Best Deer Repellent Reviews in 2019 – All in One Deterrent for Gardener

It feels great to encounter a graceful and adorable deer. But when the beloved host as of your garden become their expert, you can’t sit idle just because you love them.

A best deer repellent is one perfect way to keep deer out of your garden or yard plants. These repellents take the advantage of deer’s prey nature, and creates odors, sounds, flavors or sights. As deer are very alert by nature, such incidents will not let them to get close to the plants/host as.

Moreover, those who have pets and domestic animal repellent can also be useful for them as they can harm your plants.

There are various types of repellent and you need to choose the best one from these. Netting, concentrated liquids, bottle sprays, electronic devices, jet sprays etc. are some options as repellent nowadays.

For newbies or experts, the best repellent is the desired choice and anyone here is willing to spend their bucks behind the most useful products that their budget can afford.

We have organized a list of best collections of deer repellents that you should go through right now.

So, let’s start-

Deer Out 32oz Concentrate Deer RepellentDeer Out 32oz Concentrate Deer RepellentDeer Out 32oz Concentrate Deer Repellent 9.6/10Check Price on Amazon
Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent ConcentrateLiquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent ConcentrateLiquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent 9.5/10Check Price on Amazon
Bobbex B550100 Concentrated Deer RepellentBobbex B550100 Concentrated Deer RepellentBobbex B550100 Concentrated Deer Repellent Review: Best Bobbex Deer Repellent9.7/10Check Price on Amazon

7 Best Deer Repellent Reviews

1. Deer Out 32oz Concentrate Deer Repellent Review: Best Deer Repellent for Gardens

Deer Out 32oz Concentrate Deer RepellentDeer Out 32oz Concentrate Deer Repellent

What Do We Like Most?

La Torre is a famous pest repelling tools and chemicals manufacturer. And no doubt that this repellent is one of their finest products ever. They are harmless and don’t wash away on rain.

But the best thing that we found about this repellent is, it’s made of all-natural ingredients. Presence of no harmful ingredients or chemicals will bring on no threats to you or any of your family members.

Product Overview

If an effecticer repellent with no chemical side effects is what you’re looking for, this one here is for you.

As said before, this one is manufactured from all-natural ingredients. So, the liquid concentration is not harmful at all to your plants or human. In fact, La Torre is certified for their harmless chemical products and they are eco-friendly. Though it is made of natural ingredients, it works finely against deer, rabbit, raccoon, mice and some pests as well.

Deer out Repellent is a 32-ounce concentration and it has an unpleasant odor thatworksagainstalmostany animal. So, if you spray this around the garden this will last for a week. Therefore, it is sufficient for the users to use for a long period and forget to worry about any animal’s attack on the garden.

It has a peppermint flavor scent that is refreshing and minty as well. Those who don’t want any unpleasing odor on their garden and still want a concentrated deer repellent, this could be the best choice. You can do other works in the garden easily after using this repellent. That’s why it is known as the best deer repellent for gardens.

This liquid actually keeps away any type of animals and still provides you a refreshing environment in your garden. If you have faith in concentrated liquids and don’t want unwanted smells in your yard this is the desired one you were looking for.

  • It is waterproof so it doesn’t wash away.
  • There are no harmful chemicals in it but works fine on any animal.
  • The concentrated liquid is eco-friendly.
  • Has a refreshing peppermint scent.
  • The spray system of this repellent is easy to use.
  • The effect may seem lighter after using for a long time.
  • If washed into rain it may work for less than a week.

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2. Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent Concentrate Review: Best Rabbit and Deer Repellent

Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent ConcentrateLiquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent Concentrate

What Do We Like Most?

For repelling rabbits and deer, the repellent product has to have the capability to keep away any sized animal that is in between the size of these two animals.

Liquid Fence is the name of trust and quality and their products work on any kind of animal, but the specialty of this product is to protect your garden from rabbits and deer. It has a strong odor and the effect is seamlessly effective to any kind of animal.

Product Overview

Liquid Fence Deer Repellent has a mechanical spraying system to use. This is a simple process that is a plus point for firsttimeusers. They can easily handle this even if they are using for the first time. It has a guideline to use as for new users it is important to know where to spray and how much you can spray it. That makes sure of proper using this concentrated liquid.

