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We all have a lot of hobbies which in many cases we cannot finish saying. There are lots of people from some strange classes out there who enjoy catching aquatic animals. Staying in the water, these people hunt various kinds of aquatic birds, fish, Duck, water monitor and many more.

The most important thing for these waterfowl hunters is waterfowl blind bag. Those who are involved in these activities can understand the necessity of these bags. This bag will offer you help in all the hunting activities. Most of the time newbie face the most difficulties to buy waterfowl blind bag. This is because it is really tough to choose a specific one from the hundreds of the branded bags available on the market. That is why we would like to review the best waterfowl blind bag today.

Our review will include the details, specification, features, advantages, and disadvantages of each parts of the bag. We would present the actual condition of each bag to you through perfect analysis. For that, you would easily understand which bag is suitable for you, which bag you should use for what purpose etc. After going through our review, you would be able to buy bags like an expert even though you are the newbie at the aquatic animal hunting. So let us now give you the detailed idea about waterfowl bags.

What is the best waterfowl blind bag? Take a look at our top selection here…

5 Best Waterfowl Blind Bag Reviews

The main problem for Waterfall Hunters is to find out a hunting bag that is after one’s heart. Especially those who do not have the good idea about the bag get cheated by buying poor quality bags.

So we do not want anyone get cheated by buying any bag. That is why we have come up with the review of the Best Waterfowl Blind Bag. After conducting a lot of research, we have chosen the best quality bags. For that, we have taken into our consideration the opinion of experienced hunters, different bag specialists and Amazon product reviews. So now we would offer you the detailed information about the best 5 Blind Hunting Bags one by one. Now have a look at what are the best bags of the current time.

1. Alps Outdoorz Delta Waterfowl Floating Deluxe Blind Bag

ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Floating Deluxe Blind BagALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Floating Deluxe Blind Bag

We have got the Delta Waterfowl Floating Deluxe Blind Bag in the first place in our review which is made by the world-famous bag manufacturer ALPS. The bag is worthy of getting the first position due to its quality, performance, and advantages. Each cell of the bag has been made with anti-absorbent foam. So there is no possibility of water to enter inside the bag. They are also giving you assurance about that. Similarly, every compartment and screen of the bag is also waterproof. Due to the waterproof feature, your hunting gears will not any touch of water at any point.

According to the size of the hunting gears, there are many pockets in the bag so that you can conveniently put all the gears inside it. Apart from that, there is the removable divider inside which will let you make the room a lot bigger after removing the divider. To offer you convenience in your work, they also have put LED light in it which is removable. This LED light is very useful in the night. The excellent design of the bag has given it a premium look. It has very strong ribbons for hanging on the shoulder. All the zippers are of the very good quality so it does not get rust. Keeping the demand of the hunters in their mind, they have made it in two sizes. You can choose any one of the standard size or large size as per your need.

Amazing Features

We would now present some of the amazing features of this bag. So you can understand why the bag is placed in the queue of the best things.

The Cell is Made from Anti-Absorbent Foam

Each cell of this bag is made of anti-absorbent foam. The foam cells cannot absorb anything so that there is no possibility of entering water or air or anything inside it. If any substance is absorbent, then it can absorb and take that inside if any liquid substance falls on it. Keeping that in mind, the manufacturing company has sealed the absorbing capacity of the cell. So we can assure you that every gear inside the bag will remain safe from the danger of getting wet in the water.

Waterproof Compartment

The compartment of the bag has been made in the waterproof formula. There is no chance of entering water inside it even if you hunt walking in the water. Even a drop of water cannot penetrate inside through the zipper. Due to the waterproof facility, there will be no damage to your bag though you rinse your bag all the day and night in water. They have the full guarantee that your hunting elements will be completely dry when you are in hunting.

Removable Partitions

There is a removable divider inside the bag, as a result, you can create partitions if you want or you can keep only a single compartment in the whole bag. The partition is removable and due to which you can customize the bag as you like. When you need to keep a large size gear then you can take off the partition and keep your gear in the larger compartment. And when you have to take a lot of hunting gears then you can attach the dividers to the right places.

