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During the ancient era, people had been using various types of tools to fight and hunt the animals. The longbow is one of the best inventions of the ancient era which was known as the most effective hunting tool. With the passage of time, this tool was modified to for more accurate and fast shooting. During the medieval era, the arrow thrower was modified to a crossbow. During the medieval era, the best crossbow was the best hunting tool and the best weapon to fight the enemies. Crossbow proved itself a significant warfare tool in East Asia and Europe. This fighting tool was invented by Chinese, which later used by European and Mediterranean due to its effectiveness in warfare.

It is a fact that many effective and easy tools in the form of guns have been invested for hunting; however, the hunting bow is still the cheapest tool. Moreover, a bow is also used for hunting games as well. This particular review will focus on the qualities and significant features of various crossbow products available at Amazon (the largest online marketplace in the world).

Short reviews of top 10 crossbow bow

The 10 best crossbow products selected in this review include the features and qualities most of the customers searching for. Being the best crossbow, the products are also cheap in price and easily affordable for the average customer. After reading crossbow reviews in the subsequent pages, you will find what you are searching for.

1. SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package

Overview: SA Sports Fever Crossbow is particularly made for sports community providing the shooters to explore their abilities in the field of bow hunting. The company has eliminated all possible factors affecting bow shooting. In this connection, this crossbow has been added latest aiming and targeting aids. Compatibility with scoping aid is helpful for maintaining accuracy to hit the target at longer distance.

Key features and benefits for customers having SA Sports Fever Crossbow

  • SA Sports Fever Crossbow is a complete set of bow hunting tools included in the single package. The customer does not need to buy any of the accessories and tools required for bow shooting.
  • The SA spots crossbow is equipped with scope mount slot which allows you to install scoping aid for better and precise shooting. There are only few crossbow products supported with scoping aids and SA Sports Fever Crossbow is one of these outstanding products. With the help of scope device, the user can shoot the target with millimeter accuracy.
  • SA crossbow is 31 inches long and 27 inches wide with 26.5 inches strip. The standard size bow allows the user to operate the shooting bow like a gun.
  • For effective targeting, 16” aluminum and 20” carbon arrows are best recommended for this shooting bow.
  • Along with accuracy and stylish look, this camouflaged bow is featured with safety gears for the shooters.

How Amazon customer does reviews on SA Sports Fever Crossbow?

Amazon customers are highly satisfied by this latest crossbow because of its accuracy and safety features. Compatibility with scoping has made it more popular and demanding bow in the marketplace. The customers have awarded SA crossbow with 4.5 rating at Amazon out of which 73% customers have rated the product with 5stars.

2.  Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package

Overview: To keep the hunting bow trend alive, Barnett has introduced the latest device for shooting accurately at longer distance. Now a shooter can achieve the target of bow hunting that was nothing more than a dream in the past. This military style crossbow includes all possible aiming and shooting aids for easy and comfortable shooting. Barnett Jackal Crossbow has been manufactured on the base of shooting gun and has been included with aim and range setting features.

Key features and benefits for customers having Barnett Jackal Crossbow:

Although, you can know the qualities and features of this crossbow after practical use, however, here are some significant aspects which will help you to get at least a basic idea.

  • Like other products of Barnett, this crossbow has also been offered with the complete set of tools and accessories. The most significant components like the quick-detach quiver, bolts, and premium red dot sight are included in the package of the bow.
  • The sleek design military style bow is equipped with high energy wheels (pulleys) and synthetic system which allows the user to easily pull and fix the arrow in trigger slot.
  • Trigger grips are shaped like a military gun which allows the user to control the perfectly against the shoulder. In short, the Barnett Jackal Crossbow harmonizes just as shooting guns expect cable system and arrows.
  • With extraordinary 150 lbs draw weight provides gun like the potential to the arrow and release with the speed of 315 FPS toward the target.

 How Amazon customer does reviews on Barnett Jackal Crossbow?

