Best Ladder Stand For Bowhunting

Best Ladder Stand For Bowhunting

The thing about hunting is, it is always exciting. The moment you think you have got the hang of the whole thing, a new challenge might come. While you have the latest gears and equipment to help you along the way, your opponents are not some dumb creatures, ready to be killed. You have your brain and gears, they have a strong survival instinct. One thing that’s going to help you to win this battle is setups like Best Ladder Stand For Bowhunting.

Animals are fortified with either strong smelling ability, or eyesight, or hearing ability, sometimes all together. They can detect unnatural changes around them most of the time. A little smell emitting from the human predator, a small sound, that all might need for an animal to get alerted and leave the place.

That’s why gears like camouflage dress, smell blocking spray, hunting blinds have come to help men stay undetected and unnoticed on the ground. They work fairly fine.

Still, more and more people are getting prone to use tree stands, especially ladder stands. Why is that? Because a ladder stand provides a safe, secure platform for waiting long hours.

Another reason is while animals have the above-mentioned traits, one thing they rarely do, or sometimes incompetent to do is looking above. Ladder stand provides a protection against getting detected by smell and movement.

Best Ladder Stands With The Safest Track Records

We have gone through an enormous list of tree stands. We researched, read, and sorted the models available according to the features. There is no clear winner, as different users have different opinions about which suited them most.

That’s the thing, there is no single answer to which one is the best ladder stand. It differs according to your choice, physique, and situation.

However, we have compiled the best seven products with the cleanest track record and highest quality. We hope you’ll find the best one for you from this list.

Guide Gear 20' 2-Man Double Rail Ladder Tree Stand with Hunting BlindGuide Gear 20' 2-Man Double Rail Ladder Tree Stand with Hunting BlindGuide Gear 2 Person 20' Double Rail 2 person9.6/10Check Here
X-Stand Treestands The Jayhawk Ladderstand The Jayhawk 20' Two-Person Ladderstand Hunting Tree Stand, BlackX-Stand Treestands The Jayhawk Ladderstand The Jayhawk 20' Two-Person Ladderstand Hunting Tree Stand, BlackX-Stand The Jayhawk Ladder Stand 2 person9.8/10Check Here
Guide Gear 15' Ladder Tree StandGuide Gear 15' Ladder Tree StandGuide Gear 15' Ladder Stand 1 person9.7/10Check Here

Reviews of 7 Best Ladder Stand for Bowhunting

Best Ladder Stand For Bowhunting

#1 Guide Gear 2 Person 20′ Double Rail – Best Ladder Tree Stand

Guide Gear 2 Person 20′ Double RailGuide Gear 2 Person 20′ Double Rail

The delight of hunting increases in many ways if you have a partner with you. Might be your partner, or your child. Long hours of waiting won’t seem unbearable then. The Guide Gear 2 Person 20′ Double Rail Ladder Tree Stand provides exactly that opportunity, with security and comfort.

In hunting, the more you climb, the more you see. Guide Gear double rail ladder gives you that facility, with 20 feet high structure. It also ensures the highest camouflage for you with well executed hunting blind. Let’s see the features.


Let’s start by the dimension. The ladder stand is 20 feet high, the seat dimension is 36″ x 14″, which is spacious enough for two persons. The meshed platform is wide enough to rest your legs and stand up with 55″ x 14″ measurement.

The weight of the guide gear ladder is 90 pounds. It might not provide frequent portability, but it will stand tall throughout the year. Also, it can carry up to 500 pounds of weight.

The structure is made of quality steel. The double rail design helps the users to climb easily. The structure can be assembled easily by pinned ladders, and adjustable ladder support bars.

The ladder stand comes with additional safety gears like fall-preventing safety harness and ratchet straps.

With padded seats, backrest and armrest, the sitting arrangement won’t cause any discomfort for the users.

