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Well, truth be told, even with the best hunting equipment, remaining undetected in the wild throughout a whole hunting trip has always been a challenge for most hunters for quite a long time.

Well, the animals we’re hunting definitely have better senses than we do and due to this, they definitely have a much bigger advantage than us in the wild besides the fact that they have a much better mastery of the wild than we do.

That being said, it is of utmost importance that you do whatever it takes in order to try and balance the playing field as much as possible which is where getting the best layout blind come into play.

Well, you could construct your own layout blind but this would be time-consuming and tiring which is where we come in. We’re obliged to give you 6 of the top rated layout blinds you could get for the money in 2019 and to add icing to the cake, we’ll be throwing in a detailed buying guide before we conclude our reviews.

Before you go ahead and delve into our detailed reviews, you might want to have a look at our comparison chart. Here are 6 of the best from our reviews.

ImageNameEditor's RatingPrice
ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Zero-Gravity Layout BlindALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Zero-Gravity Layout Blind
ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Zero-Gravity Layout Blind 9.6/10 Check Price
Beavertail Big Gunner Layout Blind, Max-4
Beavertail Big Gunner Layout Blind, Max-4
Beavertail Big Gunner Layout Blind, Max-4 9.4/10 Check Price
Wildfowler Big Man Layout Blind, Wildgrass
Wildfowler Big Man Layout Blind, Wildgrass
Wildfowler Big Man Layout Blind, Wildgrass 9.4/10 Check Price

Our Top 6 Layout Blind Reviews of 2019

I’m sure that by the time we’re done, you’ll definitely be having the best layout blind for the money just a click away. Let’s get started, shall we?

#1 ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Zero-Gravity Layout Blind

ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Zero-Gravity Layout Blind
ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Zero-Gravity Layout Blind

Kicking off our review is one really good layout blind from ALPS OutdoorZ. As recommended on any suitable layout blind that’s above average, concealment and comfort have been observed to the later in the design of this layout blind.

A zero-gravity chair

Now here’s a design unlike any other as far as layout blinds are concerned. This one comes with a zero-gravity chair that keeps you off the ground and simultaneously allows you to keep a low profile.

The best part about this layout blind is that there is no assembly design and you can set it up in a matter of minutes.

A padded headrest

In addition to outstanding chair design into the layout blind, there is also the padded headrest which saves you from any fatigue or discomfort. This way, you’ll barely notice as the time flies by and since you’ll definitely be spending more time hunting, the odds of striking a really good catch are quite high

Floorless design

For the sake of easy cleanup and to increase the durability of the layout blind, you will be using the ground as your floor. This, besides making the blind easy to clean does increase its durability as well.

Shoulder straps for hands-free transportation

When it comes to moving from one spot to the other, you can easily and comfortably be able to do this with the aid of the shoulder straps.

Something else that you’ll definitely appreciate on the design is that the flare sides, besides blending into the surroundings will also provide extra storage for your gear which gives you one more reason to get this. There are also two extra pockets on the blind to create more room for the storage of even more gear.

Heavy duty threaded stakes

Just in case you may need to use this blind in low-temperature conditions or any frozen terrain, the stakes are threaded which increases their longevity even in rough conditions.

What’s to like
  • It comes with a lot of storage space for all your hunting gear.
  • The blind has got heavy-duty threaded stakes for durability even in frozen terrain
  • It includes shoulder straps for hands-free transportation.
What’s not to like
  • It takes a little extra grass to brush it but once you’re done it’ll look great.

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#2 Ameristep Duck Commander Landing Strip Layout Blinds

Ameristep Duck Commander Landing Strip Layout BlindsAmeristep Duck Commander Landing Strip Layout Blinds

If you’re looking for something simple in design but definitely up to the task, I’m pretty sure that the Realtree Max 4 is definitely going to blow you away.

Here’s what it packs under the hood.

A full-length padded seat and a headrest

Till in the recent past, comfort has been greatly overlooked by most manufacturers of layout blinds and the results from using these blinds have been, as expected, quite disappointing.

In order to ensure this is not the case for this blind from Ameristep, it has for a full-length padded seat with the headrest having a really good amount of padding to it. this way, there’ll be less fatigue which is a plus for any dedicated hunter as you could stay out all day.

600D polyester fabric

Something else that really caught my attention besides the level of comfort this layout blind offers is the quality construction it’s got.

With the 600 Denier fabric, you’ll basically be working with one of the best materials as far as weatherproofing is concerned. Most importantly, the 600D fabric has got quite a good longevity; you could say it’s the best you could possibly get in this price range.

