Best Hunting Boots Reviews in 2019-Top Models Compared

For any hunting to be a success, then the right gear needs to be in place and considering that you will be on your feet all through, it is paramount to ensure that your feet remain comfortable and protected all through and best hunting boots is the better option. Actually, the success of your hunt will largely depend on how far your feet are able to carry you. Footwear failure is truly the last thing that you want to deal with and this means that you have to start by ensuring that you have the right.

When thinking about hunting boots, you must think of the hunting seasons. If you are hunting during hot months then the boot should not overheat and become sweaty and if it is in the cold season then you do not want to end up with frozen feet or sore feet that make it impossible for you to continue pursuing your prey.

Your comfort is the most important aspect and you should therefore go for a boot pair that has definitive details that are beneficial to the hunting experience. There are so many premium hunting boots you can choose from; the best you can do to end up with the perfect pair for your hunting expectations is to let your needs and hunting conditions or situations guide you.

Quick Comparison Of Some Top-Rated Hunting Boots

Types of Hunting Boots

When it comes to hunting boots, they generally come in two categories. These are rubber boots and field boots.

Rubber boots 

They come with a number of benefits to a hunt one of them being that they are scent free and hence won’t end up giving your location away. These boots are also waterproof hence they make very good choices for treks across marshy, swampy areas as well as areas that have streams. You, however must note that this type of hunting boots can get really warm and you should therefore consider the current temperatures in your hunting field before you slide them on.

Field boots 

 They are hunting boots that come constructed with a number of features on their uppers thus providing wearers some balance in terms of durability and breathability. They probably make the best of all seasons, but they may not be completely waterproof. The most commonly used materials for these boots are mesh, nylon, and full-grain-leather.

Snake boots may not be a category, but they are definitely worth mentioning. They are hunting boots that come with a design that has specialized material and an extended collar that protects you from snake bites while you are out there in the wild. Wearing the boot therefore you will have very little to worry about where you tread even in areas you know to be snake infested.

Considerations For Choosing The Best Hunting Boots


 The season should dictate the amount of insulation that you will need when you set out to hunt. Activity level is also a very good guide towards boot insulation. For instance, if you are most likely to be sitting in areas that have sub-zero temperatures, then you will require a significant insulation amount to keep proper circulation to the feet going. On the other hand, if you are likely to remain active with constant movements in your hunting area, then less insulation will be required. Hunting boots have the insulation listed in grams per fabric square meter. Below is a simple breakdown:

  • Un-insulated to 200 grams – best for milder temperatures such as those in early season deer hunt or gobbler hunt in spring
  • 400 grams to 800 grams – best for average hunting conditions in fall
  • 1000 grams and above – best suited for harsh winter conditions, especially when still hunting n blind or stand.

Boot fit

 Hunting calls for thicker socks and you must have this in mind when choosing your hunting boot size. There are even specialized boot liners that are worn with the hunting boots and they occupy a considerable amount of space. To suit fit needs, it is best that you select a size a little larger than your regular footwear.

Outsole traction

 Dependable traction is very important when hiking rough terrains. Hunting boots that come with cleats and lugs that are rubber molded are most suitable because they offer the much needed grip even on surfaces that are slippery.

Boot height

 The height varies immensely and it is usually measured from insole base to boot top. Some are only as high as 9 inches while others can go as high as 17 inches and higher. The height of your boot can be a matter of personal preference but it is important to note that boots that rise way up your leg may end up severely limiting mobility during the hunt. Choose a boot height that is protective enough depending on the hunting terrain and one that you are sure to remain comfortable in all through.

Ease of wearing and removing

 Just like any other shoe, you really do not want to end up struggling to wear your hunting boots or find yourself in a situation where you need assistance to get them off. The size of your hunting boot does play a role in how easy they are to wear and slip off, but they again offer other features like the fastening features also matter. Boots that have laces seem to be more versatile and practical because they you are able to control how tight and snug they remain on your legs and feet.