Special Pocket for Cell Phone

Your cell phone is very expensive. The manufacturer has taken the matter seriously. That is why they have put a dedicated pocket inside the bag for mobile phone. You can safely keep your phone in the pocket. Even if you face any storm your phone will be fully safe. The pocket is water resistant and it protects your mobile from injury.

Suitable for Night Hunting

You will be surprised to know that the bag is greatly suitable for hunting at night. The reason is they are giving an LED light with the bag. You can use this light to see the way or you can see everything in the bag putting the light inside. This LED light will give you the perfect assistance in the dark night.

  • Made of anti-absorbent foam.
  • Waterproof main compartment offers the guarantee to protect the whole bag from water.
  • Because of the removable divider, there is the facility to customize the bag as per wish.
  • Bags are available in two sizes.
  • Guarantee of not damaging in water.
  • Dedicated pocket for protecting mobile phone.
  • High quality and attractive design.
  • Hughes space.
  • There is no slot for choke tube.
  • The price of the standard size bag is higher than the large size.

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2. ALPS Outdoorz Delta Waterfowl Backpack Blind Bag

ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Backpack Blind Bag
ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Backpack Blind Bag

Another bag of ALPS Outdoorz has got the 2nd place in our today’s review. Their delta waterfowl backpack is a little bit different. Those who are not comfortable using the small bags can choose this bag easily. You can keep all the hunting gears in this 21inches long backpack. Below the bag, there is a hard bottom that protects the bag from falling down. It can also keep the bag stand in the water. The bag compound system is so nice that you can easily keep the gun boot, hard sunglass case, choke tube holder, and water bottle inside it.

And yes, the thing that is most necessary at the time of hunting in water is waterproof protection which is also available in this bag. Since the backpack is too big in size, it is normal that you will feel heavyweight if it is fully loaded. That is why they have added padded shoulder ribbons to it. With that, there is the waist belt which will let you feel comfortable when you carry the bag on your shoulder. Zippers are stainless so there is no scope to get rust on it. And they have also provided the removable LED light with it so that it would be your great hunting partner in the night.

Amazing Features

There are several features of this bag which will make you surprised. Take a look at some of the best features.

It Even keeps Standing in the Water

The special aspect of this bag is that it keeps standing in the water. There is a hard bottom under the bag for holding. If you put the bottom in the water and then keep the bag on it, this will still stand the water. Because of this facility, you do not have to go hunting taking it on your shoulder. Rather, you can do all the work floating it on the water. Since the bag will remain on this bottom, the water will not wet anything.

Extra Compartment

There is an extra compartment with this bag so that you can increase your storage capacity. Basically, the size of the bag is huge and because of the extra space, you will not miss anything to store in it. You can keep all the gears which are necessary for the aquatic hunting in the bag. You will hardly get a few more companies which will offer such more extra benefits with a bag. Even you can also take food items inside the bag.

Choke Tube Holding Facility

There are very few bags in the market to which you can keep the choke tube. But in this bag, you can keep choke tube easily. All hunting materials will be set in the huge space inside it. You can go hunting with all the important gears. Besides, you can also keep the boot gun, sunglass holder, and water bottles etc.

Comfortable Ribbon

The bag contains the comfortable padded ribbon. Even if you fully load the bag and carry it on your shoulder, your body will not get any effect of the weight. Because of the soft padded ribbon, you will not feel that you have a heavyweight bag on your shoulder. You can smoothly move here and there with the bag without any problem. Even you will not feel any pain in the shoulder. Overall, you will get the maximum comfort using the bag.

Large Size

Those who were frustrated after seeing the size of their first bag could get assured of it. The dimension of this bag is 21.5 “L x 14” W x 10. You can see it is a huge size bag to which you can keep everything. Even the choke tube can be easily added to it. This bag is much longer in length as well as very wide in width. There are 3 partitions and a lot of small pockets in the whole bag. Each pocket has been made according to the size of the gear.

  • Light in weight.
  • High-quality product.
  • Can stand on the hard bottom itself.
  • Water Resistance.
  • Large size.
  • Removable LED Light.
  • Soft padded ribbon.
  • A little bit higher price.
  • The ribbon is not removable.