The scent of this liquid fence deer and rabbit repellent works only on animals. It doesn’t affect any human or the plant. Therefore it is safe to use and all the users are relying on it. So, it is proved that this liquid fence pest repellent is useful for real. Other ordinary repellent doesn’t work as they guarantee but this one works as they said and the repeated users are proof of this.

This product has strong scents that help to repel animals. It lasts more than a week. You can spray once a week if you have more trouble with animals. But if not you can use once in 10 days.

Moreover, it doesn’t wash away that easily as it can create waterproof coating after spraying and you can rely on it even if it is the rainy season.

In this price range for repelling rabbits and deer for any type of users, Liquid Fence offers the best deer and Rabbit repellent considering the scent’s capability and quality.

  • The scent works only on animals and doesn’t affect the human body.
  • It is waterproof so it doesn’t wash away.
  • Because of the quality of this repellent, it is recommended by the users.
  • This repellent’s scent is long lasting.
  • It is easy to use as a guideline is provided by the manufacturer.
  • It is restricted in New Mexico and Indiana.
  • The scent can’t work at its best if washed in rain.

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3. Bobbex B550100 Concentrated Deer Repellent Review: Best Bobbex Deer Repellent

Bobbex B550100 Concentrated Deer RepellentBobbex B550100 Concentrated Deer Repellent

What Do We Like Most?

Bobbex B550100is another of the excellent repellents of the list. Although, Bobbex the brand has been quite featureful in this model, but we find one special feature which is quite rare.

The Bobbex B550100 has a versatile content ration. What it means is, you can use it directly or add water to it for preparing it to any level of concentration. It’s highly dilutive in water and that makes it so versatile.

Product Overview

This concentrated deer repellent is made with 100% natural ingredients and so it doesn’t smell bad for humans. And that’s why it is also known as an eco-friendly deterrent. Bobbex B5501000 is popular for their minimum side effect of the repellent to the plants so all the users are buying this after using once.

People who dislike chemical smells and can’t stand it this is the right choice for them. So, it keeps away any type of animal that is harmful to plants like rabbit, raccoon, cat, dog, mouse, bird, deer etc.

Being a chemical liquid it doesn’t wash away in water. The concentration of this repellent is well balanced and made from expert hands. So, if you are using this repellent in rainy weather you won’t have to worry about your plants. As it is waterproof so it won’t come off the plant that it was sprayed on.

There are many products of them but this one is the best Bobbex deer repellent till now in the market.

  • It is diluted in water radially
  • The repellent doesn’t wash away in water
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • It can be applied to the plant directly
  • The scent doesn’t affect human
  • Doesn’t repel deer more than two weeks
  • The effect may decrease a little bit if washed in rain

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4. Wikoo Solar Ultrasonic Outdoor Animal Pest Repellent Review: The Best Deer Repellent Devices

What Do We Like Most?

The main reason behind keeping this animal repellent in this list is- it used modern technology to get the tough job done easily. This doesn’t affect plants in any way but you will get highest benefits from it. It uses the ultrasonic sound system and high powered LED lights. This frightens the animal and they will get away from the garden.

Product Overview

You can keep any kind of unwanted animals from your garden by using this repellent device. It is very effective for dogs, cats, birds, mice, rabbits, deer, foxes, raccoon etc. animals. So, your garden gets maximum security from getting any harm to your plants.

The ultrasonic sound system in it makes ultrasonic noise that is unpleasing for animals. This has a motion detecting system in it and with the help of this system, it can detect any incoming object toward the garden. So that it can turn on the ultrasonic sound to keep them away from the plants.

There are also five high powered LED lights on the device. They are bright enough to make any animal get afraid as it blinks when anything trespasses its motion detector. Because of sudden blinking of a light, the animal will go away.

In this device, there is water resistance system. So you can use this outside and when it rains you can stay without worrying about the safety of this electronic device.

Considering these care to the users you can say it is the best deer repellent device on the market

  • It is easy to use the device.
  • This device is totally harmless.
  • Installing this device is simple.
  • The device you are getting a waterproof device.
  • Works with motion detection.
  • Ultrasonic sound and bright LED light to alert.
  • It is a human-friendly device.
  • It may not work on birds
  • Needs proper maintenance to keep it working like new

5. I Must Garden Deer Repellent Review: The Cheapest Deer Repellent

I Must Garden Deer RepellentI Must Garden Deer Repellent

What Do We Like Most?

