company is one of these type manufacturers and you can definitely go for this one if you prefer quality and comfort with high endurance fabric.

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2. Primos Neoprene Bow Sling Review

Primos Neoprene Bow Sling Review

What Do You Like Most?

Second place of this best bow sling review is taken by the Primos Neoprene Bow Sling. It is one of the toughest bow slings that is stalking type and it is tested by the manufacturer. You can get all the statistics of the test on their website if you want proof. Moreover, the quality, design and other features have their own significance to make it place in the top chart.

Here is the full overview of them-

Product Overview

When it comes to any toughest environment, Primos has been chosen over many brands by individuals for past decades. It is because of the material quality that is properly maintained by the manufacturer. I used one of the Primos at the very beginning of my training as my instructor advised me so. So you can say it is trusted by the people for a long time who are in this field as an expert.

Primos Neoprene Bow Sling comes with a neoprene that is soft enough to provide maximum comfort and durable too. So it can protect your strings of bow, cams, and strings perfectly. To carry this bow sling for a long time without having any stress there is a rubber griped molded sling. This thing also allows you to carry your bow hands-free.

If you have a bow of 28 – 38 inches, this sling is perfect for you. So, you can see the bow sling is flexible and your bow will fit well if it is in between the following length. It slips easily on and off to your bow. That allows you flexibility while sudden shooting and easy access at the same time.

The Pros

  • The bow sling is tested to tackle any tough situation
  • Soft neoprene helps to protect the strings of your bow
  • EVA molded comfortable shoulder straps
  • Easy to put the bow on and off in the sling
  • Fits any bows with cam length in between 28 – 38 inches
  • Security straps with easy snapping buckle work as a lock to secure your bow

The Cons

  • If you have a stabilizer in your bow, snapping off the sling needs extra care
 Primos is the name of trust and hope to many professional archery sportsmen. If you are looking for an expert’s choice go grab this right now!

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3. Ace Two Tactical Bow Wrist Sling 550 Paracord

best bow wrist sling

What Do We Like Most?

When it comes about a wrist sling Ace Two Tactical is the first brand name that comes to my mind. Why is that? Name any archery types like survival, hunting or sports, you can use this sling on your bow without having any trouble. There are many color options that allow you to put this on whatever your bow’s color it is. Its versatile usage with high durability and stylish look made me choose this as the best bow wrist sling in the market.

We will be talking about other things than versatility now-

Product Overview

The strong leather is the main material of this bows yoke so it can take the high stress. There is a metal grommet attached to the leather which makes the yoke tough enough to support the leather from getting direct stress. It also helps you to get a better grip on your bow.

It is easy to install and in an emergency situation, you can use this sling as a rope, sling, fishing line, tourniquet or strap. As the string of this bow sling is made of 550 para-cord. This proves the versatility of this bow sling.

The sling is adjustable and you can use this in any length you see fit. This makes the product comfortable to any users as it fits the way you want it to be. The cord of this sling has enough grip so you can use this bare handed or be using gloves, it doesn’t matter.

The Pros

  • It is tough to face any stressful situation
  • The leather material makes the design premium
  • Metal grommet protects the leather from getting extra stress while shooting
  • Installing this sling in your bow is an easy job
  • Comfortable to use as it allows you to use it in any way you want

The Cons

  • If you don’t adjust it perfectly it in your bow it can come loose after some shots
 When you are looking for the best wrist bow sling in the market and you see this Ace Two Tactical sling, stop right there, buy this, I guarantee your money will be well spent.

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4. Ten Point Gear Bow Archery Wrist Sling Review

What Do We Like Most?

Ten point gear bow is a professional choice in case of sports archery. This type of bow slings is used to get an excessive amount of stress as it is designed for gear bows. The thing that I like most about this wrist sling has a 550 para-cord. This thing can be used as a survival tool in any critical situation.

There are many more things that make it exceptional from others, they are-

Product Overview

Manufacturer of this wrist sling- ‘Ten Point Gear’ is very creative in terms of design. There is a leather Yoke in this sling that has 3 metal grommet holes in it. So, you can use them to secure your bow knotting it in any way you feel secure.

If you have sensitive color sense in everything you use, there will be no problem. This bow sling offers you multiple color variation. This also helps the sling to match with your bow.

Talking about comfort, this wrist sling has adjustability that makes sure of fitting the sling on your wrist. It also has a weave built of a wide pattern which also provides comfy in using sense.

The Pros

  • Comes with a durable leather Yoke with metal grommets
  • Three holes in the yoke that allows various threading to the bow
  • Multiple color choosing option
  • Para-cord is used to make the Knot
  • Quickly adjustable to the bow

The Cons

  • There is no bolt to attach it so the knot is the best way to use this
 To the professionals, this is like a primary tool in their archery. So choose wisely.

