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I’m assuming that you’ve already picked out a perfect spot of where to set up your elevated hunting blind and all that’s left now is for you to sop for the best-elevated hunting blinds.

But the thing with elevated hunting blinds is that you’d have to employ utmost patience and keenness while choosing one lest you end up with a substandard hunting blind.

Are you looking for something permanent or one that can be easily moved around? What about security? How much are you willing to invest? Should it be weatherproof? These are just but some of the key aspects that you need to pay close attention to.

Owing to the fact that it could be quite cumbersome for you to go shopping for one on your own, we’re obliged to give you 5 of the best in the market. Even better, we’ll let you in on a little secret of ours of how you should go about when selecting the best.

I know you’re probably wondering how much of a hassle it would be to have to read all the way to the end through each and every one of our reviews, right? Well, here’s the good news: we’ve got a comparison of the top 5 picks in 2019- do take a look.

ImageNameEditor's RatingPrice
Landmark Permanent Hunting Blind Tower
Landmark Permanent Hunting Blind Tower
Landmark Permanent Hunting Blind Tower 9.6/10 Check Price
Terrain The Archer 5 Sided Bow Hunting BlindTerrain The Archer 5 Sided Bow Hunting Blind Terrain The Archer 5 Sided Bow Hunting Blind 9.8/10 Check Price
Landmark Permanent Hunting Blind Tower
Landmark Permanent Hunting Blind Tower
Landmark Permanent Hunting Blind Tower 9.7/10 Check Price

Elevated Hunting Blind Reviews

Best Elevated Hunting Blinds

Moving on to the main agenda, let’s delve in and find out why you should count on either of the below-listed blinds to get you through your hunting.

#1 Landmark Permanent Hunting Blind Tower

Landmark Permanent Hunting Blind

We’ve already seen how the Landmark bland fares on as far as quality and performance is concerned and I’ve got to say, this one too does fare on quite well.

It is over 7’ tall hence you won’t have to crouch once you’re in it and the amount of space to move around is a lot as well since the base area is 6’ x 6’.  Just like the other elevated layout from Landmark, you could also use the 10’ tower which is optional in this case.

That being said, let’s find out why this one has made it to our list.

Adjustable window sizes

Being one of the best as far as elevated hunting blinds are concerned, the adjustable windows on this blind make it a really reliable option for both bow and rifle hunting.

You could adjust the windows both vertically and horizontally to give you a better field of view. These large also do have silent clips which make the adjustment process really silent which is what you want while hunting since you wouldn’t want to scare away your potential catch.

It’s got a marine-grade tarpaulin

For durability, you’ll be getting a marine-grade tarpaulin cover on all the surfaces of this hunting blind. This, being a weather-resistant material is meant to withstand even the roughest environments which is what you want if you’re looking for something that’ll last longer.

Easy assembly design

What caught my attention regarding this hunting blind is that it’s going to be equally as good for first-time hunters just as it is for expert-level hunters.

The frames are made of steel and are tubular hence they won’t collapse as it is the case in portable hub blinds. With the windows being present on all four sides, you have the option of being able to shoot from either side- definitely the best box blind for deer hunting.

Lots of room to move around

Boasting to be one of the most durable and dependable hunting blinds in the market for archers or deer hunters, there’s really no restriction to who could use this hunting blind.

What’s to like
  • The windows are adjustable vertically and horizontally for a greater field of view.
  • Easy to assemble and set up for utmost convenience.
  • Made out of marine-grade reinforced synthetic tarpaulin for ultimate durability
What’s not to like
  • The windows tend to collapse inwards when strong winds blow.

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#2 Terrain The Archer 5 Sided Bow Hunting Blind (Quality Elevated Hunting Blinds)Terrain The Archer 5 Sided Bow Hunting Blind

Terrain The Archer 5 Sided Bow Hunting Blind

Just in case a box blind is not good enough for you, then the Terrain The Archer 5 Sided Bow Hunting Blind is definitely going to meet your every expectation.

Other than the fact that it’s got a lot of sides for 360-degree visibility, it is also secure and will definitely be giving you a whole new hunting experience. Let’s find out what it packs under the hood, shall we?