It is also water resistant and will be quite ideal for use in muddy conditions or moderate rain.

A heavy-duty aluminum frame with steel joints

To back up the 600D fabric, you’ll be having a heavy-duty aluminum frame which is lightweight and at the same time really strong and not susceptible to corrosion or rusting hence guaranteed longevity.

The steel frames are held together by heavy-duty steel joints and with such a configuration, it’s going to hold up quite well even in harsh environments.

6 profile settings

One more thing that you’ll definitely appreciate on this layout blind is the fact that it’s got 6 profile settings to adjust the frame.

You and set it based on the comfort level you desire as well as the level of concealment your surrounding demands of you for optimal results.


  • Build with the 600D fabric for both longevity and safety while out hunting.
  • It does come in 4 camo patterns to suit most environments.
  • 6 profile settings for multiple frame adjustments


  • The door flaps don’t really seem to have enough slots for foliage.

#3 Ameristep Duck Commander Runway Blinds

Ameristep Duck Commander Run Way BlindsAmeristep Duck Commander Run Way Blinds

Yet another one from Ameristep is the Realtree Max 5. From the one we’ve just taken a look at, we won’t be expecting anything less than an outstanding performance from this one.

But doe sit really live to its brand name? will it give you the best and most comfortable time out in the wild? What about portability?

There’s plenty that defines the best layout blind and it’s time we find out whether this one cuts it.

A heavy-duty aluminum frame

The rule of thumb as far as layout blinds are concerned is that if the support is not good enough, then it’s not really worth having out while hunting.

Still at that. The fact that this one comes with a heavy-duty aluminum frame means that you’ll have less weight to worry about hence transporting it will be a walk in the park.

Most importantly, aluminum is one of the most durable materials you could get on any layout blind since it won’t give in to corrosion and it’s really strong hence will keep the blind up at all times.

600D polyester fabric construction

As for the camo fabric, it’s made of high-quality 600D fabric which is one of the best in the market for layout blinds.

With the 600D polyester, it’s bound to withstand wear and tear since it is rugged which deems it eligible for use in rather rough environments.

Something else you should know about the 600D polyester is that it’s going to offer you some degree of weatherproofing as well

Comfortable design

Finally, it is worth pointing out that this is one really comfortable blind for hunting. Well, of course, you’ll be comfortable once you set it up correctly.

The seat is padded and the same goes for the headrest which altogether functions to keep fatigue at a minimal.

What’s to like

  • It is made from 600D high-quality rugged polyester for utmost durability outdoors
  • The frames are made of heavy-duty aluminum which is lightweight and durable offering both support and longevity.
  • Both the seat and the headrest are padded to minimize fatigue

What’s not to like

  • The top tends to slide down unless you lay on the bar at the bottom of the brace.

#4 Beavertail Big Gunner Layout Blind, Max-4

Beavertail Big Gunner Layout Blind, Max-4
Beavertail Big Gunner Layout Blind, Max-4

We’re all about giving you the best layout blind for the money and we’re doing good so far. Coming up third on our reviews is the Beavertail Big Gunner Layout Blind. Offering both comfort and a really good level of concealment, you definitely won’t be disappointed by this blind.

Backpack-style carry harness

Starting off with the design, this layout blind is going to be pretty convenient to have with you out while out hunting. Just in case you may need to move to a new spot, it’s got backpack-style straps to aid in carrying it from one place to another.

This will come in handy quite well especially if you have a lot of hunting gear with you.

Both waterproof and windproof

Besides having a design that’s one of a kind, this layout blind is made out of 600 denier fabric which is bound to withstand even the harshest conditions.

It also boasts to have 100% waterproof and windproof construction hence you could hunt regardless of how unfriendly the weather is.

Comfortable design

The seat on this blind has a contoured design which will give you a really good support for both your head and neck to minimize fatigue.

The blind also does have a spring-loaded lift-assist backrest that’s got 2 settings. One for a subtle lift and the other for an amped up angle which allows you to get into position fast. As for the seat pads, these are closed-cell and non-absorbing pads.

Still, at the comfort, it’s worth pointing out that this blind has for an increased elbow, chest and leg space with larger doors to allow for optimal movement and easy entry and exit. There is also a face and mesh area included in the design that at the same time ensures that you maintain a sleep profile.

Lightweight and durable frame construction

For the frame, it’s a blend of durable polyethylene and aluminum square tube construction. Either of these will give you a longevity unlike most blinds in its class.