Important to remember that most hunting boots seem to be a little challenging to get off and this is a deliberate feature that ensures you do not end up losing a shoe when walking in sticky muddy areas. Some boots even require that you have a boot jack to get off; it is a device you can consider so you don’t end up wrestling with your boots at the end of the hunt.


 Hunting boots vary from lightweight ones that make it easy for you to move quickly to heavier ones as much as five pounds and even more. The hunting conditions can help you choose a weight that is beneficial and you can put up well all through. But then again, it is also very important that you remember that there are boots that collect mud easily and this could end up adding to the original weight of your boots. Consider how comfortable you are likely to be when wearing the weight when buying your pair.


 This is definitely one of the most important things for every dedicated hunter. If you plan to hunt season after season then you want to have a boot that will last you for long and one that will serve your needs regardless of the terrain. Think about all elements your boots are likely to come into contact with during the hunt and then consider how withstanding the outer casing construction is. Hunting grounds are not always flat fields with occasional streams and muddy patches; they can feature lots of jagged rocks and thick brush which could end up damaging the boots. Think about this and if necessary, check warranty information and maintenance requirements that are necessary to keep your hunting boots in top shape and proper performance.

Our Handpicked 19 Best Hunting Boot Reviews

#1 LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18″ Hunting Boot

LaCrosse Mens Alphaburly Pro 18 inc Hunting Boot
LaCrosse Mens Alphaburly Pro 18 inc Hunting Boot

These rubber boots focus on guaranteed comfort and personalized fit. They are constructed with a rubber compound that is more natural making the boot very flexible and easy to wear and get off. The fleece lining that has embossed neoprene liner offers reliable air circulation so that your legs and feet remain comfortable and cool.

The Lacrosse men’s Alphaburly pro hunting boot also has neoprene gusset that is adjustable to increase stability and at the same time accommodate different calf sizes.

  • Flexible and easy to get on and off
  • Good air circulation and increased stability
  • Scent free and durable
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Customizable fit
  • Narrowed ankle pocket offering better top foot grip and locks heel in place to prevent excess chaffing and rubbing
  • Optimal outsole traction for all hunting conditions
  • Foldable tops to reduce the total height as needed

  • Insufficient insulation; not best for colder parts of winter
  • May prove hard to get off

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#2 Muck Boot Unisex Woody Sport Hunting Boot

The MuckBoots woody sport boots are all-weather all-terrain boots hence are very beneficial in all hunting seasons. They offer plenty of comfort to wearers whether you are walking on snow, swamp, mud, stream or field. They are 100% waterproof and remain very warm and are designed to be flexible and breathable.

The shell is made of vulcanized rubber making the pair of boots extremely durable and they also feature the incredible antimicrobial treatment that helps in preventing mildew and bacteria from growing and giving off odors. These boots have an air mesh lining for breathability and they have topline binding snugs that are stretch-fit so they keep cold out and warmth in. The toe area comes reinforced with a wrap-up bumper for that added protection in tedious terrains.

  • They are lightweight, buoyant and flexible
  • Molded rubber speed tracker outsole to improve flexibility
  • The boots come with thick comfort padding
  • Breathable air mesh for comfort
  • Waterproof upper
  • Cushioned EVA midsole

  • The boots are expensive
  • Not available in half sixes hence sizing can be a challenge for some

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#3 Irish Setter Men’s 2875 Vaprtrek Waterproof 17″

Irish Setter Mens 2875 Vaprtrek Waterproof 17Irish Setter Mens 2875 Vaprtrek Waterproof 17

Irish setter men’s 2875 vaprtrek waterproof boots come with a snake guard that is very tough so you remain protected from the poisonous fangs. The best thing about this additional protective feature is that it does not make the boots heavy and bulky. The RPM technology is probably to thank for the lightness. The technology uses the composite material that reduces the overall weight of the boots and at the same time provides extreme comfort and increased endurance.

The boots are basically engineered to provide strength and durability of traditional material without adding extra weight. They also come with an exclusive ScentBan lining that kills bacteria and eliminates odors in the process. The UltraDry construction is also worth mentioning. It combines waterproofing components with moisture management lining to offer long lasting dry comfort as well as performance.

