Best Electric ice Auger

Best Electric ice Auger – Don’t Miss The List

Most people can hardly be able to tell apart electric ice augers from the propane ice augers. Well, the difference is not that large but it’s worth taking a look at all the same, right?

The main benefit of getting this type of auger is that it is eco-friendly and at the same time will get the job done fairly fast. You normally have to charge it up before going out in the ice since its overall power diminishes depending on the battery power you have.

To be on the safe side, you could first start off by drilling on the thick ice then after this move on to the thinner ice that will be much faster to penetrate.

Whereas propane ice augers will require you to carry with you gas containers, the electric ones need you to have with you extra batteries.

1. Landworks Heavy Duty Eco-Friendly Electric Cordless AugerLandworks Heavy Duty Eco-Friendly Electric Cordless Auger


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Starting off our list is the LandWorks LAB01001-030. I’ve got to say, this packs the power of an earth auger and it definitely will be able to handle ice flawlessly. Considering it weighs only 22 lbs., it’s definitely worth trying out.

Overload protection for safety

Included in the circuitry of this auger is an overload protection circuit that keeps the power head from overheating as you use the auger.

Besides just protecting the circuitry, the handles on either side of the powerhead are widely spaced hence giving you an improved balance during operation. This ensures that you keep the auger in an upright position at all times throughout the drilling process.


With this being an electric auger, it’s less noisy and most importantly, there’ll be no release of fumes from the drilling as it is the case with propane augers. This protects the environment and also makes it possible for you to use this within your ice shelter.

A brushless motor and planetary gear mechanism

The gear mechanism includes an electric brushless motor which has got a maximum speed of 320rpms, a maximum of 2.01 HP, and a torque of 60Nm. The planetary gear mechanism, on the other hand, gives you a higher transmission efficiency and at the end of the day, you get nothing but a smooth and efficient digging process.

Universal application and an ergonomic design

Although there is an optional 4 AMP battery, this bad boy comes with a 2 AMP battery which should be enough for you to drill as much as 30 holes with a single full charge.

It also boasts a universal powerhead design that also does have high intensity LED surface light for boring in the dark as well. There is also a Reverse Torque Control which makes it easy to eject the auger from ice slush quickly- you won’t have to do any shoveling at all.

About the brand

Landworks is a qualified and innovative brand when it comes to the production of outdoor power equipment. Everything is handled in-house by a team of experts to come up with creative and effective solutions. This way, the existing products are improved which in turn leads to the progression of new better ones.

  • Wide spaced handles for stability.
  • High-intensity surface LED lights to make nighttime fishing possible
  • It’s eco-friendly as it uses electric power.
  • Though it gets the drilling done perfectly, it’s only available in the 6-inch variant.

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2.ION Eskimo Standard Series Ice Auger

An even lighter option to go for than the one above is the ION 19150. Well, of course, this is not the only reason as to why you should settle for this auger, it has got a lot more features to offer all of which make it an auger worth having by any angler.

Here’s a closer look…

Weighs only 21 pounds

It’s quite dazzling the much that you can be able to do with this auger measuring only 21 pounds. you can literally carry it with one hand and other gear on the other hand as you look for the perfect fishing spot. It’s light nature also makes it possible to pack it away and leave room for other fishing gear without overloading yourself. This allows you to save most of your strength for the fishing.

Wide-spaced handlebar design

To give you the best stability, the handlebars are widely spaced. This means that you get to have better stability and in addition to the handlebars being spaced, there is also a large trigger button for comfortable and easy operation

Its 34 inches and comes with an extension

As for the length of the auger, you’ll be getting a whole 34 inches. If this won’t be viable enough for you, there is an added 12-inch extension which at the end of the day gives you an outstanding 46 inches to work with.

It’s definitely suitable for use by anglers of different heights to comfortably drill through even the thickest ice blocks.

8-inch diameter configuration

In addition to having a maximum length of 46 inches, the diameter is 8 inches- this is large enough to allow even the large fish through.

  • It comes with a 12-inch extension which makes it more comfortable to use.
  • Weighs only 12 pounds which makes it easy to move around with.
  • The handlebars are widely spaced for utmost safety and stability
  • It doesn’t come with a center spike and you may be forced to hold it in place.

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3.Ion X 8″ Electric Ice Auger

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There’s no way one of the best ice auger brands could miss out on our list of electric ice augers. The Eskimo ION X definitely lives up to the brand’s reputation and with every detail in the design being handled with utmost prowess, I’m sure that you’ll find it quite amazing.

Two bright LED lights included under the power head

Underneath the powerhead is two bright LED lights that can be turned on to illuminate the surface of the ice when the darkness starts kicking in.

With this feature, this auger definitely blows most in its class out of the water as only a few can give you the convenience of night time usage.

An aluminum cast bottom

The bottom of the ION X features an aluminum cast. This results in smoother and evener cuts when drilling new holes or re-drilling existing ones.