An included a latch for security

Well, here’s something that you won’t easily get on just any hunting blind. Included on the door is a latch that keeps you safe from any dangerous wild animals. You never know what kind of trouble you might run into when out in the wild.

Easy assembly

Being a really important aspect that should not be overlooked when choosing the best-elevated hunting blinds, this one is quite easy to set up.

It comes with pre-drilled holes and to add icing to the cake, the Terrain The Archer 5 Sided Bow Hunting Blind also includes mounting hardware that makes it much easier to put everything together.

A superior 360-degree view

Why go for a 4-sided elevated hinting blind when you could have a 5-sided one with a better view? Being a blind that’s exclusively meant for bow hunting, the 360-degree view will give you quite a huge advantage over any game as compared to what even the best hunting box blinds would give you.

The windows are also longer hence making the view even much better.

What’s to like
  • There’s a latch included on the door for security.
  • A superior 360-degree view for least strain while monitoring your hunting territory.
  • Easy to assemble as it comes with installation hardware
What’s not to like
  • The floor is open hence you might want to mount it on a really good platform for durability.

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#3 Landmark Permanent Hunting Blind TowerLandmark Permanent Hunting Blind Tower


Landmark Permanent Hunting Blind Tower

If you’re looking for something that you could permanently set up and use for hunting with the dawn of every hunting season, this is definitely meant for you.

It’s large enough, durable and easy to set up all of which are key aspects that should not be overlooked on any elevated hunting blind. Let’s take a closer look at the Landmark LM620 and find out what exactly makes it worthy of our reviews.

Large steel tubing and x-bracing

This permanent blind comes with a 10-foot tower which you can use together with the blind in an elevated position in order to get an optimal view of the hunting ground.

Considering this will be really high, stability is of utmost importance and to take care of this aspect, it’s got a large steel tubing and x-bracings. The latter increases the stability whereas the former, being steel increases the longevity of this hunting blind.

At the base of the Landmark LM620 is the leg stake and anchor system which keeps it on the ground even in harsh weather conditions. All you’ve got to do is ensure that you set it up on stable ground.

In order for you to firmly and easily be able to attach your blind, there’s a 6’ x 6’ mesh platform.

Easy entry and exit

Yet another feature that you’ll really appreciate is the entry and exit platform. This, being large allows for easier entry and exit from the blind.

On either side of this are handrails which offer utmost stability as you climb up the tower

Quality marine-grade Tarpaulin

For the build quality, the landmark has got permanent blinds that are fully covered by a marine-grade reinforced synthetic tarpaulin.

From an expert’s point of view, this is possibly the most durable material you should always look out for if you want the best box blinds. It is completely waterproof and besides just rain, it stands up quite well to other weather elements such as snow, wind, and sunshine.

An adjustable window design

I’m pretty sure that you’ll appreciate this design since it boasts silent-sliding windows and doors and you could adjust these to your preferred height level. With the windows being able to open both vertically and horizontally, you have the option of being able to shoot from all sides which is a feature that you can’t easily get on just any elevated blind.

What’s to like
  • There’s an adjustable window design which gives you enough room to take your shots.
  • There’s a steel mesh platform that makes it easy to set up the blind.
  • It’s got a large and durable steel tubing and an x-bracing for strength and stability
What’s not to like
  • It sets up permanently and you couldn’t move it around once it’s up.

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#4 Guide Gear 2-Man Tower Hunting Blind

Guide Gear 2-Man Tower Hunting Blind

Guide Gear 2-Man Tower Hunting Blind

Don’t let the simple appearance of this hunting blind lie to you. It blows most of the elevated hunting blinds out of the water and the best part about it is that you won’t really have to break the bank to get you one of these.

It measures 57.5″w. x 57.5″l. x 60″ hand weighs 21 lbs. which, I’ve got to say is quite light for a hunting blind considering it has a 2-person capacity.

Here’s what you should expect from it:

Full concealment and scent control

Being one of the key aspects as far as hunting blinds are concerned, the full concealment you’ll get on this one already gains you a great advantage over your prey.

To back up the concealment, it also does come with a scent control feature which basically masks most of your scent which in turn allows you to get even much closer to the animal territory.