Barnett Jackal Crossbow is the hottest selling brand at Amazon because of innovative features and qualitative components. Rapidly increasing number of comments against this product proves that the customers are highly satisfied with the package of Barnett Jackal Crossbow offered by Amazon. The overall current rating in the favor of this best hunting crossbow is 4.2 including 65% comments with 5-star rating.

3.  SA Sports Empire Terminator 260 FPS Crossbow, 175-Pound, Black/Camo

Overview: Within the short period of entry, SA Sports Empire Terminator crossbow has become the hottest selling brand in the market. SA Sports bow manufacturer has added all possible features, which you can only find in a virtual hunting bow. No one imagined a bow with extreme accuracy and easy shooting in the ever past. Although the element of improvement always exists; however, after using this hunting bow, you will definitely say that it would be the final version of bow shooting device.

Key features and benefits for customers having SA Sports Empire Terminator 260 FPS Crossbow

  • SA Sports Empire bow is featured with the scope mount for more accuracy and precise targeting at the target. Now you can mount AK riflescope on Empire Terminator 260 FPS Crossbow to ensure exact precise aiming and targeting.
  • The product is the best choice for the bowhunters who want to shoot at longer distance. 175 lbs extraordinary draw weight release the arrow with bullet speed toward the target.
  • Empire Terminator 260 FPS Crossbow produce sufficient thrust while releasing the arrow with 11 inches power stroke.
  • A gun like a trigger grip allows you to hold the bow easily against the shoulder, which ensures stabling the bow for better shooting results.

 How Amazon customer does reviews on SA Sports Empire Terminator 260 FPS Crossbow?

 Although, the product has recently been launched on Amazon; however, customers are showing great interest to buy this crossbow. Scope mount, stylish look, and accuracy are the great featured welcomed by the Amazon customers. Customers have awarded this product with the 4.2-star rating out of which 58% rated the product with 5-stars.

4. Carbon Express 20271 X-Force 350 Crossbow Kit


Carbon Express 20271 is the best crossbow for the shooters who want to explore their high performance in the field. X-Force 350 Crossbow Kit has been engineered to the high standard, power and quality features. The product is offered with a complete set of components and accessories including Quick Detach Quiver, Rope Cocker, and scope within the package of the product.

Key features and benefits for customers having Carbon Express X-Force 350

  • Carbon Express X-Force 350 is a powerful crossbow with 300 FPS speed followed by 80 ft-lb kinetic energy. With 165 lbs draw weight and 12 inches power stroke, the device provides the best accuracy in the field shooting.
  • Adjustable forearm grip allows the shooter to customize fitting for comfortable and precise targeting.
  • With constant performance on the target range, the product has been installed with a trigger box safety system.
  • Dependable limb attachment of Carbon Express X-Force bow has been machined with a heavy-duty aluminum cast for rugged performance.
  • For pinpoint accuracy, 4×32 scope has been mounted on this crossbow. The 6 crosshair deluxe scope is completely weatherproof to use in any type of weather conditions like rain and fog etc.

How Amazon customer does reviews on Carbon Express 20271 X-Force 350 Crossbow?

 This newly launched product has been highly appreciated by the customers at Amazon. Current overall rating against Carbon Express 20271 X-Force 350 Crossbow is 4.4stars, which is the above average rating for online selling brands. Due to unique features and accuracy, more than 62% Amazon customers have awarded this crossbow with the 5-stars rating.

5. SAS 150 lbs Panther Compound Crossbow

Overview: SAS 150 lbs Panther is one of the top rated crossbows based on compound bow system. Dual system archery is known as the best crossbow regarding comfort and accuracy. Only a shooter who knows the significance of dual features can understand the quality and features of SAS 150 lbs cross cum compound bow. This panther compound-cross bow has been manufactured with lightweight and compact design for easy operation.