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3. Darke Floating Blind Bag 2.0-Realtree Max-5-XL

Drake Floating Blind Bag 2.0 - X-Large
Drake Floating Blind Bag 2.0 - X-Large

The bag that we are going to review now may seem unfamiliar to you. Though new in the market, Drake remains on the top class in terms of the quality and facility. If you are looking for an extra large bag for Drake, then we can say this is the best drake blind bag. The bag is made of rugged PVC-backed HD2 ™ material. Everything is sealed with foam and padding so there is no fear of entering the water. For more precautions, they have used the internal waterproof liner. And the pockets are arranged in such a way that you can easily find out the necessary gears.

Their bag is available in two sizes, a total pocket number in large size bag is 18 and in the extra large bag, there are 20 pockets. Compartment and pocket zippers are 2-step waterproofs. Only a few bags can give such the security to save the gears from the water. You can carry the bag both on the arms and shoulders. All ribbons are very comfortable. The big advantage is that you can adjust the ribbons as your own will. In the bag, you can also keep sunglass in a completely protective state. And each of the materials used in it is of very good quality. Considering all, it is a great hunting bag that you can keep in your favorite list.

Amazing Features

If you are surprised after reading the description then there is still a shock for you again. See its features and get shocked at every moment.

Made of Rugged PVC Materials

All the components used in the bag are included in the Rugged PVC backed HD2 ™. The characteristic of these materials is that water cannot penetrate these. Likewise, these materials last for a long time so that the best quality is assured. Another characteristic of the material is that it does not get damaged in water. Due to these reasons, the stability of the bag is very high.

2 Step Water Resistance

Many bags have only one step of water resistance. There is no internal resistance inside the bag. But this bag contains the internal water register also. If the water enters inside for any reason the gears will not damage since every pocket of the compound is water resistant separately. Because of the 2-step resistance, the document will not get wet in water that we can confirm you. They maybe deserve an award for this special feature.

Adjustable Gear Slot

Some adjustable slots have been kept in the bag to keep the gears. In these slots, you will be able to keep gun case, sunglass holder etc. Besides, you can also adjust the water bottle near the handle. I do not know if anyone gives so much benefit with such the little money. Besides, due to the plenty of space inside the bag, you can customize it as you like. There is no such gear for aquatic hunting that you cannot keep in it.

Adjustable Ribbon

The ribbons of this bag have been made adjustable. You can hang the bag as you wish by increasing or decreasing the size of the ribbon. The ribbons are made of soft pad. For that reason, you will get much more comforts. You can also increase or decrease the size of the hand ribbon like the shoulder ribbon. The ribbons will adjust suitably no matter which position you are in.

Huge Space & Pockets

You can tell this bag as the source of lots of pockets. You will get a total of 18 pockets in a large size bag. The number of pockets increased further in extra large size bag that has total 20 pockets. Just imagine how much space a bag can contain which has a total of 20 pockets. In addition to pockets, there are lots of spaces inside the main compartment. There you can keep everything you need. You can also keep food items there.

  • Made from high-quality rugged PVC materials.
  • There are plenty of spaces and pockets inside the bag.
  • Soft pad ribbon which is adjustable.
  • Internal water resistance system.
  • Sunglass and gun loop holder.
  • Sealed by pad and foam.
  • Padded back.
  • Weight is too much because of large size.
  • New in the market so fewer reviews.

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4. ALPS Outdoorz Delta Waterfowl Floating Blind Bag

ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Floating Blind Bag
ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Floating Blind Bag

We have to go back to the ALPS again at the serial number 4 of the review. In fact, they produce so good quality hunting bags that we had to keep 3 bags of them of the best 5 bags. Their Delta Waterfowl Floating Blind Bag is undoubtedly the best drake blind bag. This bag is square shaped that is very light in weight. It is a perfect bag to go hunting for a short time. Even though it is a small size bag, they have added the convenience of keeping choke tube. But not only one you can keep three chokes tubes in it.