  • Waterproof full grain leather uppers
  • Breathable
  • Durable RPM sole and dual density footbed
  • Speed lacing system
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Strong synthetic construction that reduces weight
  • Scentban lining
  • UltraDry construction

  • Poor arch support
  • Thick tread that makes use of overly slick and icy conditions difficult because of traction issues


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#4 Kenetrek Men’s Mountain Extreme Ni Hunting Boot

Kenetrek Mens Mountain Extreme Ni Hunting Boot
Kenetrek Mens Mountain Extreme Ni Hunting Boot

The Kenetrek mountain extreme Ni hunting boots are sturdy leather boots that come with deep lugs to offer reliable traction over the rocky and harsh terrain. The boots have toe guard reinforcements offering full protection for all outdoor lifestyle needs. This boot is 10 inches and is constructed with top grain leather over stiff nylon midsoles.

The outsoles are K-Talon and offer high traction. The Windtex membranes featured on this boot are breathable and waterproof to keep you dry; they are not insulated hence you remain comfortable in temperatures that are warmer. The design of the boot offer excellent support and the lightweight nature of the boots offer hunters flexibility they need out there.

  • Excellent traction
  • Reinforced tow guard
  • Thick premium full grain leather uppers, rubber sole
  • 7mm nylon midsoles for extra support when carrying heavy loads in rugged terrain
  • Lightweight outsoles; K-talon for traction
  • Breathable, flexible and waterproof Windtex membrane

  • Bad heel rub
  • Take long to break-in
  • Provide basic insulation layer; not suitable for cold environments continuous use[/mks_tab_ite


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#5 Rocky Men’s Blizzard Stalker Pro Mobu Hunting Boot

Rocky Mens Blizzard Stalker Pro Mobu Hunting Boot
Rocky Mens Blizzard Stalker Pro Mobu Hunting Boot

The blizzard stalker pro boot from Rocky makes an ideal choice for harsh and cold conditions. This is because the boot is made from waterproof leather and has a cordura upper lined with hundreds of grams of thinsulate ultra insulation. The blizzard outsole is multi-directional offering excellent stability and traction. The boot has molded foam padded collar and lace up front that guarantee comfortable good fit.

  • Removable footpads for necessary washes and replacements especially in advanced use
  • High insulation levels making them ideal for cold hunts even out in the mountains
  • Offer superior traction
  • Leather and textile construction with rubber sole
  • Durable rubber vamp, extended tongue and padded collar for comfort and durability

  • Heels make long hikes a little challenging
  • Laces do not secure properly
  • Not suitable for general hiking off snow


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#6 Kamik Men’s Hunter Boot

Kamik Mens Hunter Boot
Kamik Mens Hunter Boot

Kamik men’s hunter boot is designed to offer comfort and protection from extreme conditions. The boots have a removable felt liner that measures 8mm and gives a comfortable soft fit. The lace collar made from nylon is adjustable so wearers can tighten or loosen the fit as they desire. The outsoles are Explorer TPR for traction and grip that is required when walking on any given terrain.

The boot opening is wide enough to make give you an easy time wearing and getting off the boots. It’s simply a pair that you can trust to deliver superior comfort as well as protection that you can rely on even in the most extreme conditions out there.

  • Waterproof knee high boot
  • Features 8mm removable thermal guard liner
  • Adjustable snow collar for suitable and perfect fit
  • Cold rating of 40°F/-40°C
  • Suitable for all terrains and weather conditions

  • Thick construction that makes the boots heavier than average; may be unsuitable for deep snow
  • The additional rise protection makes walking on rocky, uneven grounds or shoveling difficult


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#7 MuckBoots Men’s Arctic Pro Hunting Boot

Muck Boot Men's Arctic Pro Hunting Boot
Muck Boot Men's Arctic Pro Hunting Boot

The MuckBoots arctic pro hunting boots for men offer plenty of protection and warmth. They are 8mm 4 way stretch CR flex-foam boots that have a fleece lining to keep your legs and feet warm. It is a boot you can trust to keep you warm even in temperatures as low as -50°. Just like most other boot models under Muck, the boot comes with a topline binding that functions by keeping the warmth in and cold and snow out.

