Best Elk Hunting Rifle

Best Elk Hunting Rifle

Welcome to the selfpatron list of reviews on the best elk hunting rifle types that you can get today. There are many steps and various sorts of gear that you will need for your next elk hunting trip. Once you have your camo, scent killer, calls and all the rest of your accessories – you will need to make sure that the most important item in your hunting kit is equipped to get the job done.

That is why choosing the best elk hunting rifle will really make or break your successful harvest this season. If you have been hunting before, but you have never hunted Elk – then that needs to go onto your to do list immediately. Few animals are as majestic as these and hunting them brings a special type of honor, satisfaction and healthy meat.

Hailing from North America and as a national treasure, there are more Elk living in North America now than there ever has been on this continent. This is thanks to the conservation done by our hunters by contributing money every year to make this country great and keep healthy elk populations alive. Each make model, caliber and general hunting style will determine what the best elk hunting rifle is for you. So we have measured these guns in a multifaceted way so whatever your style is, from tree stand, ground stand, or spot and stalk backpacking style – we got you covered.

In many people’s opinions, there is no more majestic animal one can hunt than elk. When trying to find the best elk hunting rifle, it can often times be difficult to find the right caliber and weapon to get the job done. If you are like me and hike miles and miles into the back country in order to find your elk, then you have to find the right balance of weight, power and durability. That is why we review each elk hunting rifle on those scales and give you a deep walk through of each rifle.

We are always adding new elk hunting rifle reviews all the time and as we get more in, we will be posting them up! In the United States, Elk hunts are sacred and also provide some of the healthiest meat that you can find in the wild. The first elk that I ever shot is still mounted on my wall and when you eat the meat that you kill, you have such a bigger appreciation of the food that you eat and deeper connection with nature itself.

There are several different sub-species of North American Elk including Rocky Mountain Elk, Roosevelt, Tule, Mantioban and two extinct species called Eastern and Merriam’s. Before the European settlement of the United States, there were about 10 million elk nationwide. Now hunters are helping bring back the species to record numbers in America. All of this information makes the best elk hunting rifle even more important to nail down and have a successful hunt. Are you ready to get your hunting pack, boots, rifle and get into the woods and get an elk? I am! So check out our best elk hunting rifle reviews below and let us know if you have any other questions that we can answer in our reviews here on the site.

Some fine folks prefer their bolt actions, some black powder muzzle loaders but no matter what you prefer, we review them all and report back on what works the best. Like with all of our reviews, if you have any requests please contact us and let us know what you would like to see.

On the constant quest for new hunting tools, we strive to bring the best elk hunting rifle, scopes and accessories to harvest one of these majestic animals.  No matter if you are in Colorado, Montana, Nebraska or somewhere beyond – we are here to help you find the best elk hunting rifle this season no matter what circumstance or environment. As you already know, we are always adding more reviews so keep an eye out for the latest and greatest on everything hunting rifles. In the event that you want to chat with us, navigate to the contact area if you have any feedback for us!

Best Elk Hunting Rifle Reviews

Best Elk Hunting Rifle


Time to kick off the Remington Sendero SF II Review! This hunting rifle has a super bright, clear scope of sufficient magnification to provide pinpoint long-range accuracy. I needed something with a perfect reticle for long range action. In addition to this, I prefer the gun to have some weight to it because I dislike wobble and don’t mind lugging this thing around with me through the woods when I am hunting.

First of all, accuracy, accuracy, accuracy. This is what makes the rifle a true Beanfield. Next, it must have the firepower to effectively and cleanly kill a deer at very long range. This thing must have a trusty trigger, because if it does not – you might wound the animal and it will die slowly, which none of us want.

The name “Beanfield” or the “Hayfield” names for this rifle has always amused me. None the less, they are always one of my favorite rifles.  These rifles have gotten a lot more popular recently. Many new companies began created similar rifles to compete with the Remington. This Sendero has been tested with time through many rugged hunters using it for more than a decade.


This rifle feels just right. I have been very excited about this rifle since it was first intro’d in the 1990s. I had to have a rifle that can hit from long range. Some people may be turned off by its size and weight, but again, for me it works perfectly but I am a big guy. For sure you will need a sling for this beast. The barrel on this guy is 26″ and it weighs almost 9 lbs.

The X-Mark Pro Adjustable Trigger on this rifle was super smooth and allowed me to shoot nice and steady. Remington has a target-style barrel crown that is concave which helps. I have always been a fan of the triggers that Remington makes and this was no exception. Of course I used .300 because that is usually what I go hunting with.


The Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 is exactly what you need if what you are looking for is an all-around deer hunting bolt gun. Now, the Weatherby Vanguard is not a new rifle, but the changes that the company has made with Series 2 version is immense. To name a few, the Series 2 boasts a three-position safety, better stock, and better trigger. The Vanguard I is no doubt one of the best deer hunting rifles that balances accuracy, weight, build and price for the mass market. These guys took an already great rifle and made it just that much better.

The Series 2 name actually refers to the new 2 stage trigger. The reason that this new trigger made it to the market is to increase safety for hunters. Vanguards of course are made in several different caliber types, but if you want the best deer hunting rifle overall, get the Stainless Synthetic model. Weatherby has an accuracy guarantee of .99-inches so you can feel safe about getting you that deer. This is measured of course with premium ammo. The two-series trigger can be adjusted down to an overall 2.5 pound pull weight. From the factory, these guns come in at about 3.5lb which is perfect for me.

Weatherby Vanguard

Features for this new rifle are many, including a forged barrel by a cold hammer that measures 24”, and a new stock that has a no slip soft pad for recoil. The bolt is a fluted body and the three position safety is nice to have. The capacity for the standard magazine is about 3 rounds for Mag cartridges or 5 with a normal one. The production models for of the Synthetic Package versions of the Vanguard Series 2 include, Synthetic Youth, Carbine, Synthetic Combo, Varmint Special, Synthetic DBM, Sporter DBM, Deluxe, Stainless Synthetic, RC, RC Varmint, and Sporter.

This hunting rifle’s X barrel has a nice finish that is matte and manly as it gets. This barrel makes some other gun barrels look like garbage let me tell you. I abused this gun when I took it out the last time, it proved that it can handle tough weather conditions without a hitch. Even though this gun has a pretty low price on it, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Fluted bolt body
  • Safety with 3 positions
  • Monte Carlo Griptonite® stock features pistol grip
  • Cold hammer forged barrel
  • Fully enclosed bolt sleeve
  • Brand new two-stage trigger

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