  • Best double ladder tree stand with the strong structure to support two persons.
  • Comfortable seat, and safety gears for the users.
  • Comes with hunting blind, ensuring maximum invisibility.
  • Easy to assemble and install. Set it up permanently if you want.
  • A bit heavy for day to day transport from home.

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#2 X-Stand The Jayhawk – Best 2 Man Ladder Stand

X-Stand Treestands The Jayhawk Ladderstand The Jayhawk 20' Two-Person Ladderstand Hunting Tree Stand, BlackX-Stand Treestands The Jayhawk Ladderstand The Jayhawk 20' Two-Person Ladderstand Hunting Tree Stand, Black

The X-Stand The Jayhawk Ladder Stand came to the market with its innovative flairs, and so far, it has received praise from the users. The X-Stand comes with a stunning black color and durable steel construction.

What makes it stand out from the crowd is the facility to use the whole platform. The seat and the shooting rest can be flipped to clear the space and initiate a smooth shooting.


The ladder stand is 20 feet long. The dimension of the seat is 39″ x 17″, wider than most 2-man stands. The backrest provides full support for 39″ x 19″ measurement. The platform size is 42″ x 34″.

The weight of this stand is 122 pounds. Which says us, it will be better to set it up in a permanent spot. The structure can carry up to 500 pounds with ease.

The structure is made of steel, coated by black colored weather defender. This makes the structure rust-proof and suppresses sound. The Helix oval tubing system used by Jayhawk gives the structure strength and durability. The X-force expanded metal along with self-lubricated nylon washer provides stability and traction.

The structure is comfortable as well as secure. The padded armrest, along with comfortable sitting arrangement have been adored by the users. Also, the stand comes with two 4 pt. full body harness for security when you leave the ground.

The seat moves up and down for freeing up the platform space. Also, the shooting rail can be either removed or flipped back.

  • Provides a wider seat and platform than most of the ladder stands.
  • The seat can be moved for a smooth, interference less shooting.
  • Comes with two additional hooks and complimentary cup holders.
  • Beautiful design, silent and corrosion free. Most comfortable ladder stand, adored by users.
  • Best 2 Man Ladder Stand.
  • X-force expanded metal for durable and strong structure.
  • Heavier than most of the ladder stands, particularly because of the additional features.

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#3 Guide Gear 15′ – Best Portable Ladder Stand

Guide Gear 15' Ladder Tree StandGuide Gear 15' Ladder Tree Stand

There is a concept about tree stands that they are pricey. Generally, no one would argue with that. But gems like Guide Gear 15′ Ladder Tree Stand can be found at an affordable price. Lightweight, simple and affordable, a great choice for someone with a budget restraint.

If you are just starting your journey as a hunter, this can be ultimate tree stand. It can be carried by a single person and assembled. You can even take it back to the house every day after hunting.


The single stand is 15 feet tall, which should be just enough for a person. The seat size is 19.5″ x 10″, while the foot platform is quite wide with 17.75″ x 10.5″. The structure comes with a pinner ladder section so that you can fold it by yourself.

The ladder is one of the lightest among its counterparts, weighing only 52 pounds. Are you worrying about how much weight it can take? It can carry up to 300 pounds of weight.

The structure is made of steel. Though it is strong, the component might not be completely rust-proof. It’s better to apply some coatings before setting it up.

As for security, the stand comes with additional security like ladder support bar, whole body harness system, stabilizer straps and ratchet strap for the tree. The structure does not have any armrest or shooting rail though.

  • Cheap and affordable, and a good product for its price.
  • The pinner ladder section facilitates easy folding and portability for the user.
  • Comes with multiple straps for better security.
  • Best portable ladder stand on the market.
  • The stand does not come with shooting rail, or armrest.
  • You should apply some rust proof coating of your own before setting it up.

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#4 Guide Gear 18′ Jumbo – Best Ladder Stand For Big Guys

Guide Gear 18' Jumbo Ladder Tree StandGuide Gear 18' Jumbo Ladder Tree Stand

Who says using tree stand is not for big guys? The Guide Gear 18′ Jumbo Ladder Tree Stand will prove this wrong. As the name suggests, the stand is suitable for even big guys, with more weight capacity, bigger platform, and footrest.