It is actually one of the warmest neoprene boots you can find. The Muck Boot line has more than twenty boot styles you can choose from to match with your hunting conditions; you can find a pair suitable enough for outdoor sporting, pet care, and lawn and garden or even agriculture. The waterproof quality and comfort of the footwear are simply unmatched and you can never go wrong when you find your perfect fit.

  • Double reinforcement around the Achilles region, heel and instep for safety even in situations that are challenging
  • Equipped with 8mm extra thick boot liner to offer extra warmth and additional 2mm foam around sole for added warmth and comfort
  • Easy to slide on and off for convenience even when removing gear hurriedly.
  • Waterproof shaft and uppers and a topline that is stretch-fit for perfect fit
  • Synthetic sole and molded outsole
  • Thermal foam underlay measuring 2mm

  • Thin outer rubber casing making it prone to damage by sharp objects and other obstacles

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#8 Under Armour Men’s UA Speed Freek Bozeman Boots

Under Armour Men's UA Speed Freek Bozeman Hunting Boots
Under Armour Men's UA Speed Freek Bozeman Hunting Boots

Under armour speed freek Bozeman boots come with an exclusive UA scent control technology that works better and last longer so you remain undetected in all your hunting expeditions. The boot has the breathable and waterproof lining that will keep the feet dry even in the worst of conditions. The upper is made from suede leather and combined with nylon to make the boot abrasion resistant and lightweight. The men’s boot has molded ortholite sock liner that is memory foam designed at the top and PU base.

The midsoles are molded EVA and ultra-light to deliver superior shock absorption and cushioning. The TPU shank is lightweight and offers midfoot support and rigidity in the right amounts. The boot outsole has aggressive traction and is composed of high abrasion rubber engineered to offer grip and at the same time drop debris and mud. The heel and tow feature scratch rubber for durability.

  • Memory foam inserts for custom fit within no time
  • High abrasion rubber treads for superior grip on different terrains without collecting debris and mud
  • Durable outer layer that withstands abrasive environmental conditions
  • Exclusive UA scent control technology to keep hunters undetected
  • Breathable waterproof lining that keeps feet dry
  • Lightweight suede leather and abrasion resistant nylon upper

  • Tight lacing leaves top fabric uncomfortable and can limit mobility
  • Light insulation layer, appropriate socks needed for colder climates
  • Poor quality laces

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#9 Irish Setter Men’s 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8″

Irish Setter Men's 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8inc Hunting Boot
Irish Setter Men's 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8inc Hunting Boot

These VaprTrek boots from Irish Setter feature RPM technology, which is a composite sole material designed to significantly reduce the total weight of boots, add endurance and provide excellent comfort. The technology provides strength and durability of traditional boot materials without adding any extra weight to them.

The VaprTrek is around 40% lighter compared to the traditional boots. Besides the weight advantage, this technology also offers athletic maneuverability heightening traction and balance. The Irish Setter boots are waterproof and come with an exclusive ScentBan to kill bacteria and eliminate odors. The UltraDry construction offer dry long lasting comfort thereby improving performance.

  • Lightweight, highly durable composite materials
  • 40% lighter than traditional hunting boots
  • RPM technology that reduces boot weight significantly
  • UltraDry construction for superior dryness and comfort
  • ScentBan to kill bacteria and odors
  • Realtree Xtra camouflage that makes the boot ideal for all hunting grounds
  • Offers improver traction, mobility and traction

  • Glued soles that eventually come unstuck; stitched soles are a much better option
  • Sole flexibility issues, especially in icy conditions that need consistent grip

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#10 Irish Setter Men’s 860 Elk Tracker Waterproof Insulated Boot

Irish Setter Mens 860 Elk Tracker Waterproof 1000 Gram 12inc Big Game Hunting Boot
Irish Setter Mens 860 Elk Tracker Waterproof 1000 Gram 12inc Big Game Hunting Boot

This insulated boot is perfect for icy cold temperatures. The Irish Setter Elk trackers come with 1,000-gram thinsulate ultra insulation to keep your feet warm all through. They are made of Goretex that is 100% waterproof to give you superior dryness. These boots also have an exclusive scent control that keeps foot odors at bay.