Steel frame design and a peaked ceiling

In order for it to stay upright at all times, it does have a steel frame design. This is both durable and strong hence guaranteed to stay in perfect shape and withstand the test of time.

There is also a peaked ceiling hence you won’t need to crouch when in the hunting blind. This makes a long day in the blind quite comfortable.

Weather-resistant fabric shell in DZX camo

Weather resistance is yet another feature that you’ll definitely appreciate. Regardless of whether it’s rainy, windy or the sun is high up, there’s no way this hunting blind is going to disappoint you.

There is also a DZX camo design on the fabric shell that allows you to blend in quite well

Zippered windows with leak protection

As for the windows, you can open up either of the 4 windows to take your aim in whichever direction you prefer. When it gets rainy, you can zip up the windows to keep the inside completely dry considering the zippers have got a leak protection feature.

What’s to like
  • It has got a DZX camo and scent control to allow you to blend inappropriately.
  • Built from a steel frame for strength and durability.
  • It’s got a weather resistant fabric shell for utmost comfort.
What’s not to like
  • The instructions are a little difficult to understand.

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#5 Rivers Edge 48028 Outpost Tower BlindRivers Edge 48028 Outpost Tower Blind

Here’s something that you’ll hardly come across unless you’re really lucky- an elevated hunting blind that gives you as much as 8 shooting windows which is exactly what the Rivers Edge RE703 has in store for you.

But here’s the thing…

There’s quite a lot that determines whether or not this should be the best-elevated deer blind for you. Let’s find out if it’s got what it takes, right?

Zippered door for easy access

Entry into this hunting blind shouldn’t be a problem whatsoever since it’s got a zippered door which I’ll give you quite an easy access into the hunting blind- effortless entry and durable construction.

Ground pads give you added stability

The thing about elevated hunting blinds is that they have to have a balance between durability and stability. Since these two go hand in hand, this blind has got pads on the ground hence giving you a really good level of stability. The stability is also made much better by the cross bracing at the base

There is also a steel frame for the blind enclosure which backs up the pads at the base. Steel is also resistant to corrosive agents as well as rust hence it’s bound to last for quite a long time.

360-degree viewing

As aforementioned, you’ll have an outstanding 360-degree view of the environment you’re hunting in. you can also choose to open up only specific panels as per your preference. It’s definitely going to be much more fun as compared to hunting in a 4-sided hunting blind and definitely faster.

Ample space for comfortable hunting

The base of this hunting platform is 4’ x 4’ which is plenty of surface area to keep you comfortable throughout the day. No fatigue and no discomfort guaranteed- you deserve the best.

What’s to like
  • 8 zippered windows that offer 360-degree viewing angles.
  • It’s a huge 4’ x 4’ platform for comfortable hunting.
  • It’s got the support of a steel frame for utmost durability
What’s not to like
  • The stand legs are not adjustable.

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Tips for Choosing the Best Elevated Hunting Blinds

If it’s your first time shopping for an elevated deer blind, this section is definitely meant for you. Here’s my advice to you on how you ought to go about if you want to have the best time hunting.

Concealment- Does it Blend Well Enough to the Surrounding?

It’s quite obvious that concealment is possibly the major reason as to why you’d want to have the best hunting blind, right? With this in mind, you should go for one that’s going to blend perfectly well with the vegetation.

Even better, what you go for should have either cords or straps in order for it to be able to achieve natural camouflage. It basically needs to fit into the environment. You should also consider getting one that’s scent-free and also set it up out in the open before taking it out of the wild.

Tip: if you’re hunting deer, I’d recommend that you set up the blind prior to the day of hunting since deer have a natural tendency to avoid anything new out in the wild.

Safety and Weatherproofing

As much as a blind may give you a good level of camouflage, it won’t do you any good if you cannot spend enough time in it to strike your catch, is it?

It is of utmost importance that your blind be able to give you the utmost protection from dangerous wild animals as well as poor weather conditions such as heavy rainfall and misty conditions

Speaking of the weather, here’s a tip for you when it comes to deer hunting….