No need to sit on a narrow seat, ending up with a sore back and cramped leg. You will have enough space to stretch your legs a little bit with this stand.


The height of this ladder stand is 18 feet. The platform dimension is 24″ x 25″, well spacious for a person. The seat is wide and comfortable at 13.25″ x 26.25″ x 19″ measurement.

The structure can carry up to 300 pounds of weight easily. The product is made of rugged steel that can go for years. The stand weighs 68.5 pounds itself. The seat, shooting rail and footrest can be flipped offering you more space and options.

The sitting arrangement is quite comfortable with padded seat. The armrest and shooting rail are also padded. Under the frame, there are 2 seat pad silencers to keep the shooting moment noiseless.

The Guide Gear Jumbo stand offers great security, even for big guys. Support bar, ratchet strap, dual stabilizer straps ensure you can only concentrate on shooting, nothing else.

  • The structure is comparatively lightweight, still, can carry a lot of weight.
  • Enlarged platform and comfortable seat. Best ladder stand for big guys.
  • Pad silencers to ensure silence while shooting.
  • Full body harness to carry the whole weight of your body.
  • The instruction manual should have been more clear and specific.

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#5 Rivers Edge 2 Man Bowman – Best Ladder Stand For Bowhunting

Rivers Edge 2 Man Bowman Ladder StandRivers Edge 2 Man Bowman Ladder Stand

Now, this one is interesting. The Rivers Edge 2 Man Bowman Ladder Stand isn’t just an ordinary ladder stand. Typically, ladder stands offer parallel sitting arrangements or slightly curved at best.

This is the first model that comes with a V-shape sitting arrangement. The platform is a wrap around type, and two seats are distanced from each other.

First of its kind to offer a 360 degree and panoramic view. It does so with a wide, strong, innovative platform design.


The ladder stand is 19’9” high. Which gives the two users enough height to see a vast area. The platform measurement is 69″ x 31″, and comes with two seats completely independent, joined at the edge making a V shape. You can reduce the height slightly by removing the bottom section, rest are bolted.

The stand can carry up to 500 pounds of weight. The platform is roomier than regular 2-person stand platforms. The construction is well built to support the unique design.

There is no shooting rest or traditional armrests. Which actually frees up quite a space for the shooters. The design is simple. The shooters can just stand up and draw.

The seats are comfy, soundless and can be flipped up in case you need to use the full platform. For safety, the Rivers Edge stand comes with safety harness and tree wraps.

  • Provides a wide, circular view of the surroundings. Best ladder stand for bowhunting.
  • Two seats are not parallel and completely attached, thus provide more free space for each user.
  • The seats can be flipped up for more space.
  • Suitable for bow hunters as standing and drawing weapon is easier.
  • The tree you use must have a fairly straight trunk.

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#6 Millennium Treestands L110 21 ft. Single Folding Seat – Best Ladder Stand For The Money

Millennium Treestands L110 Ladder, 21 ft.Millennium Treestands L110 Ladder, 21 ft.

This one here is a single ladder treestand. Designed for sitting all day without having a sore back. The Millennium Treestands L110 21 ft. Single Ladder Stand is the updated version of the popular L100 model. The model resolves all the shortcomings of the previous version, with a wider platform and more comfortable design.

The L110 provides a height of 21 feet, and do so without any risk of tipping off. The foldable seat frees up space for bow or rifle hunting.


The platform is 21 feet above the ground. The seat dimension is 20″ x 17″, Comfortable for one person. The platform is well wide at 32″ x 20″. What amazing is, you can adjust the height from 8 feet to 21 feet by adding or removing ladder sections.

The ladder stand can carry up to 300 pounds of weight while possessing a weight of 92 pounds itself. The seat is quite comfortable, while adjustable shooting rail and armrests come padded for enhancing that comfort.