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5. Braided Bow Sling – Best Compound Bow Sling

Braided Bow Sling for a Compound Bow Review

What Do We Like Most?

The thing that I liked most about this Braided Bow Sling is it is for compound bows. So, it doesn’t matter if you are using a sports bow or bare bow, this is usable in any of them. The material of this sling is nylon cord and the strength of this is more than enough to impress an expert.

Let’s know more about its features now-

Product Overview

In this bow sling, you will get an adjustable loop knot. You can easily attach it to your bow and fit it in your wrist with the adjustable nylon cord. This allows you maximum ease while shooting. It also helps a lot to keep the balance of your bow after a shot.

There is a leather yoke in this bow sling. You can get the premium feel when you put your hands on it. Finishing of this product is wonderful that’s why it is comfortable too. The metal grommet in this sling helps you to securely adjust the sling into your bow.

The nylon cord has versatile usage if you face any emergency situation. It allows you to use this as a fishing line, strap, tourniquet etc. So you can say, this is a lifesaver.

The Pros

  • Smooth finishing makes it feel premium
  • Leather yoke helps the yoke to take more stress
  • Metal grommet allows adjusting the sling rightly to your bow
  • Nylon cord makes this sling incredibly strong
  • Versatile usage of the nylon cord in a critical situation

The Cons

  • The cord may seem thicker but they are stronger too
 Those who are compound bow users, go for this, this one is worthy of your bucks.

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Best Bow Wrist Sling – Buying Guide

If you are up to buy something, the first and foremost thing you need to have is enough knowledge about the product. For bow slings, you need to be careful about the material and fabric of it that makes it vulnerable in any situation for a long time. The in-depth guide is given below-


In terms of durability, the design and fabric quality matters a lot than other facts when buying the best bow sling you desire. Before buying, you should check if the fabric is of high endurance or not. You should also keep in your mind that all the bow slings are not for your bow. So get the perfect one that is designed for your bow. This will help you a lot to use your bow sling for years.


Look for something unique that some top class brand offers to their consumer. Like: Allen Company provides waterproof protection that is helpful for your bow. There are so many things that can harm the tuning and health of your bow. So, a good bow sling will prevent those things to happen and make your money worth to spend on it.


No matter if you are using a wrist or finger bow sling or any compound bow sling like stalking sling, the most important part of using these things is the comfort of the user. So, you can easily get used to it when new and it will provide you maximum flexibility. So, you should go for the bow sling that comforts you the highest.


The versatility of any specific product means the various usability to any kind of user. We all know that each choice varies person to person and not all the products are for everyone. But there are some goods that can be used in various ways. This makes them unique and people like to use these especially. For a bow sling, you should keep that in mind that there should be some options for using it in different ways.

Various Types of Slings and How to Use Them

Slings are of many types and three of them are used most frequently by the experts and beginners. Here they are:

Finger Sling

Finger sling is the smallest bow sling used in Olympic style archery most often. Professionals are using this type of sling that allows them the maximum control on the bow while securing the bow after shot.

Wrist Sling

If you want to put all the weight of your bow on your wrist to prevent it from hitting the ground after a shot, you have to use a wrist sling. This keeps your bow secured on your wrist and you can easily access your bow after the shot. This is a little secured than the finger sling as your wrist can take more weight than your finger.

Stalking Sling

Stalking Slings are for carrying your expensive bow wherever you want to go with maximum security and comfort. Some of them are waterproof and you need to choose a durable one while buying it.

Why Do You Need to Use a Bow Sling?

When doing archery, you should understand that there are two points of contact between you and your bow- the grip and the string. Any shooting problem occurs because of the contact going in a wrong way.

So to prevent that wrist slings and finger slings are the best solution.

On the other hand, when you are out with your bow and you need to carry it for a long time, stalking slings is the one you should go for.

The reason behind using them is the highest flexibility and accuracy can be gained while using the bow sling that helps to get less contact with the bow to the user. And by providing maximum comfort and security to your bow you can carry your bow for all day stresslessly.

Final Thoughts

At the end of our review, I can say, you have known a lot of things about the bow slings if you are an amateur. Now I think you know how you can choose a bow sling that is perfect for you. And for pros, I bet you can get the right idea of choosing the best bow sling that you were looking for.

As there are various types in bow slings and different choice of every user, I have considered all the possible positive conditions to choose the products in this list. All of their drawbacks are also described side by side.

So, I guess this is the last review you will be reading for today if you are looking for the best bow sling on the market in this 2018.

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