What’s to like

  • Made out of 600D fabric and 100% waterproof and windproof polyester for round the clock usage and durability.
  • It has got two settings for the backrest each of which comes in handy in different hunting situations.
  • There’s just the right amount of room inside for you to move comfortably

What’s not to like

  • Though there’s enough room inside, it might be a little troublesome to suppress the seat.

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#5 Wildfowler Big Man Layout Blind, Wildgrass

Wildfowler Big Man Layout Blind, Wildgrass
Wildfowler Big Man Layout Blind, Wildgrass

Coming up second last on our review is the Wildfowler Big Man Layout Blind. Well, as the name suggests, this really is best suited for someone with an above average body size.

Weighing only 22 lbs. and measuring 32” W x 72” L x 22” H, you’ll be surprised by how good a layout blind this really is since there’s more to it than just having a lot of room inside.

A closer look:

Lightweight and easy to carry around

As far as mobility is concerned, you’ll only have 22 lbs. to worry about and the truth is told, this is really not that heavy a layout blind.

To make it much simpler for you to use outdoors, there are carrying straps included as well. Also, taking it down and setting it up is quite easy as you can do this in only a matter of seconds.

Spring-loaded wings

Yet another feature that’s going to blow your mind on this blind is the entry and exit mechanism. The wings are spring loaded meaning they’re going to stay closed if the wind is blowing too strong and you can also open them up all the way for an easy exit from the blind. This feature will also be giving you quite a lot of freedom when it’s time to shoot- definitely one of the best layout blind in the market.

The seat

The seat boasts a reclining design and it also comes with an integrated seat cushion that also does have an integrated headrest which provides a great level of comfort.

While seated, you will also have enough room to spread your legs since the end of this blind is completely open for the sake of all hunters.


Yet another feature that you’ll find amazing is the camouflaging property of this layout blind. Besides the camouflaging that comes with the fabric itself, it also does have camouflage straps which let hunters add natural foliage on the blind for complete concealment.

With regard to the large size of this blind, you’ll definitely find this feature quite useful.

What’s to like

  • It’s large in size and has got an open end to offer enough room even to the large hunters.
  • It’s got spring-loaded wings that can be shut closed when it’s windy and open wholly when it’s time to shoot or during entry or exit.
  • The seat is reclined and well cushioned for utmost comfort as you hunt.

What’s not to like

  • The floor is sewn in and might take some time to get sparkling clean.

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#6 Guide Gear Deluxe Waterfowl Hunting Blind

Wrapping up our reviews is a layout blind that holds up amazingly well on the aesthetics and build-quality and at the same time, it doesn’t compromise on doing what it’s meant to.

The Guide Gear Deluxe Waterfowl Hunting Blind comes with a durable material construction that’ll stand up quite well even in the harshest of weathers. At the same time, it’s not really heavy and being so, these two features blow out others in its class leaving it as the top rated layout blind you could possibly get.

What’s under the hood:

Over 100 subtle straps

In some cases, you may need to add a little more camouflaging to your layout blind and the best way to do this is make your blind a part of your environment which is where the subtle straps come in.

With over 100 of these, you can add additional brush and blend with your environment easily hence standing out to be the best layout blind for goose hunting, ducks and other waterfowl.

A lightweight and durable steel frame

With the frame being lightweight, durable and made of steel, it’s not going to succumb to corrosion or rust even when exposed to moisture. At the same time, portability won’t be an issue since the lightweight nature of steel makes mobility amazingly easy.

Quality material construction

This layout blind has got the 300-denier fabric as well. This, even though it’s not really as good as the 600D fabric will still be up to the task.

The 300D polyester offers complete protection against rain, sleet, and other nasty weather conditions. As for the bottom of the Guide Gear Deluxe Waterfowl Hunting Blind, you’ll be having a weatherproof PVC which does not retain moisture and simultaneously protects you from dirt and mud.

There I also a heavy-duty double stitching at all the stress points of this layout blind which aids in preventing tearing.

Utmost comfort

In addition to the durable construction this layout blind does have, it is also just as comfortable. The interior is roomy and it also does have an outstanding lumbar support which means no fatigue. There are also mesh doors that pop open in a flash every time you’d want to aim at your target.

What’s to like

  • It’s to a water-resistant 300D polyester fabric for protection against moisture.
  • There are over 100 subtle straps for addition additional brush to make you blend in even more.
  • Boasts a lightweight and durable steel frame which increases the longevity of this blind

What’s not to like

  • Assembling and disassembling is a little bit cumbersome.

