Best Compound Bow : How to choose and top product reviews on the market

Arrows are the antique hunting tool those have been using since the ancient era when people have no latest hunting tools. At that time, the arrows were the very effective hunting tools. Increasing tendency of bow shooting during current era does not mean that people are inclined to an ancient era and want to go back to the caves (past). However, it is a fact that people want to keep the antique tools and the customs alive. They feel immense pleasure while using these tools. Although, the real hunting has been replaced with modern hunting tools; however, still people use these tools but only for enjoyment and indulgence. Even bow hunting (Best Compound Bow) competitions and tournaments are executed all over the world.

The bow-shooting can really be a fun and enjoyment when you have a perfect bow on your shoulder. Currently, a large number of compound bows are available in the market. For new and even experienced users, it is very difficult to buy a reliable bow from the market. After searching through internet and customers comments at online shops, I have selected top 10 best compound bows. This buying guide will help you to buy the best compound bow with features and qualities you are searching for.

What is compound bow?

Compound bow is the advance form of bows modified with improvement in accuracy and speed of arrow. For speedy release of arrow, the best compound bow is based on levering system. Combination of pulley and cable convert the bow into a mechanical device, which is much better and stiffer than the traditional bow (longbow).

Difference between compound bow and traditional bow

Main function of compound bow and traditional bow are same. Both are used to release the arrow to hit the target. As the compound bow is the advance and modified form of bows; therefore, it has some additional features, which make it better than the recurve or traditional bow. Here are some prominent difference between difference between compound bow and traditional bow.

Pros of compound bow that make it popular then other bows

Compound bow has been manufactured to put the hunter on ease and to hut the target more precisely. That is why; it has positive aspects, which other bows do not include. The following few points in bullet will help you to know the pros of best compound bow.

  • Less draw weight required to pull the arrow
  • Draw length up to maximum level
  • More precise hitting of the target
  • Less exertion is required for using the compound bow
  • Safe due to reliable material
  • Speedy release of arrow
  • Long distance coverage
  • Easy to handle and easy to hold against the shoulder
  • Separately available for left and right hand users

Top Rated Compound Bow On The Market

Overview: Crosman Elkhorn Jr is the hottest selling compound bow in the market. The Elkhorn compound bow has been equipped with reliable components allowing you to hit the target precisely. This compound bow includes all the accessories and parts, which you need for bow hunting. The company remains touch with the current trends of bow hunting. Therefore, this compound bow is equipped with all possible aids for accurate hunting.

Key features and benefits for customers having Crosman Elkhorn Jr.:

The Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow includes broad features for the benefits of customers.  The followings are the basic benefits for the customers having this product; however, you can avail lot of benefits when having this compound bow in your hands.

  • Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Bow includes the complete bow hunting set in the package. Just buy the product and start shooting with this ready hunting tool. There is no need to wonder in the markets to search arrows and other components.
  • This adult size bow-hunting tool has 33 inches axle-to-axle length allowing maximum draw length up to 26 inches. Large size with extra draw length throws the arrow forcefully to cover more distance with additional thrust. More draw length is useful for precise shooting at longer distance.
  • The Elkhorn compound bow is fully calibrated for precise aiming and hitting. Moreover, the company has offered 90 days limited warranty that is another proof reliability of the product.

Overview: SAS Rage is the best compound bow manufactured with aluminum camouflage color. This bow is extremely helpful for the hunter to improve their talents in the field of archery. The SAS Rage is a standard bow giving you right shooting gear and durable qualitative bow.

Key features and benefits for customers having SAS Rage:

SAS Rage is a full size adult bow with 35 inches axle-to-axle length. The draw length of the bow is 30 inches that is considered as the maximum draw length for adult bows.

  • Larger draw length allows the user to fire the bow at 270 FPS. The faster speed strengthens the bow and ensures precise hitting of the target.
  • With 55-70 lbs draw weight and 70% let off user can pull the twin cam string up to 30 inches to launch the arrow with sufficient speed.
  • Installed with heavy-duty components and extra draw length, this bow uses aluminum arrows; especially recommended for this product.

Overview: SAS has earned huge popularity in the field of archery products due to precise and heavy-duty compound bows. Siege 55 lb 29” is one of the favorite compound bows for the users who know what that quality and standard are. Siege 55 lb 29” is the best learning archery for beginners. This is the reason that this SAS bow archery is called as the starter compound bow.