The uppers are tough leather made and remain very comfortable to the wearer. The nylon lining included is moisture wicking to take dryness to a higher level. The bulls-eye rubber outsole with multi-directional lugs offers premium balance and footing.

  • ScentBan odor inhibitor footbed that kills bacteria that cause odors
  • Cork polyurethane midsole for cushioning
  • Premium leather flex welt construction that is repairable
  • Genuine tough saddle leather uppers
  • Ultra insulation to keep you warm even in the coldest seasons.
  • Bulls-eye air bob sole for traction
  • Goretex lining that is waterproof

  • Sole made of separate pieces, hence when one starts wearing, interference and damage to others is possible
  • Additional care needed for the leather uppers to enhance durability

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#11 Bogs Men’s Classic High Camo Winter Snow Boot

The Bogs classic high Camo winter snow boot for men is designed to keep you warm even at -40°. The boots are waterproof, featuring a neoprene upper and removable sock liner that is moisture wicking to reduce heat and at the same time minimize odors. The outsoles are made from non-slip rubber to deliver reliable grip on surfaces that are wet. Also worth mentioning is the internal shaft that offers enhanced support and print break up camouflage silhouette which gives the boot that real hunting feels and excitement.

  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Rubber sole for flexibility and comfort
  • Knee high waterproof boot for lasting durability and comfort
  • Four way stretch inner bootie for perfect fit
  • Anti-odor insole protection
  • Nonslip, self-cleaning and non-marking outsole

  • The upper material is not as durable compared to other materials

#12 Danner Men’s Pronghorn 8 Inch Hunting Boot

Danner Mens Pronghorn 8inc Uninsulated Hunting Boot
Danner Mens Pronghorn 8inc Uninsulated Hunting Boot

This rebuilt Danner hunting boot brings back popular Camohide leather and has been streamlined into the more lightweight profile. The heel cap and toe are all-weather so they remain well-protected from wear. The toe box is a little wider to offer a better and comfortable fit.

The boot features GoreTex liner that is breathable and waterproof to keep feet dry during the hunt. This boot also has an Ortholite footbed that is triple layered in the cushion to offer improved comfort. The outsole comes with a combination of rubber compounds retaining performance in the rugged underbrush and slick mud sections.

  • Nylon shank for secure fit and durability
  • Terra Force stable performance and lightweight
  • GoreTex liner that is breathable and waterproof
  • Pronghorn outsole to offer solid traction even in rugged terrain
  • Full grain durable heel cap and toe
  • Three density ortholite footbed

  • Size runs slightly large, so ensure you get the right fit

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#13 Baffin Men’s Hunter Waterproof Boot

Baffin Men's Hunter Waterproof Boot
Baffin Men's Hunter Waterproof Boot

Baffin Huntsman series is known for quality and protection in wet and cold weather conditions. This is exactly what you get from this waterproof men’s boot which is perfect for moderate, low and high activity. The boot is very warm thanks to the Titan and it is also flexible and lightweight thanks to the ambush.

Baffin men’s hunter waterproof boot will definitely keep wearers comfortably dry when engaging in any outdoor adventure. The felt liner is removable and outsole and upper are made of molded Arctic rubber. The snow collar of the boot is nylon and waterproof and the boot comes with a design that gives you an easy time wearing and taking off.

  • Rubber sole outsole and upper for durability and comfort
  • Boot openings measuring 17.25 inches round for easy wearing and removal
  • Textured toe guard and drawstring nylon collar closure
  • Removable felt liner
  • Waterproof snow collar
  • Suitable for cold weather conditions

  • Broader foot; runs in size

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#14 LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18 RTXT 1600G

LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18inc 1600G Hunting Boot
LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18inc 1600G Hunting Boot

These refreshed Pro rubber boots pay attention to comfort and fit. They have a natural rubber compound construction, making the boot flexible and even easier to get on and off. The fleece lining has been replaced with an embossed neoprene liner that promotes better air circulation so legs remain comfortable and cool. The boots also have a neoprene gusset that can be adjusted as desired to increase stability and at the same time accommodate varying calf sizes.