Key features and benefits for customers having SAS 150 lbs Panther Compound Crossbow

  • SAS 150 lbs Panther is a reliable and heavy-duty bow extremely effective for field hunting. Moreover, the bow is suitable for practice, leisurely shooting, and gaming. With this hunting, bow shooter can hit the target accurately even at 60 yards distance.
  • Auto-safety cock mechanism allows you to pull the draw without any exertion. Auto safety cocking system provides the user with comfortable shooting for the longest time because shooter does not need to spoil energies by pulling the string.
  • Fiberglass compressed molded limb decrease the total weight of bow making it more comfortable and easy to operate. Aluminum barrel construction ensures the smooth and straight movement of the arrow when released with high speed of 280 FPS.

How Amazon customer does reviews on SAS 150 lbs Panther Compound Crossbow?

Dual SAS Panther is a well-reputed compound crossbow at Amazon due to various features of safety comfort and accuracy. Customers have awarded this bow with 4.4strs (overall rating). 67% of the Amazon customers have rated the product with 5stars, which prove that SAS panther is the best crossbow.

6. Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow

Overview: Recruit Compound Crossbow of Barnett is the best hunting bow for beginners and experienced shooters. Although, this dual feature bow has been manufactured with sleek design and compact size; however, it is faster arrow releasing bow. Due to fast speed, this product is considered a heavy-duty hunting bow. Barnett has eliminated all the safety, comfort and accuracy-related issues while manufacturing this meticulous compound crossbow.

Key features and benefits for customers having Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow:

  • Due to sleek and compact design, the product is best for small body frame archers. This Barnett compound cross-device is a perfect bow for recruits due to easy handling. Female with any type of body frame can easily handle this compact bow.
  • Rope cocking device has made it easy for the shooter to pull the string without touching. Now you can cock the bow just like a gun. Additionally, the product is installed with the red dot sight, which is helpful for pinpoint shooting.
  • Finishing of the arrow path is so smooth and plan that it release the arrow with 300 FPS speed with only 130 lbs draw weight.
  • With adjustable buttstock, a user can customize the approach length according to his/her body frame.
  • Barnett has offered with compound cross archery bow with the complete set of accessories including 3 x20” arrows fully compatible with the bow.

How Amazon customer does reviews on Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow?

Customer reviews against this compound crossbow are encouraging because more than 68% Amazon customers have awarded this bow with 5-stars. Overall rating for this Barnett archery bow is 4.5 stars, which is likely to be increased in the near future because a number of customer comments is increasing day by day.

7. Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow Kit

Overview: Precision Inferno always introduces archery bow products for precise shooting. Fury Crossbow Kit is one of the best crossbows manufactured for bow shooters with affordable price. Now a user with the limited budget can easily buy a crossbow to start the bow-shooting career. Although, the product is cheap; however, it competes for the most costly crossbow products in the market.

Key features and benefits for customers having Inferno Fury Crossbow

  • 175 lbs draw weight to release the arrow at 235 FPS speed. This speed is best for the beginner to learn basic shooting tips and to improve their hunting experience.
  • Within affordable price, the product includes all essential components and accessories in the package of this bow. Even a premium 3-dot multi-range red dot scope is also available in the package of this cheap bow.
  • To carry easily and comfortably, the product is installed with the padded sling. Rope cocker is also available in the package for easy arrow loading.
  • For smooth and friction free movement of an arrow, the aluminum rail, and barrel compressed with fiberglass limb has used for manufacturing this crossbow.

How Amazon customer does reviews on Inferno Fury Crossbow?

A large number of customer comments are live at Amazon proving the Inferno Fury Crossbow as a hot selling brand. Overall 4.2star rating against this archery product is encouraging. More than 58% customers have awarded the product with 5-stars, which is good news for the customers searching for the affordable crossbow.

8. SAS Jaguar 175lbs Recurve Hunting Crossbow Deluxe


SAS bow archery rocked again by introducing jaguar 175lbs recurve deluxe crossbow. With the stylish look and classic design, Jaguar has become the hottest selling brand in archery markets. Now every archer can buy a heavy-duty classic bow at the extremely affordable price. SAS Jaguar 175lbs includes all the necessary tools and accessories, which you need for bow hunting.