Key features and benefits for customers having SAS Siege 55 lb 29”:

Larger 41.5″ axle to axle and 29” draw length allows the user to hold the archery easily on the shoulder. The product is encouraging for the beginners because they can control and hit the target correctly. Larger bow with small draw length takes less force to release the arrow with 206 feet per second speed.

  • This adult compound bow is compatible with standard carbon and aluminum arrows easily available in the market. SAS has offered complete package included with set of accessories; however, all can be purchased through local market whenever required.
  • This right hand adjustable bow is manufactured with compressed ABS limbs for extra durability and long life.

Overview: Vortex 45-Pounds is the small size but heavy duty compound bow providing the user with extra ordinary performance like a longer archery bow. Barnett has manufactured this product for first time users who want to improve hunting. The Vortex bow gradually improves your aiming and targeting from closer to longer distance. Takes less force to draw and release the arrow for longer distance.

Key features and benefits for customers having Barnett Vortex 45-Pounds archery:

The small compound bow with same design like a larger size bow is best to shoot perfectly and easy to carry in small package.

  • Easy adjustable module permits you to change and adjust draw weight to put the desired load without pressing the bow. This feature provides easy access to a starter shooter who is unable to operate the complex weight adjustment of larger size bows.
  • User can go from closer to longer distance shooting with 16 to 45 lbs draw weight adjustment. The options from low to high weight adjustment are very helpful to improve the arrow shooting experience.
  • Purely USA made product is offered with three arrows and arrow holder in the same package.
  • Company is fully confident to offers this heavy duty and reliable product with five year warranty.

Overview: Barnett is a specialized archery bow manufactured company and always produced exclusive compound bow with unique features. Outdoors Lil Banshee Jr. Compound is one of the outstanding archeries of Barnett based on the ease of users. This compound bow is a perfect device for introducing the children with bow hunting.

Key features and benefits for customers having Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee Jr. archery:

Real-tree camouflage compound archery with black pink mixed colors is the ideal bow for beginners. Due to soft grip and ambidextrous reinforced handle, the bow is very easy to handle. This is the reason that it is known as ideal bow for introducing children with arrow shooting.

  • Only 18 lbs draw weight is required to operate this archery bow. Very low draw weight is helpful in early practice before converting to larger size bows. Moreover, only 18lbs DW increase the children’s interest in arrow shooting because they can operate it easily.
  • Outdoors Lil Banshee Jr archery is offered with complete set of accessories including 2 arrows, adjustment pin sight and finger rollers. Moreover, Barnett has offered limited five-year warranty for the customers buying this compound bow.

Overview: Adjustable Quad Limb archery of SAS has become the fastest selling brand in the market. This quad limb bow was specially designed for professional shooters. With this fabulous hunting bow, shooter can show his/her professional ability. With lot of benefits and features for beginners and professional shooters, SAS 25-55 Lb 20-29” can be the choice of every bow hunter.

Key features and benefits for customers having SAS Adjustable Quad Limb Archery:
  • Flexibility in draw weight and draw length is the basic quality of this SAS bow which allows the user to adjust weight and length for easy and comfortable shooting. The device has been manufactured with adjustable draw weight 25-55 lbs and draw length 20-29 inches.
  • With 28” axle-to-axle length, it allows the user to release the arrow with maximum speed of 235 FPS. This is the maximum speed for the bows with 28 inches axle-to-axle length. Hence, the product has been manufactured for full performance.
  • For extra ordinary durability and strength, the bow has been made with compressed ABS quad limbs. Just like other performance bows, the SAS Adjustable Quad Limb Archery is compatible with aluminum arrows.

Overview: Scout youth bow is the complete set of archery hunting manufactured by Bear Archery Founder having more than 50 years history of hunting products. This stylish designed archery set is the best option to get start with hunting practice. Even the archery set to hone your targeting. Therefore, Bear Scout Youth Bow Set is a favorite bow for all types of archers.

Key features and benefits for customers having Bear Scout Youth Bow Set:

This compact bow has 16-24” adjustable draw length which is helpful for beginner archers to start their hunting career. With practice, the beginner improves aiming and targeting from low to high draw length of Bear Scout Bow.

  • Very low draw weight of 8lb to 13lb keeps the archer comfortable while hunting. Soft and comfortable operation encourages the hunter to pay full attention for improving his/her performance.
  • Due to low draw weight and draw length, the Youth Bow set is best recommended for children from 4 to 7 years of age. This Bear Fred’s bow set is the hunting kit to introduce your child with bow shooting. However, adults can also use this bow on early stages to start hunting practice.