When you want to locate a good game, you should set the hunting blind on a spot that is downwind and behind the sun. this way, the deer will not see you easily considering it’s got really sharp eyesight and more so, with the wind blowing your scent away from it, it’s going to have quite a hard time to pick up your scent.

Alternatively, if budget is not a problem at all, you could set up two hunting spots whereby one should be for use in the evening and the other during the morning hours.

The Type of Weapon

The type of weapon could also be a criterion upon which the best-elevated hunting blinds are best for you. For bow hunting, for instance, you’d want a blind that’s got a really good camouflaging since you’ll want to be closer to the target in order to get a good shot. With a bow, you might also want to consider getting a blind that has a wider viewing angle- ensure the blinds are wide enough and give you a 360-degree view.

On the contrary, rifle hunters won’t have to worry a lot regarding camouflaging since they could take their shots from really far away.

The Storage Spaces

Yet another thing that you might want to consider having on your blind is enough storage space. You’ll be having more than just your weapon while you go out hunting. From wind checkers and cover scents to cellphones and your keys, you should go for a blind with enough storage space and have got all of these items within reach.

Scouting and Timing

Scouting and timing are two aspects of really great importance. Starting with the latter you should monitor the feeding grounds as well as the bedding areas in order to know where to best set up the blind.

You should take your time while doing this since it is one of the most critical aspects of ensuring effective hunting. Scouting will also familiarize you with the weather and seasonal factors that affect the deer, predators and crop rotation.

As for timing, you should, first of all, know that deceiving some animals is quite tricky. In the case of deer, they’ll normally avoid new objects until they’re used to them.

As you set up your blind, therefore, consider setting it up prior to the deer season, say some weeks before. This way, the deer will be much more familiar with your elevated blind as compared to a blind that has just been set up with the dawn of the deer season.

Tips and Tricks for Elevated Blind Hunting

As compared to hunting from a tree stand, using a box blind is much more different and as much as there are a lot of added advantages, there are also some features that might botch up your hunting. Let’s have a look at some areas you need to check on when using a box blind.

Opening Windows

You might want to keep the windows closed to minimize spreading any odors all over the hunting ground but then this would mean that the field of view is limited, right?

As much as this is an effective measure to keep the deer coming closer to you when your game is close enough, you might want to open the windows.

Now here’s the thing…

You shouldn’t wait till the deer is a few yards away to open up the blinds for the first time but instead, you’ll want to practice prior to hunting to know which window covers make a lot of noise when opened.

Repositioning Yourself for the Shots

Regardless of the weapon you’re using for hunting, you most likely will have to reposition your body when getting ready for a shot.

Just like opening up the windows, you’ll need to practice taking your shots since the last thing you want is to have a huge buck is within your shooting range and you’re taking your aim for the first time then.

It’s always best to practice taking your shots from different positions instead of waiting to take your shot in the heat of the moment.

Riffle Shots vs Bow Hunting Considerations

We all have our preference when it comes to hunting and either weapon has its advantage and disadvantage and, in either case, here’s what you should have in mind.

  • Rifle shotswhen using a blind box from a blind box, you need to master your shot sequence. You should practice getting your gun off what it rests and placing it on to your shoulders or vice versa.

You should be able to do this without making any noises such as hitting it against your blind walls. Besides practicing taking your shots, you should practice getting the barrel out of the blind window ready to take a shot.

  • Bow hunters–as compare to hunting out in the open. Hunting in a blind means that you’ll be in a confined space and as such, you need to come to terms with the fact that it won’t be as easy for you to draw the bow just as you did out in the open. Similar to rifle hunting, you should indulge in some target practice before going into the real thing.

Final verdict

Wrapping things up, I think we can both agree to the fact that elevated blinds play quite a huge role when it comes to hunting.

Now here’s the thing…

Even though you could have the best, it’s equally as important that you pay attention to your hunting grounds in order to know where, when and how to set it up perfectly. This, however, does not mean that you should pay less attention to the elevated blind itself. I’m sure that any of the five listed above will definitely do you some justice.

Before I call it a day, I’d like to emphasize on the fact that utmost care and maintenance of your blind determines how long it’s going to last and how well it’ll serve you as you use it.

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