The structure is made of steel. The soldered steel structure is coated with power coating. So it stays rust free for a long time. The double rail ladder is easy to use. The ladder sleeves are cut maintaining an angle.

The Millennium L110 is approved by TMA. It comes with SafeLink safety strap and adjustable brace to attach it firmly to the tree.

  • The seats are comfortable and come with a tight sling.
  • TMA approved model. Ensures quality and safety. Best ladder stand for the money.
  • The seat can be folded to facilitate more space during shooting.
  • Adjustable height with four ladder sections.
  • Though this a single person stand, you’ll probably need two persons to assemble it.

Check current price on Amazon

#7 Millennium Treestands L220 18 ft. Double Folding Seats – Best Tow Man Ladder Stand

This is the 2 person version of the previous model. Like the previous, you can adjust how high you’ll sit by adjusting the ladders. The Millennium Treestands L220 18 ft. This Ladder Stand comes with multiple removable sections that allow the users to sit from 7 feet to 18 feet high.


The ladder tree stand is 18 feet high at most. The seats are straight in a line and come with a 40″ x 17″ size. Two persons should sit there easily. The platform size is 40″ x 16″.

The weight of the Millennium 220 is 95 pounds. It can carry 2 people at a cumulative weight of 500 pounds. The structure is made of steel, and power coating above that. The power coating makes sure the structure is silent and corrosion free.

The ladder tree stand is surely comfy as the shooting rail and armrest are padded with foam. The seat can be adjusted if the users need more space. The dark green color provides natural camouflage for the users.

The stand offers double protection. SafeLink safety strap for users and tree brace with an adaptable strap to keep the stand leaned firmly against the tree.

  • Adjustable ladders to set up the height according to your choice.
  • Power coatings to keep the stand corrosion free even it gets exposed to rain.
  • Comfortable and spacious footrest.
  • Best two man ladder stand on the market right now.
  • You will need some time to set it up as it is quite heavy.

Check current price on Amazon

What to Look for When Buying the Ladder Stand


That’s the number one priority when it comes to using tree stands. You don’t want to be a victim other than a predator, and you definitely don’t want to fall from a stand.

Good thing is, ladder stands have multiple safety features that prevent that from happening. Before purchasing one, make sure it has facilities like a safety harness, body straps, and ratchets.

Another strategy might be ensuring the manufacturer you are purchasing from has a good track record. Generally, renowned brands try to maintain that, so it would be wise to stay safe even that includes spending some extra bucks.

Read the manual carefully. Check, recheck, climb… that’s the best way to stay safe.

How to set up ladder stands safely video review


Hunting isn’t a piece of cake, but that doesn’t mean you cannot allow yourself a little comfort along the way, especially when it includes long waiting periods.

Make sure the sitting arrangement is comfortable, not too narrow. It should not put pressure on your bums, otherwise, you’ll end up with a sore bum after some time.

Having a footrest wide enough is necessary, as it will help in weight balance and support.

Weight Capacity

Ladder tree stands have better weight carrying capacity than the other types. But you still need to make sure. Check if the weight capacity supports your weight. Generally, single ladder stands can carry up to 300 pounds of weight, and double ones up to 500 pounds, which should be enough for majority people.

Location Of Hunting

It’s necessary that you know your area before going for purchasing a tree stand. The area should contain trees with a straight trunk. Also, you need to determine the tree girth size which will give you an idea of how long the ratchet strap should be.

Finding Great Treestand Placement: Check out the video

Also, the height of your chosen tree determines the height of your stand itself. Make sure you’re taking note of trunk size, height and straightness of the tree beforehand.

Platform Size

Platform size doesn’t matter much if you are a rifle hunter. But for bow hunters, I matter. You need to stand up and focus without fear of falling out of the platform.

Usually, platform size is proportionate to the seat. The bigger the seat, the bigger the platform. Make sure the platform size allows you to stand, aim and turn around during making a shot.