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8. Genesis Original Bow

Overview: Genesis Bow is the specified product for archer training institutes. This is the archery bow used in various hunting schools to learn bow hunting. The bow is adjustable from beginner to expert and from child to youngster. Therefore, the Genesis Bow is known as the best raining archery set for training centers.

Key features and benefits for customers having Genesis Bow:

The archery bow is adjustable at all standard draw lengths to convert the bow according to the requirement of user. Allen wrench available in the package of the bow helps you to adjust and stop the length according to your choice.

  • Machined aluminum standard arrows are used in this archery bow for better performance. Fine and smooth riser allows maximum balance for precise hitting.
  • The all in one Genesis Bow has been manufactured with composite split limb design. You can assemble and resemble the device easily whenever required to pack for transportation.
  • The product includes molded competition grip and stainless steel mount guard. The molded grip provides optimum comfort while applying draw force on the bow.
  • To hold the accessories at the time of shooting, the riser is drilled and tapped. Therefore, you can concentrate on hunting rather then controlling the accessories.

Overview: Crosman Archery introduces a heavy-duty compound bow for professional archers who need a durable bow to bear maximum draw weight. The archery bow allows the user to explore his/her professional abilities without fear of breakage/damage of the bow components. The Sentinel right hand bow is the combination of durable components for extra ordinary performance and long life.

Key features and benefits for customers having Crosman Archery Sentinel Bow:

Crosman Archery Sentinel Bow has been made with high quality components tested at high performance bow platform. Ready to use compound bow is really time saving because of preassemble components. Just unveil from the packing and start shooting.

  • Long axle-to-axle length (45 inches) with only 20lbs draw weight, the bow is very easy and comfortable to operate.
  • The Crosman Archery Sentinel Bow is equipped with heavy weight composite limbs for all-weather use string system. Therefore, shooter can practice hunting in any climatic conditions to test his/her abilities.
  • Integrated design of the grip allows maximum place for hand helpful in precise targeting. The Crosman Archery Sentinel is supportive for right hand users.

Overview: No need to play with kids bows because now you have a archery bow with extended draw length. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge is really a heavy-duty bow for professional and experienced archers. It is the time to test your expertise and professional abilities with this Diamond compound bow.

Key features and benefits for customers having Diamond Archery Infinite Edge:

Diamond heavy duty archery pro bow is offered with complete set of accessories fully compatible with this compound bow. All the components are manufactured with solid material for extra ordinary performance. The archers who want to test their professional abilities can have the best bow in the form of Diamond archery Infinite Edge.

  • The package of the product includes 3-pin tundra sight with tube peep sight and XL arrow rest. BCY string loop and comfort wrist sling with 5” ultra-lite stabilizer is also available in the package of the product. User does not need to buy any of the accessories from the market after receiving the package.

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Benefits of choosing the best compound bow

  • As you know that compound bow is the advance form of archery designed to make the hunting easy. Traditional bows are not only complicated for precise targeting but they are also unsafe for users. The following benefits of compound bow will
  • Compound bow is best archery for beginners because of easy operation. New user can improve aiming starting from low rage to long distance hunting. AT early stages, user can start hunting with short length arrows and with experience they can use arrow with maximum length
  • Compound bow is more comfortable and allows the user with sufficient time to stabilize vision on the target before shooting the arrow. Consequently, user can hit the target precisely.
  • Levering mechanism of the compound archery bow exert less weight on the arms and shoulder of hunter. User can pay full attention to analyze his/her mistakes done in every attempt. In this way, the shooter can eliminate errors in the shooting bow.
  • Easy to handle and simple to shoot helps the hunter to spent more time with archery hunting. Spending more time on shooting builds confidence in the shooting and makes the one a professional bow hunter.
  • As you know that compound archery is easy to operate because of cam; hunter can use heavy-duty stainless steel arrow. Moreover, the arrow covers more distance when fired by a compound bow. Therefore, the compound bow is the best animal hunting tool.

Parts wise features of compound bow and recommendations for the customers

Every part of the compound bow has its own characteristics that play an important role in the performance of the bow. How do various parts ensure the performance of the bow is what will be discussed in the subsequent paragraphs.

Draw Weight

Compound bow is available with multiple draw weight features for various types of hunters. Moreover, adjustment of draw weight allows the user to set the weight according to the requirements. Compound bows are manufactured for various categories of archery hunters. Starting from a very small child to a professional adult archery hunter, the compound bow are available in various seizes and draw weights. The following few points include the recommendations for compound bow draw weight for various categories of hunters.

