How to Setup a Compound Bow Stabilizer

In the field of archery or bow hunting, Compound bow is an auspicious thing. Most of the bow hunters use compound bow nowadays. This type of bow is formed with some individuals that can help to aim or to take a nice smooth shot. The stabilizer is one of them.

The word stabilizer means to stable something. In a compound bow, a stabilizer can reduce the vibration and oscillation and help to make things smoother than other.

Before knowing compound bow stabilizer setup, have a short preview of the compound bow. This will help you to get the whole setup process easier. So, let’s start.

What is Compound Bow?

A compound bow is different from the traditional bows that people used in previous days. It is a different type of bow that uses pulleys and chords to bend the bow limb for firing.

As a compound bow uses the levering system, it has mechanical advantages which help the bow hunter to use most of the force you are applying to the bow. When you try to pull the cord, the effective radius is changed by the cam system that helps to maintain the ratio of the produced force out coming force.

The bow is mainly made of composite materials like alloys and carbon fiber that creates a convenient configuration to bend the bow limbs. In the common configuration of compound bows, the wheels are usually situated at the end of the limb. The cord goes over it to make a pulley system that provides the mechanical advantages.

Types of Compound Bow Stabilizer

You will find a lot of types of compound bow stabilizers available in the marketplaces. Stabilizer types actually depend on the weight and length of the stabilizer.

Here you will be introduced to three basic type of compound bow stabilizers.

  • Poker stabilizer

It is a long rod stabilizer which holds its weight on the forward side. For the additional weight, torque effect of the bow will be reduced. It also helps to maintain the center of gravity at a perfect point.

  • Twin or limb stabilizer

It is fitted normally close to the center of the bow where limbs meet together. This type of stabilizer has the same effect as the long stabilizer. Moreover, because of the twin weight, it can resist some bow hand error.

  • Revers or counterbalancing stabilizer

This type of stabilizer normally fitted under the bow hand in the center of the bow. They can bring the center of gravity to the backward parts. Revers stabilizer also can counterbalance the torque effect.

How to Setup a Compound Bow Stabilizer

You will get some screw and adjusting knob with the bow stabilizer (some types don’t need the screw, they have an adjusting part). In the center of the bow, you will find some pits. Adjust the stabilizer with those pits to get a smooth shot that you are asking for.

Now you have to know the answer to the question, where is the stabilizer located on the following compound bow?

Actually, it depends on what kind of stabilizer you are using. Have some trial with the number of stabilizers, choose your one. If it is a poker stabilizer, or limb stabilizer or counterbalancing one, you have to put it above or below the limb hand. It depends on your bow. After finishing the setup of the stabilizer, have some more trials to be assured about the location.

Benefits You will Get

The stabilizer is situated on the forward part of the bow. It is normally made of some alloys, carbon fibers and some flexible materials like rubber and springs. When you try to fire an arrow, a part of energy provided causes vibration. The force also can make some torque on the bow. Stabilizer absorbs the energy and eliminates vibration.

It can counterbalance the weight. So you will find a perfect center of gravity on your bow that helps a lot to aim.

As the stabilizer reduces vibration, you will that the contact of bow and arrow is lessened which makes your bow much forgiving.

As it helps to reduce noise, you can take a smooth shot with the help of a stabilizer.

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Though the outfits can help you but remember, they are not everything. Your performance depends much on your technique and practice. As much you will practice, your experience will be the bigger factor.

Hoping that this article on compound bow stabilizer setup will provide you the clear idea about the setup process of the compound bow stabilizer and will help you to be a better archer.

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