This bag is also made of anti-absorbent foam which guarantees to keep your gear safe. There is a divider inside the huge main compartment. And you will get extra space because there are pockets on both sides of the divider. To organize your gear nicely, they have also attached pockets outside. The zippers are so smooth that there is no problem to close / open even it is wet in the water. There is the soft handle for easy carrying. The soft padded ribbons have been added for the shoulder. For that, you will get full comfort on your shoulder no matter your bag is fully loaded.

Amazing Features

ALPS always made bags with lots of features. Some amazing features of this bag are presented in front of you.

Sealed Foam Ensures the Gear to Keep Dry

Sealed foam is used in this as the material. As a result, it cannot absorb water. If the water is not absorbed then it cannot penetrate inside. Since the foam does not absorb any liquid, the bag is protected from water. And you can safely keep the gear inside the bag. Although hunting throughout the day, your loving hunting gears will be completely dry. You will feel that your hunting gears are in a dry place.

Internal Divider

There is the divider in the main compound inside the bag. In the same slot, you will get two partitions. As a result, you can keep kits on both sides. To give you more space, there are pockets in the divider placed on the middle of the two partitions. The pockets are also fairly large in size. Since these are inner pockets so are safe from the water. Besides, there is also a front pocket for quick access.

Choke Tubes Holding Facility

Those who were disappointed to see the reviews of the bag at number 1 in our review will be happy to know about this bag. There is the arrangement for holding three choke tubes inside the bag. Although small in size, you will be able to keep everything in this gag. Since the size is smaller so the weight is less too. This is a perfect bag for those who do not like large bags.

Comfortable Ribbon

The bag contains ribbons on both the shoulders and arms. Both the two ribbons are very comfortable, which are made from the soft pad. If the bag is fully loaded, you will not get any pain holding it in hand. The soft pad inside the ribbon will reduce the weight mostly. The same should be applied to the ribbons of the shoulder. Shoulder ribbons are more comfortable. Apart from this, you can adjust the comfort zone to the shoulder ribbons.

Best Dark Blind Bag

This is called the best bag for Drake. It did not get the best bag title for any simple reason. Despite being small, it has the convenience of keeping three choke tubes, two side pockets in the partition, front pockets, anti-absorbing foam and considering all it is a great bag for Drake. Despite having so many advantages, the price of the bag is very low. The bag is on the top for Drake in terms of everything like the advantages, comfort, size, weight, quality etc. This bag is a blessing for those who hunt for a short time.

  • Water resistant.
  • Facility of keeping 3 choke tubes.
  • There is the pocket on the two sides of the partition divider.
  • Front pocket for quick work.
  • Extra soft pad ribbons.
  • Hand caring facility.
  • Very small in size.
  • There is no bottom landing module.
  • Due to small size, large equipment cannot be kept in it.

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5. Mossy Oak Drawdown Timber bag

Mossy Oak Drawdown Timber Bag
Mossy Oak Drawdown Timber Bag

We have a unique hunting bag at number 3 in our review. The Mossy Oak has made this bag with fiber going out of the traditional way. This is a waterproof floating blind bag. There is a waterproof module at the bottom of the bag. This module helps the bag stay floating straightly on the water. At the same time, it also provides protection against moisture. To protect your gears from water, they have made the zippers waterproof.

There is no possibility of water entering through the gap of the zipper. And the interesting thing is that the head of the zippers are big enough so that you can put more energy. They have made lots of pockets inside the main compartment to give more security to your expensive goods. These pockets are always out of touch with water. The biggest advantage is that you can keep the choke tube inside the bag. If you have the choke tube with you then you can hunt down anything. Another feature of this bag is that it is the best floating blind bag. The experienced persons have given this opinion.

Amazing Features

You will understand why it is called the best floating blind bag after going through some amazing features. So now take a look at those features.

Made of Fiver

The bag has been made from fiber materials. We know that fiber materials are always of good quality. So if you buy this bag you will be assured of the quality. The bigger thing is that no liquids can penetrate through the fiber. So your bag is naturally waterproof. There is no chance to enter water inside and damage the gears.

Standing Module

There is a molded module at the bottom side of the bag. It works as a bag floor and keeps the bag standing in the water. The floor is as smooth as a plate. Due to such a beautiful module, the bag can easily float in the water. There is no fear of tilting in the air. Since it is a self-standing bag, you do not have to walk mile after mile taking this on your shoulder. The bag will float in the water and go with you.