Deer repellent is of many types but the bottle spray is one of the easiest and cheapest. People are loving them as their repelling quality is better than any other bottle spray in the market right now. They are very effective to deer and this is why it is known as the cheapest deer repellent of this time.

Product Overview

It is an all season bottle spray and the smell of this liquid has no effect on human. All season usage clarify that it is a weatherproof bottle spray. If you were worrying about washing the liquid away in the rainy season, I must garden manufacturing company made sure this will never happen. And so, you can rely on their product.

The ingredients of this spray bottle are allnaturaland those are recycled to make this liquid that will keep away all the pests and animals from your garden. This liquid has no effect on the environment or to the plant. And the odor is not unpleasant so, the environment of the garden remain suitable to the plants and the user.

The liquid inside this bottle spray stays safe as the bottle is made of high-quality plastic. That’s why it keeps the liquid air tied and you can use it for a long time. This liquid spray can protect your garden for more than a week.

In the end, this product assures you highest security from deer, raccoon, cat, dog, mouse, rabbit etc. animals even though it cheaper but better than any other bottle spray repellent on the market.

  • You will get no foul scent from the liquid.
  • The effect lasts long.
  • It has all-weather using advantage and of course, it is water resistant.
  • Made of all natural ingredients.
  • This bottle spray is safe for pets and human.
  • Can’t be used in certain plants like vegetables
  • If it rains it may not protect the plants for a week

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6. Night time Solar Powered Animal Repeller By Pest Soldier Review: Best Deer Repellent for Hostas

What Do We Like Most?

If you are looking for the best deer repellent for hostas that gives you perfect protection from any kind of animals, this Nighttime Solar Powered Animal Repellent from the manufacturer Pet Soldier, is the one you should go for. This electric device’s security system is based on the high powered LED light that can blink and two of them can easily spot anything at any corner if perfectly placed.

Product Overview

For using this deer deterrent at home, it is the safest one to choose as it doesn’t contain any chemical ingredients and the device is small. The design of the product is very simple and it will not easily bevisible to the animal. And so it won’t be damaged easily by the animal.

Nighttime Animal Repeller is an electrical device that is powered by battery that can be recharged by solar energy as it has an electrical circuit inside it for that.  So, you should not worry about recharging it as long as you have a clear sunny day. It is a complete package that you can rely on. The battery on it can support this device for a month.

The LED on this repellent is very powerful so it can easily detect any deer or other animals that are around 500 yards distance from your property. The device has water resistance so, you can use this electronic device on the outside without worrying even if it rains.

Manufacturer of Nighttime Solar Powered Animal Repeller provided two devices inside the box. So you can keep them at a different angle that will help you to protect the maximum area from animal attack. It is also very helpful for security purpose and you can easily install it in your garden.

Forthose who want two jobs get done with one device, this is a must-have product.It is an easy solution for repelling animals and securing your property. For Hostas, this product can make gardening more enjoyable and secure property with ease.

  • The solar charged battery makes the recharging easier
  • Waterproof body with an eye-catching design
  • The automatic recharging system has given inside the electronic device
  • Works a month with a single charge
  • Spots any animal up to 500 yards
  • The box comes with two devices to keep any corner safe
  • Needs some maintenance of the device
  • The blinking light may not work on some animal like bats at night

7. Hoont Cobra Yard and Garden Motion Activated Water Blaster(The Best Electronic Deer Repellent)

Hoont Cobra Yard and Garden Motion Activated Water BlasterHoont Cobra Yard and Garden Motion Activated Water Blaster

What Do We Like Most?

Jet spray is an electric device that works with the help of motion detection, speeding up water flow and customizable water throwing angle. To keep any animal away from your targeted area you just have to install it in your garden or yard which is a pretty easy task. This is the only electronic device that will help you for a long time and this is why it is known as the best electronic deer repellent on the market right now.

Product Overview

This Jet Spray from Hoont Cobra comes with a powerful structure and simple design that made it easy to maintain. When it comes to installing the device you just have to follow instructions given with the box to set this up in your garden.