The precision you’ll be getting from the cuts is unlike any other. The aluminum cast bottom also makes it possible for you to drill through the top surface of the ice much faster and keeps the auger stable on the surface

Includes a 5-AMP-hour battery

The ION X’s battery is a 5-amp-hour 40V battery and it gives you 60% more storage power than what it’s predecessor, the ION, gave you. As a matter of fact, you’ll be able to drill as much as 1600 inches of ice in ideal ice conditions.

Redesigned handlebars for a wider application

The handlebars, in this case, are much closer to the powerhead, well, they’re close enough to give you a stable operation of the auger.

With them being closer to the powerhead, it’ll be possible for you to drill new holes closer to the walls of your ice hut, ice shelter, or shack with ease more than ever.

There’s more…

It has got a slush flushing reverse feature that makes it easy to take out of a hole that’s already drilled hence saving you on the trouble of having to shovel out the ice.

About the brand

For over 50 years now, Eskimo has provided fishermen all over the world with some of the best fishing equipment. They focus on innovation and quality with the interest of the angler in mind which is why most people settle for this brand. You should definitely give it a closer look for the best ice augers.

About the brand

Being the inventors of the very first Lithium-ion-powered electric ice augers, this company gives you enough reason to trust it. They are credited for giving fishermen the best ice augers as far as environmental safety is concerned which should be enough reason for you to give them a try.

  • It’s less noisy and doesn’t produce any fumes hence it’s eco-friendly.
  • Features an aluminum cast bottom that results in smoother and more even cuts
  • The base has got two LED lights to illuminate the ice surface in low light conditions
  • It tends to bog down in deep slushy ice

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4.Ion X 10″ Electric Ice Auger

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Yet another one from Ion is the Ion X 29300. From the battery power to the performance, I’m sure that you’ll be blown away by this auger.

What’s under the hood:

ION reverse drilling mechanism

Upon choosing this auger for daily use out in the ice, you won’t have to carry with you a scoop or an ice skimmer since it comes with the reverse rotation feature.

This is able to get most of the ice out of the drilled hole hence saving you from all the trouble of doing so yourself. All you’ll have to do is press the reverse button and get the slush out and away from the hole.

An aluminum cast bottom

The Ion X 29300 also does have an aluminum cast bottom that results in smoother and more even cuts with each drill or re-drill you do. The aluminum case also ensures that the auger is held in position firmly as you start the drilling process.

Features a 5-amp hour Xc5 battery.

The battery, being a 5-amp hour Xc5 battery is going to have more than 60% greater storage capacity than what the original ION battery was offering you.

This means that you get to drill more holes than you would have if you were using its predecessor.

Has got durable blades with a center point

This being a 10-inch auger is able to drill quite large holes and even enough to let the big fish through. The blade positioning allows for it to smoothly cut through the ice and in addition to this, it does have a centering ring that positions the blade perfectly.

But that’s not all…

Positioned under the power head are bright LED lights that illuminate the ice on the surface making this auger ideal for night operation.

  • Features an aluminum cast bottom for smoother and more even cuts
  • There’s a center point for ultra-precise blade positioning.
  • Two bright LED lights at the base allow illumination of the ice in low light.
  • It tends to stop periodically when the battery overheats

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5. RAZR 40V Lithium Ice Auger

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Yet another one from Razr is an even stronger 40V ice auger. It goes without saying that this ice auger packs enough power to keep going in the ice for quite a long time as compared to its 24V variant. Well, this is not all that you’ll be getting from it.

Easy reverse function

Cleaning of slush from the drilled holes won’t be a problem whatsoever since it comes with an easy reverse function that makes this quite easy.

Besides saving you the trouble of doing the cleaning, it makes removing the auger from the drilled hole much easier.

A 40″-long auger bit

With the auger being 40 inches long, you can be able to bore 3’ through the ice without the use of an extension. The cutting diameter is 8” wide and this should be enough to let most fish through.

Comes with LED lights for the utmost versatility

The powerhead of the auger also includes LED lights that make it possible to use this auger in the early morning or late at night. In addition to this, there is also an ON and off switch that can keep the lights on or off when the auger is not in use- definitely the best ice auger.

Twin serrated stainless-steel curved blades

Yet another feature that makes this one of the best ice augers you’ll get for your money are the serrated blades. These provide the best ice cutting technology and with the premium build quality, they won’t rust at all

A lot of battery power

On a single charge, the 7-amp 40V lithium-ion battery allows you to cut more holes which is something that most electric ice augers won’t bring to the table.

About the brand

After a decade of building premium ice augers for other brands. This company has gathered enough experience and prowess to build the best ice augers on their own. Razr has some of the best propane, lithium, and gas-powered augers that will cut through ice like a hot knife through butter.

  • It’s got LED lights for early morning or night time fishing.
  • Features durable twin serrated curved blades for performance and longevity.
  • An easy reverse function makes cleaning of slush easy.
  • Don’t switch directions as it spins as this may damage it

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