Key features and benefits for customers having SAS Jaguar 175lbs Crossbow Deluxe

  • With 175lbs draw weight the bow powers the arrow to go straight toward its target with 245 FPS speed. Archer can explore his/her performance by using this crossbow in the field and games as well.
  • Auto safety cocking mechanism helps the shooter to cock the bow just like a gun. No extra exertion as usually required for manual cocking.
  • Like any other powerful and costly bow, the Jaguar is manufactured with molded compressed fiberglass limb. Fiberglass material decreases the total weight of the bow, which is better for comfortable shooting.

How Amazon customer does reviews on SAS Jaguar Crossbow Deluxe?

The jaguar crossbow proved the best selling brand within the short period of launch. The customers purchased and used this bow are extremely satisfied with the product. Customers have rated the product with 4.6 over rating out of which 78% customers awarded the device with 5stars.

9. Jaguar CR-013 Series Crossbow Kit


CR-013 Series are the quality products designed for accuracy, reliability, and safety. Jaguar CR-013 Series crossbow is also based on these aspects. Along with many other features, the Jaguar CR-130 is also popular due to its durability and accuracy. Interaction with this latest bow is unbelievable to think that shooting bow was ever a hard experience in the past that is now very easy and simple.

Key features and benefits for customers having Jaguar CR-013 Crossbow

  • As you know that Jaguar CR-013 Series Crossbow has been manufactured with safety and durability in mind; therefore, strong and powerful components are installed as per needs.
  • The latest technology based red dot scope with seven-level brightness adjustment has been mounted for accurate aiming and targeting.
  • Inclusion of six-bolt quiver, 4 aluminum arrows (bolts) safety glasses and shoulder sling in the package is the plus point goes to jaguar CR-130 crossbow. Moreover, all the required components are also included in the kit, which is manufactured exactly for this archery product.

How Amazon customer does reviews on Jaguar CR-013 Crossbow?

Customer comments (who made a purchase through Amazon) are very encouraging. Overall rating for Jaguar CR 130 is 4.2, which is more than average. 64% customers have rated this crossbow with 5-stars and have left supporting comments. Many of the customers have strongly recommended buying this affordable bow through Amazon because of the complete kit package.

10. Mk-250 Compound Crossbow


Being on number 10 of the top rated crossbows does not mean that Mk-250 Compound Crossbow is the low-performance device. Although, this dual nature product is available on low price; however, it is hot selling brand at many traditional and online stores including Amazon. Using this cross/ compound bow archer can explore his/her to shoot at the longer distance even at 200 yards.

Key features and benefits for customers having Mk-250 Compound Crossbow

  • This high-quality compound crossbow looks stylish due to all black quoting. A customer does not need to purchase quiver separately because now it is available with the package of the bow.
  • Mk-250 crossbow installed with pulleys to enhance the speed of the arrow. That is why this product is called a compound crossbow. Released with 300 FPS speed, the arrow hits the target accurately up to 200 yards.

How Amazon customer does reviews on Mk-250 Compound Crossbow?

More than 68% Amazon customers have rated Mk-250 Compound Crossbow with 5stars. Although, the number of customers purchased this compound crossbow is less; however, they seemed to be satisfied using this bow.

Tips and tricks- How to pick up the best crossbow

All the top ten crossbows listed in this review are taken as per average customers who are unable to buy costly archery products. While selecting the best crossbows, we have focused on all the aspects. Therefore, you can pick one of these archery products according to your pocket limits. Moreover, we have highlighted some important aspects, which you must ensure while purchasing a crossbow.

  • Crossbows are popular due to precise targeting which is attained by reliable scope. While purchasing the crossbow, make sure that you have selected a product with the best quality and powerful scope.
  • Barrel of the bow plays an important role to attain maximum acuity in hitting the target. Best quality fiberglass compress molded barrel produce best results of shooting the bow.
  • Speed is another factor for precise and effective hunting. So, make sure that you have selected a bow with high-speed arrow release.
  • After buying a bow customers feel difficulty for shooting aids and accessories required for shooting. It is better to buy the complete kit of archery bow included all types of components and accessories in a single package.

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