Caddis deluxe breathable chest waders reviews

A reliable pair of waders is what you need when going out fishing, duck hunting or when you just want to muck around your pond in the backyard. There is really no need why you should get all wet just because you need to do something in the water and that is what waders are designed for anyway; to keep the water out and keep you warm even when wading through the cold waters. Read this caddis deluxe breathable chest waders reviews to know more.

The Caddies Men’s attractive 2 tone tauped deluxe stocking foot wader is one of the best waders you can select for your hunting or fishing activity. It is made from a lightweight polyester material that will not allow any water in and at the same time it is breathable so you remain very comfortable even when you choose to extend your fishing session out there. Whether you plan to hunt in the warmer weather of colder weather, you can be sure to experience an exceptional level of comfort wearing the Caddies stocking-foot wader.

The 2 tone design is immediately noticeable and is what makes the wader appealing over others. It is actually one of the most attractive and unique pair of waders you can find. The waterproof pocket is worth mentioning as a design element and a functional one for that matter. With the pocket so conveniently located, you will have an easy time keeping your keys and other items safe and without worrying that they will get all wet .

Caddis Men's Attractive 2-Tone Tauped Deluxe Breathable Stocking Foot WaderCaddis Men's Attractive 2-Tone Tauped Deluxe Breathable Stocking FootWader

This wader may not come with wading boots included, but the stockings included are quite handy and good in keeping cold and water out. It gives you the freedom to choose the best wading boots for the kind of conditions you will be exposed to so you have the flexibility to make changes whenever the conditions require you do so. Also noticeable is the high chest wader design that comes supported by suspenders that are comfortable so you do not need to keep pulling your waders in place all the time. All the seams on this wader are taped glued and stitched for assured waterproofing. The knees are also double gusseted to add durability and toughness and at the same time prevent any puncturing that could be possible depending on where you are wading.

Caddis deluxe breathable chest waders reviews of the breathable technology

The breathability of this wader is one of the outstanding aspects making it stand out from most waders available in the market today. It is one thing to keep water out, but quite another if you end up sweating up all wet once the temperatures change just because your wader is not breathable. The Caddies Men’s attractive 2 tone tauped wader empoys CaddisDry fabric technology that makes it waterproof but breathable. The CaddisDry Waterproof and breathable fabric layer keeps water molecules out so no water enters but at the same time it allows smaller vapor molecules to exit so you remain most comfortable in all seasons.

  • Caddis uses breathable material that gives anglers superior comfort in all weather conditions and temperatures
  • The two tone design gives the waders an attractive, appealing look making it a favorite for many anglers and fishers because of how unique it looks
  • The knees are double padded to increase durability and limit level of damage on bones in case of accidental falls and slips
  • The attached stockings keep water out and are highly durable too an they are oversized to offer extra room for socks especially in colder conditions
  • The wader is chest high and has comfortable durable suspenders to fetch you a secure fit that is reliable because they are adjustable so you can fit your frame perfectly
  • The new quad pocket in front is not only waterproof, but also comes with hand warming feature to keep your hands warm whenever the need arises
  • This wader comes with wading belt included and repair kit for tears and holes and it also has a mesh storage bag
  • The wader does not come with wading boots, hence you will need to make a separate purchase
  • The neoprene booties are not that reliable in keeping cold out especially in colder conditions and you therefore may need to invest in a good pair of wool socks to counter this
  • The booties are also larger compared to the size of the wader and it can therefore be tricky for you to match the two with your body frame

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