There is an advanced motion detection system that can detect any kind of movement on the protected area and it sprays a powerful, but harmless water flows toward the detected spot. Sudden incoming water will frighten the animal and this is how it keeps the animal away from that particular area. It is meant to scare the unwanted animals to damage the plants.

Even if it throws water at high-speed bit it consumes a low amount of water and it is accurate too. And so you can get a sound sleep at night relying on it. This electronic repellent is powered by four double A-sized batteries.

This device can spray all around the garden. You can easily customize this spray’s angle and the maximum water spraying angle is 120 degrees. It has a range of spraying up to 30 feet. Therefore, it can easily keep your plants safe from any type of animal up to thirty feet range.

Hoont Cobra provides the maximum security as an electrical jet spray device. If you are on to electronics devices so much you just need this one in your garden to repel deer.

  • An effective repelling system of spraying water at high speed
  • It is easy to set this device up in your garden
  • The device consumes low power and water at the same time
  • It is 100% safe to use for you and your plants
  • The smart choice for professional gardeners
  • The spray can monitor an area of approximately 650 square feet
  • It could accidentally spray your pets
  • The device requires extra maintenance and care

Check More Details or Price on Amazon

Various Options for Repelling Deer

Deer repellents are very useful and comes with lots of variation.Because the repellent that works on particular deer may not work on others. There are some easier methods to use that can be useful too.

We will be talking about some of the common ways of selectingrepelling deer down here:

  • Bottle Spray

Bottle spray is the easiest option for repelling deer. They have unpleasant scents that make the deer away from the spot. They may become a good choice if you are in need of a deer repellent in a limited spot. It may be a small flower garden. These may come handy in case of repelling deer for any potted plants.

  • Concentrated Liquid

This is a common animal repellent option that has low cost and highly effective. It is also available in the market and it is also harmless.  You just have to mix the given concentrate with a little amount of water. After that, we just have to apply the mixture directly to the plants that we want to keep protected. This makes an unpleasant odor to the plant and changes the taste of the plant. Therefore, the deer will not come near it. It is not harmful to the plant and it lasts longer. Some of them are waterproof. They won’t wash off even it rains. So, using these repellents is sufficient to the user according to its cost.

  • Pouches

Pouches are the best option for keeping the deer and your pet away from the garden. It is harmless and effective. The usage of this system is easy. You just have to hang some pouches above the plants and on the branches of the plant. It will make the deer and pet away as they will consider these pouches as a person. For more security, you can use some spray on the pouches. Therefore, the unpleasant scent will help the garden to get rid of these animals.

  • Electronic Posts

There is some deer repellent method which may seem a little controversial. It is not dangerous at all as it sounds. It works on a hunting system. These electrical posts emit a sweet scent that lures any animal toward the post. Then, if it gets a touch with the post it will receive a minor shock. The shock will teach the animal to keep a distance from this area.

  • Light and Ultrasonic Sound Repellent

High powered LED is one of the effective ways to repel animal from the garden. At nighttime, these may keep the animal away easily. There is some motion detecting system in these devices and it can detect any unpleasant entry of the garden. Then it will make the LED on.

An ultrasonic sound system is also a solution for protecting your plants on a garden. It also works on motion detecting system. If unwanted motion occurs it turns on the ultrasonic sound. It makes the animal afraid and it will keep maximum distance from the garden. But these system needs a little care and maintenance.

  • Jet Spray

If you don’t want any unpleasant scent on your plant there is another way to keep your plants safe. Jet spray is an option for repelling deer and other animals from your garden. It is a motion activated system that blasts a high-speed water flow to the object. It will make the deer away from the garden successfully.

  • Netting

Nets may seem aesthetic to some users. If you are okay with it, this is a simple and more effective option for repelling deer and any type of animals from the garden. Putting net around the plant is a simple job. But it will strongly keep all the animal away from your plants.

Bottom Line

Thanks for following us until the end. Hope that you found something that can help you to find out the best deer repellent for you. In this review, we wanted to deliver an honest review by using each of the product and discussing all the pros and cons.

Each of the products has some specialty that may be the key condition for some users. Therefore, they can easily make a choice to keep their plants safe. All of the products are unique in their own criteria.

We have talked about various types of deer repellents. This will help you to choose which security system suits you most. So, hope that we could help you to find out the best deer repellent that you desired to use to keep your garden safe. Choose wisely because this may help you to make your gardening more enjoyable.

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