Waterproof Zipper

The bag is made with the waterproof zipper. Zipper heads are much larger in size. In many bags, it is seen that the water penetrates inside through the zipper. But in the case of this bag, you have no fear like that. As soon as you close the zipper, the waterproof wall is made. At that time, water cannot penetrate through the zipper anyhow. Since everything like zipper, fabric etc. are waterproof so there is no fear of damaging your bag by water.

Internal Pocket

You will get internal pocket inside the bag that means the inner pocket of the compound. It is like another wall inside the wall. It is not possible for water to reach the pocket. You can keep your most sensitive gears in these pockets. Besides, you can keep the water bottle in the outer pocket. But the outer pockets are not so safe like the inner pockets.

Dedicated Space for Choke Tube

Choke tube is a very important weapon for aquatic hunting. Many bags do not have the advantage of keeping this important weapon. This bag offers that facility properly. There is separate space inside for choke tube. So, there will be no problem for you to hunt your aquatic birds. As a hunter, you can keep almost all weapons in the bag.

  • Adjusted bottom module.
  • Can keep standing in the water itself.
  • Fiber made the high quality waterproof floating bag.
  • Zippers are water resistant.
  • There are the internal pockets inside for extra protection.
  • Extra pocket for water bottles.
  • The zipper is much smaller.
  • The outer pocket is not waterproof.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Waterfowl Blind Bag

Before buying the waterfowl hunting bag you’ve to know some point of this bag. Looking at our buying guide, you can understand what thing you should check before buying a bag. Now have a look at what factors you should emphasize more during purchasing bag.

Check Whether the bag is Waterproof or Not

Check Whether the bag is Waterproof or Not

The very first thing you need to check while buying Waterfowl Blind Bag is that whether the bag is waterproof or not. This is because the job of this bag is to keep the hunting gears safe in the water. If the bag is not waterproof then your precious gears will be damaged entering water inside.

Waterproof bags are essential for hunting aquatic animals. Some bags contain double layer water resistant system. That means the inside part is also waterproof separately. If you get a bag like this, it would be great for you. But if you do not get that, then buy at least 1 set water resistance bag checking properly.

Be Sure Whether There is Enough Space or Not

During purchasing the bag, you must check whether there is enough space inside or not. If you get little space in your bag then you cannot keep more gears inside. In addition to this, check the partitions, internal divider and pocket properly. If you have such the space to keep all the hunting gears in that bag, you can choose the bag without any tension.


The zipper is very important in the case of Waterfowl Blind Bag. The reason is if the zipper is not waterproof, then the water can enter inside and damage everything. The zipper of these bags must be waterproof. Besides, the zipper should be stainless. If not, it will get rust with the touch of the water. If the zipper is of good quality, then all the gears inside your bag will remain safe.


waterfowl blind bag ribbon

Although many do not give much importance to it, the ribbon is very important for Waterfowl Blind Bag. If the ribbon is hard, it can get you severe pain in your shoulder. While purchasing a bag, take a look at whether the ribbon is soft padded or not.

If it is a soft padded ribbon, you would not feel much weight of the bag on your shoulder even the bag is fully loaded. Besides, if the bag is with such ribbon to carry in your hands then it would be better. Do not buy a bag with hard ribbon in any case.


As you would hunt in the water, the bag must be floating. If your bag sinks below the water, you will lose all your gears. However, the companies also produce all the bags having the floating feature. So you do not have to think so much about it. You can find more information here about the waterfowl blind bags.

Final Words

We have finished the best 5 bag reviews so far. Our full review is now in the final phase. We believe that we have been able to present you with sufficient information regarding the waterfowl hunting bag. For each bag, we have described everything like the description, features, advantages, and disadvantages of the product. Hopefully, you can choose the best bag yourself after reading the review.

All the bags mentioned in our review of the best waterfowl blind bag are unique in quality. If you like the small bag, you can choose one of the 3 small bags and if you prefer the big one then chose any from the rest of the two bags. Finally, we wish you hunt more and more after purchasing the best quality bag.

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