  • For the children very small in built and having 55-70 pound body weight, the adjustable bow with 10-15 lbs draw weight is recommended. The small amount of force is required to pull the arrow and child can use it easily. This basic draw weight archery increase the child’s interest in the bow hunting.
  • For the next stage of children having 70-100 pound body weight, the compound bow with adjustable draw weight 15-25 lbs is recommended. If the child has used the previous version of bow, he/she can improve the hunting capabilities very fast using this bow.
  • Child with 100-130 pound can handle the more powerful bow with extended draw weight. Usually, the child with 100-130 pound weight gains maturity and know how to use bow. So, he/she needs more powerful bow to improve the hunting experience. A compound bow with 25-35 lbs draw weight is best recommended for this category of hunters.
  • Due to easy handling and shooting, the compound bow is the choice of female hunters. For female shooters with small body built 100-130 pound weight must buy the compound archery with adjustable draw weight of 25-30lbs.
  • Comparatively large size bow is recommended for medium body frame women with 130-160 pound weight. Medium body built female can perfectly use archery bow with adjustable draw weight 30-40 lbs.
  • Athletic order boys are more healthy than other boys and can hold more powerful bow. For such boys having 130-150 pounds weight and athletic body 40-50 lbs adjustable draw weight archery is recommended.
  • Men with small body built with 120-150 pound weight usually have low arm length. They feel uncomfortable with larger size bow. Resultantly, they cannot achieve the shooting targets. For such men, 45-50 lbs adjustable draw weight compound is best.
  • Men with medium and large body frame are can use all types of large bows with maximum draw weight. However, they can select the archery with which they feel comfortable. For adults, 45-75 lbs draw weight compound bow with are recommended.

Draw length

Suitable draw length of the archery bow play very important role to hit the target perfectly. The speed of the arrow depends upon draw length of the bow. Before buying a compound bow, you must know the significance of draw length. You must also know that how much draw length is suitable according to your arms and shoulder. In the following few bullet points, there are recommendations and useful tips to select a compound bow with suitable draw length.

  • ATA (Archery Trade Association) has set roles to determine the draw length suitable for every user. Once you have measured your draw length, you can easily buy a suitable bow.
  • ATA has established a simple method to check the draw length. Just hold the bow in your hands against the shoulder and pull to maximum length. Once you have stretched your arms up to maximum length, ask your assistant to measure the distance from the knocking point of the sting to pivot point of the bow. Add 1-3/4 inches to this distance to get your actual draw length.
  • The professional and experienced bow hunters have introduced another easy and simple method for quick measurement of draw length. This method is known as “measure and divide” method. To calculate the draw length, stand against a plan wall. Open your hands up to maximum level making “T” with your body and arms. Mark points at the extreme position of both the mid fingers of your hands. Measure the distance from one point to another point.
  • Divide the total distance with 2.5. The results you get must be your draw length.
  • Select the suitable bow matching your body draw length and enjoy perfect hunting.

Left or right hand bow

Compound bow is manufactured separately for right and left hand users. This is the basic difference between traditional bow and compound bow. This feature increases the accuracy of targeting because the bow is adjusted according to left/right shoulder. Right hand bow is that you you hold in the left hand and operate with right hand. Similarly, the left hand bow is hold in right hand and the arrow is drawn by left hand. Before making purchase from local store or online store, make sure that you have demanded the right archery (left or right hand use).

Eye Dominance

Conflict in hand and eye dominant issue is natural and is one of the common errors for shooter. Not all the shooters have the same hand and eye dominant. Accommodation of hand is relatively difficult to match with the dominant eye. Even, if you have adapted you hands to operate the other hand bow, you cannot get the same results like your dominant hand. On the other side, adaptation of eye is easy and leave ignorable affects on shooting accuracy. You are lucky, if you have same hand and eye dominant for shooting. If there is a conflict, just make your eye dominant with the hand.

Axle-to-Axle Length

Axle to axle length of a compound bow is measurement of the distance from the axle of one cam/pulley to the other axle on which the pulleys rotate. More the axle-to-axle length more the powerful and heavy-duty bow is. This length does not include to total length of the bow that is always more than the axle-to-axle length.

More the axle to axel length takes more force to pull the arrow. Therefore, it is recommended that the beginners should start hunting with small axle-to-axle length bow. After improving the shooting, they can move to the next high level of bow shooting with more lengthy archery.