You don’t want to be tired before even starting your trip. That’s why, the weight of the ladder itself matters, especially when you carry it from home to woods, or from one tree to another.

If you have a permanent sweet spot, then you can overlook the weight. You’ll not be carrying that ladder all year long. Otherwise, make sure your ladder is as light as it can be without compromising the stability.


It goes without saying, brands are ‘BRANDS’ for a reason. The reason is they ensured quality and came up with a variety of specialized products for a long time. That’s how they became a brand. Also, they try to maintain a clean track record and prioritize the safety of their customers. They have the most to lose from a bad record.

That’s why it’s better to purchase an established brand. However, if you purchase from less known brands, make sure you know what other peoples have reviewed about that product.

Brands also come with a structured, better after sales policy. Like warranty, guarantee, money-back, and repair. This secures your spending on that product. We don’t have much to lose, right?


Coming up with a price range will narrow your list down. Determine which price you’re willing to pay beforehand, and look for the best option in that range.

However, going for super cheap unknown brands isn’t a wise choice, you do not want to take risks with a ladder.

Many people avoid brands for fear of high price. That’s not necessarily true. Most of the time they provide good quality within affordable range. As they are producing a lot of that product, the cost goes down, so do the price. Some sophisticated product might cost higher, but if you see you can get that by expanding your budget a little, go for it.

You get what you pay for. There isn’t much exception to that.

Other Factors

Never go for a second hand, used ladder even that is a brand product. You don’t know what it has gone through. Don’t get lured into that kind of purchase regardless of how attractive it sounds.

Make sure your ladder is compatible with the adjacent nature. You don’t want to bring a structure that hampers the natural look of the surroundings, this might affect the very cause you bought it for.

Do not purchase a ladder that has not gone through tests and approved by TMA (Treestands Manufacturers Association).

Benefits of Using the Ladder Stand for Bowhunting


A tree stand is a good option to track your prey from above. There are three types of tree stands. Ladder tree stand, climbing tree stand and Hang-on tree stand. Each has their own benefits, but it’s the ladder tree stand that has been gained most popularity among seasoned hunters.

The idea of a ladder tree stand is simple. It offers a platform to sit and wait, attached on top of a ladder. The structure is rested against a tree, which must be a tree with a straight trunk.

So why a ladder stand is better? Because it facilitates easy climbing for the hunter. The platform is rested quite solidly against the tree, so it will not be a problem for those with a height phobia. The structure makes less sound, as it is supported by ladder. A little sound can alert your target.

Ladder stands are comfortable, and the best option if you want to bring your child along on a hunting trip.


The downside with the ladder stand is it is bulkier and heavier than other types of stands. So if you like to move a lot on a hunting trip, ladder stand might not be the best option for you.

People who like to come back to a specific spot, and hunt on a regular basis, will find the arrangement easier. Some even set it up on a permanent basis. The weight ensures that the possibility of theft is very low, so that’s an assurance.

You should consider covering the stand after every trip if you’re going to leave it there. In this way, it will be safe during rainfall.

For setting up a ladder stand, you need to find the right tree, with a straight trunk and not too many branches. Before every trip, do not forget to check the straps and joints. It’s always better to stay safe than sorry.


Unless you fall in a false sense of heroism, there’s no need to torture yourself on a hunting trip. You should allow yourself as much comfort as you can because you will be waiting for long hours in the hunting spot.

A tree stand is a good mean of staying invisible to your targets. Among the types, ladder tree stand has become more popular over the years. Not only it can carry more weight while ensuring stability, it provides more comfortable option than the other types.

Make sure you take advantage of that facility. Do not settle without the best ladder stand for bowhunting that meets your requirements. You do not want to come back home empty-handed, we don’t want that either. For accuracy of the targeted shooting you can use single pin bow sight with your bow.

Our top list was compiled after a thorough research. We are confident you’ll find something that interests you in this list. Happy hunting!

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