The LaCrosse pro RTXT 1600G hunting boot has innovated Alpha technology that combines scent free rubber and naturally insulating neoprene to get a durable, comfortable and lightweight boot. The Realtree Xtra camouflage gives the boot a total hunt look and you will love the 1600g thinsulate ultra insulation on the inner parts of the boot to keep your feet warm even on the coldest days.

  • Thick cushioning EVA midsole for shock absorption and extra comfort
  • Adjustable rear gusset that allows a customizable fit
  • Ankle fit design that offers grip on foot top and locks heel in place to eliminate excess chaffing and rubbing
  • Fiberglass shank
  • Non-loading Burly pro outsole

  • The boots have no heel kick; hard to remove when wet

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#15 The Original MuckBoots Adult FieldBlazer Hunting Boot

The Muck 15 inch Fieldblazer all-terrain boots are designed waterproof and very comfortable. They are the type of boots you want for extreme wetland conditions. The lining is breathable and has the special flex-foam layer that keeps the feet dry and warm even when the climate is unpredictable. They have a vulcanized rubber shell that is abrasion resistant and durable whereas the outsole of the boot is designed rugged and self-cleaning so you do not have to worry about collecting mud and debris as you move along during your hunt.

  • CR flex foam; four way stretch nylon that is waterproof, flexible, buoyant and lightweight
  • Airmesh lining that is breathable
  • Stretch-fit topline binding that snugs calf to keep cold out and warmth in
  • Wrap up tow bumper for added protection
  • Reinforced shank to offer extra Achilles support
  • Kick rim that allows easy removal of the boot

  • The rubber heel not as durable

#16 The Original MuckBoots Adult Woody Elite Hunting Boot

Muck Boot The Original MuckBoots Adult Woody Elite Hunting Boot
Muck Boot The Original MuckBoots Adult Woody Elite Hunting Boot

The woody elite hunting boots are designed to offer feet superior comfort and protection. The vulcanized rubber shell offers waterproof qualities and the fleece lining offers 100% warmth without becoming sweaty because they are breathable. These premium hunting boots have an incredible scent control treatment that keeps you undetectable.

The microbial treatment also prevents mildew and bacteria from growing hence your boots remain odor-free. The topline binding is stretch-fit to you get a snug around the calf to keep the cold out and warmth in.

  • MS-1 outsole that is aggressive, rugged and durable for stability and protection
  • CR flex-foam bootie that has four way stretch nylon that’s is lightweight, flexible, buoyant and waterproof
  • Durable vulcanized rubber shell and striking mossy oak breakup appearance
  • Incredible scent control
  • Fleece lining for warmth
  • Waterproof upper and molded traction outsole
  • Anti-microbial footbed

  • Strong chemical smell when new, airing necessary before heading out for a hunt

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#17 Irish Setter Men’s 894 Wingshooter Waterproof 9″ Upland

Irish Setter Men's 894 Wingshooter Waterproof 9inc Upland Hunting BootIrish Setter Men's 894 Wingshooter Waterproof 9inc Upland Hunting Boot

Irish setter men’s 894 wingshooter waterproof 9″ boots come with an iconic white rubber sole and a smooth leather upper together creating a very attracting pair. The boot comes with the UltraDry construction that is a combination of waterproof components and moisture management lining to offer long lasting performance, comfort, and dryness.

The sole is multi-density hence suitable for all terrains and the leather is durable and soft requiring very little break-in. The wingshooter upland hunting boot features brass hooks and eyelets that are high quality and durable. These boots are also 100% waterproof.