Let-Off Setting

Unlike a longbow, compound bow is featured with let off adjustment that allows the user to hold and aim at the target perfectly. Recurve/traditional bows have the same let off and draw weight. Hunter cannot focus on the target because he/she applies total force to pull the arrow. Compound bow let off completes at half way of string or up to 70-80 draw. Beyond this limit, it is easy for the shooter to pull the arrow up to full draw length. Beyond the let off weight, shooter can pull and hold the bow while aiming at the target. Therefore, a bow with high level of let off is favorable for shooter for accurate and comfortable shooting.

Custom Build Arrows vs Machine Fletched

Fletching is very important aspect of arrows and you must always use fletched arrows. Actually, an arrow is incomplete without fletching. Fletching stabilize the arrow to move straight toward its target. A well-fletched arrow enhances your shooting abilities and ensures accurate targeting.

Most of the customers like to buy custom fletched arrows because they know that how they can improve their shooting by fletched arrows. Custom fletching allows the user to add material and colors to arrows.

Presently, vanes of arrows are fletched with plastic material and feathers. Customers can selected their desired vanes. The plastic vanes are manufactured with 3 inches standard size. User can select vanes with various colors to fletch the arrows manually.

Feather vanes are manufactured with 2 x 4 inches size from hen feathers. Feather vanes are comparatively light in weight and add ignorable weigh on the back of arrow. Consequently, the arrow travels fast toward the target.

The experienced shooters always like to use custom fletched arrows because they know that which type is suitable for them. On the other side, user cannot customize the machine-fletched arrow according to his/her requirements. Adding selected color is not available in the pre-fletched arrows. Therefore, it is recommended that always-custom fletched arrows must be used.

How to improve shooting with compound bow

As you have read above that compound bow is the advance form of shooting bow and provide easy and accurate hunting. Currently, a large number of compound are available in the market and every bow includes various qualities and features for users benefits. Now it is up to you that how you achieve your shooting target through this hunting archery. The following few points will help you to select suitable component of compound archery. Having suitable set of archery component improves hunting capabilities.

  • Selection of the archery with right draw length according to your body built is the first step for comfortable and accurate shooting. You can check the draw length as per given methods in the previous paragraphs. After measuring the draw length, select a suitable bow.
  • Draw weight is a significant element for buying a suitable bow. Usually, customers make this mistake while buying a compound bow. If you are a new shooter, just prefer a bow of lower draw weight. You can check recommendation given in the portion of draw weight in the above paragraphs. Once you have improved shooting move to next category of bows.
  • Com archery sets are available with different let off settings. For easy and comfortable shooting, select a bow with high level of let-off.
  • Along with a best quality and reliable archery, you also need a best quality and well-fletched arrow. Ignoring one of the both elements, you cannot achieve the desired goal of shooting bow. Most of the experienced users prefer custom fletched arrows because they can add vanes suitable for shooting.
  • Axle to axel length reflects the size of bow. Recommended length for various categories of hunter differs from each other. This length start from very small child and increases to adult size bows. Axle to axle length also varies with the high of hunters. SO, before buying a compound archery, make sure that you have selected the right length bow.

How to clean and maintain the compound bow

As you know that com bow is the combination of various parts. Every part play an important role in its performance. Cleaning and maintenance of the archery ensures its performance and increases its life expectancy. Therefore, you must give special attention on its cleanliness and maintenance. The following few tips focusing on the areas of cleaning will help you maintain the archery bow for long life.

Pulleys/cams are the basic part of com bow making it prominent on traditional bows. The performance of the bow mostly depends upon the two cams. Axles of the cams need more care and maintenance. Keeping the pulleys clean and lubricated improves the releasing force of the bow.

The strong of the bow runs on the cams. While shooting in gusty location, the cams catch dirt, which restrict the movement of string. Therefore, keep the cam and string free of dust.

Continuous use makes the string rough. Roughness on the string restricts the movement of string and needs more draw weight to pull the arrow. Moreover, rough string restricts the speed of arrow too. It is recommended to check and timely replace the string whenever you feel roughness or as recommended by the manufacturer.

Verdict to by best compound bow

To memorize the history of hunting, compound bow is the effective and comfortable tool. Only a suitable com bow with right size and draw weight can make you a professional shooter. Either you want a bow for hunting the animals or want to shoot as game; compound bow is the tool that can suffice all of your requirements.

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