Best Layout Blind – What to Consider Before Buying

As promised, let’s take a look at the key things you’ll need to have in mind before you go ahead and make your purchase while shopping for the best layout blind, shall we?

Concealment- How Good it Really is

The main reason as to why you are getting the blind is so that you can blend into the surrounding environment as much as possible and above all else, the blind should observe this to the latter.

The best blinds will normally come with camo patterns of a high resolution and even better, you could look for one that is specifically designed for unique environments- you’ll just now one when you see it.

Truth be told, picking one can be quite confusing and it may take sometime before you could actually settle on something that you deem eligible for use. there are some that come in khaki colors which means that’ll be ideal in tilled fields. Others come in crop-specific colors whereas others such as will blend into most environments.

It’s entirely a matter of personal opinion since not everything is guaranteed to work for everyone.

Ease of Movement

Mobility is yet another aspect that should not be overlooked as far as getting the best layout blind is concerned. Most blinds in the market come with a weight limit that is under 25 lbs. which isn’t really that heavy, right?

They should be generally lightweight and even more importantly be able to fold up easily to a smaller size that makes navigation easy. If you want something more comfortable, you could go for a layout blind that also does have straps which are easy to handle while moving around and they’ll also save on a lot of storage space on your hunting backpack.

As for the frames, I’d recommend that you go for a hunting blind that’s got lightweight metals such as aluminum or steel.

Durable Design

Yet another thing you ought to pay close attention to is the blind’s design. In this case, I’d like to really focus on the fabric material.

More often than not, manufacturers end up sacrificing the weight for durability or the other way around whereas there ought to be a balance between the two.

You should go for a blind with a fabric that is rough enough to be able to withstand even the most severe environments. Apart from this, it is best that the fabric be 100% weatherproof and, in this case, what you should be worried about is strong winds and rain so that just in case the weather starts getting cold while you’re out hunting, you’ll be free of any worries.

Comfortable is Always Better

One of the key aspects you need to uphold in order to become the ultimate hunter is patience. Hunting is basically a waiting game and on the good days, you might spend little time whereas, on the bad days, you may have to wait for quite a long time before you strike your catch or even for your target comes within your hunting rage.

As such, the blind you choose to go with should be as comfortable as possible. Well, a simple way to put it is that the best layout blind should basically be as comfortable as your bed.

By avoiding the distractions that come from being in an uncomfortable posture, you can then be able to invest all of your focus on the animal you’re hunting.

Easy to Hunt From

As much as they may have the most durable materials and offer the best camouflaging capabilities, they definitely won’t do you any good if they are not easy enough for you to hunt from.

Some blinds come with a mesh screen that looks in your direction hence easy to see your target while maintaining concealment. Other blinds will offer an easy time aiming and shooting at your prey.

You could also consider getting a blind that is large in size since you’ll have utmost certainty that you won’t lose your gear even when they fall as they will be within the blind.

How to Use a Layout Blind?

With the dawn of the hunting season, the last thing you’d want is to get to the hunting grounds with the best blinds but without any clue of how to use one.

Taking this into account, here’s how you should go about when it comes to using your blind.

  • Familiarize with your blind

This does not have to be necessarily done when it’s the hunting season. Prior to the hunting season. Indulge in some shooting to get used to shooting in a seated position. When it comes to the real thing, it’s going to be much easier for you to hit your target.

  • Position your blinds carefully

As compared to standing, shooting while seated isn’t really that easy. For the right-handed shooters, rotating to the right is difficult and vice versa for the lefties.

To avoid this, you could position the blinds in such a way that you maximize on the number of shots taken on the side the shotgun points naturally.

To do this, you could rotate the blind such that the foot end is slight to the right if the birds land straight ahead of the area where you expect the birds to land.

  • You might want to dig the layout blind in the ground

if you’re above average in size, you might want to dig in the layout blind a few inches into the ground. This way it won’t be difficult to bring yourself upright when it’s time to shoot as digging it inputs you I an already-upright position

  • Patience and flexibility

The best way to increase the odds of striking your target is letting the birds get as close as possible which is where your patience game comes into play. When taking your shot, you might want to pull up the leg on your shooting-hand side hence positioning the foot slightly below the underside of the other knee.

Final Verdict

There’s a comparison chart, the detailed reviews and we’ve summed up our reviews with a detailed buying guide to give you a head start of what to consider in order to end up with the best layout blind. With all these

There’s no way you could go wrong.

But here’s the thing…

Even though you may be having the best blind, you’ll want to employ proper maintenance and care in order for it to last as long as possible. The last thing you’d want is to make a replacement of your blind just after a few times usage, right?

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