  • Durable leather
  • Rubber sole for comfort and flexibility
  • Waterproof boot with contrast stitched moccasin toe, lace-up vamp complete with speed lace hardware
  • UltraDry waterproofing system
  • Cambrelle covered cushioned footbed
  • Extended sizes available

  • A little heavy and require a little breaking-in

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#18 Danner Men’s Pronghorn Xtra 1200G Hunting Boot

Danner Men's Pronghorn Realtree Xtra 1200G Hunting Boot
Danner Men's Pronghorn Realtree Xtra 1200G Hunting Boot

Danner pronghorn Xtra 1200g hunting boots have brought back the very popular Danner Camohide leather and features Terra Force technology for a more lightweight and streamlined profile. The all-leather heel and toe cap offer wear protection and the opened toe box created a wider platform to offer wearers a better fit.

The Goretex liner is breathable and waterproof to keep feet dry. These boots also have an Ortholte footbed that has triple layered cushioning to offer improved comfort and the outsole combines rubber compounds for enhanced performance even in the rugged underbrush and slick mud. The breathable and waterproof GORE-TEX lining features 1200grams thinsulate insulation to keep the wearer warm enough.

  • Full grain leather heel cap and toe
  • Terra force for stable performance and lightweight
  • Ortholite footbed
  • Multi-directional layout for 3D effect
  • Rugged hardware to offer secure fit and performance that is long lasting
  • Pronghorn outsole offering solid traction over terrains that are rugged
  • Dual texture boot in leather
  • Notches shaft with speed lacing and eyelets

  • Takes a while to break-in

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#19 MuckBoots Men’s Pursuit Snake Proof Hunting Boot

Muck boots men’s pursuit snake proof hunting boots have a tough exterior that is layered with durable rubber coating and 4mm neoprene to protect against rattlesnake strikes. The XpressCool fabric lining on the other hand keep feet comfortable and cool even in warm weather. The boot is briar resistant and durable.

  • Full rubber exterior that is snake resistant
  • Rubber sole
  • Xpress cool fabric lining
  • CR flex foam that is 4mm
  • Anti-friction sock liner
  • Rubber outsole pods and ethylene vinyl acetate midsole

  • A little tight and small around calves; larger size buying recommended

Best Hunting Boots Tips

  • Always make sure that you get the right fit. The size of the boot should not affect mobility; it should not be too tight or too loose. This is the only way you will be able to enjoy all benefits intended by the boot design and features. With so many styles and sizes as well as widths, every hunter definitely will find the perfect fit.
  • Avoid buying hunting boots that are too short. Short boots seem to have lots of problems when you get out in the field. For instance, your toe could end up pressing against the front boot and cause you lots of pain that can bring your hunting to an end. This is especially the case when you are travelling downhill. Shorter models will also make it harder for you to layer socks that you need for extra comfort and warmth because they do not come with enough room.
  • Give your pair enough time to break-in before you dash to hunt. Breaking in will allow them to form to the feet hence offering you a comfortable fit before you go on your hunting session. The boot construction and materials used will determine the amount of time you will need to break them in but generally supportive boots need longer time.
  • Remember to choose quality socks to go with your premium best hunting boots. Socks should not only be comfortable, but they should be good enough to keep you protected from moisture. A moisture absorbing sock paired with a boot that wicks away moisture and is breathable will for sure keep your feet comfortable even in hot conditions. Better still, you can find socks that transport the moisture out of the footwear to keep your feet as dry and comfortable as they ought to be.
  • Learn how to care for your best hunting boots. Proper care will go a long way in adding life to your best hunting boots. Apart from ensuring that you break-in your pair so it conforms to the feet and remains flexible and comfortable, you also want to keep them clean and dry when not using. It is a simple way of preventing premature wearing off. Find out what care products are best for your type of boot and how to properly use the products. Some of the products are meant for leather boots and they soften and waterproof the boots so they are protected from premature wearing.


Best hunting boots come in varying features all designed to benefit your hunting experience. Apart from getting the most comfortable fit, ensure that the boot you choose suits the hunting grounds and elements you are likely to face. With so many brands and models, you will find a pair that you love!

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