Tips & Tricks – How To Choose, Use And Maintain The Best Compound Bow

When it comes to sports, archery deserves special mention. If you are thinking that the age old bows and arrows are still being used in this game, then you are wrong. The modern archers make use of more sophisticated and innovative compound bows. A compound bow makes use of pulleys and cables for bending the limbs and are much easier to operate. Recreational activities such as hunting have become much easier by using a compound bow. Take a look at this compound bow tips.

Benefits of choosing the best compound bow

 Energy Efficiency – Lesser energy is required to operate the device. Hence, a compound bow is easy to operate.

Accuracy  The best compound bow has a very high rigidity. It is made of materials that are resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. This makes the device more accurate.

High Speed – The cam system of the modern compound bows maximize the energy storage during the draw cycle. And thus increases mechanical advantage. As a result, the compound bows are able to shoot at very high speeds.

 Minimum Recoil – Modern compound bows have horizontal limbs. This is the reason why archers feel less recoil and lesser vibration on releasing the arrow.

Tips to Buy the Best Compound Bow

 The best compound bow does not mean the best of what is available, but the one that will suit you the best.

Right Hand or Left Hand Bow – Compound bows are separate for right-handed or left-handed users. Yet, it is a known fact that archers choose bows based on their eye dominance rather than hand dominance.

Draw Weight Range – Always choose the draw weight range carefully. The weights generally come in multiples of 10 pounds. You can adjust the draw weight to any value within the range you have chosen.

  Draw Length – Be sure of the draw length before ordering your new compound bow. Draw length is measured from the tip of the middle finger of one hand to the tip of the middle finger of the other. This is while standing with your arms stretched and dividing it by 2.5.

 Let-Off Setting – At the end of the draw stroke, the draw weight of the compound bow decreases. This is called Let Off. Compound bows come in a variety of high and low set off’. But the best compound bow comes mostly with a higher let off as it allows shooting more comfortably. This reduces strain and allows more time to aim.

Machine Fletched or Custom Build Arrows– It is better to go for custom made arrow fletches rather than machine fletched ones. You can choose from a range of 2 inches, 3 inch or 4 inches vanes which can be of plastic or of feathers. The plastic vanes are more popular as they are more durable. On the other hand, the feather vanes, though more prone to damage, are lighter and are much faster on a flatter trajectory.

Size and Height of Peep Sight Aperture – The peep hole comes in different sizes like 1/16 inch, 1/8 inch, 3/16 inch, etc. You can choose bigger peep sights as they are easy to look through, even in low light. But expert archers choose pin point peep sights as they are more accurate. In general, the height of a peep sight is 13 cm, but it may be adjusted. Before buying the compound bow, make sure that the peep sight is locked in place and it does not move.

(How to Sight-in a Compound Bow – Hunt Or Die)

Using the Best Compound Bow the Best Possible Way

 The Perfect Draw Length – It is very crucial to select the perfect draw length. The meaning of ‘perfect draw length’ is not just blindly sticking to a formula or measurement. You need to find out the length at which you will be the most accurate and comfortable.

Making Perfect Contact with the Bow – Be careful regarding the positioning of the bow against your body. Make sure the string of the bow touches the corner of your mouth or your knuckles touch your ear or cheek. These help in establishing the correct anchor point. If the anchor point is not constant, then accuracy will be a big problem.

 Visibility Through the Peep Hole – The peep sight aperture should not be too close or too far away from the eyes of the archer. It should be placed ideally so that maximum accuracy is obtained.

Maintenance Tips to Keep the Bow in Best Condition

 Clean and Wax the Bowstring – First clean the bowstring with a cleaner. Then apply good quality string wax. This process can be repeated after every outdoor session to keep it in good condition.

 Periodic Replacement of Bow String – To avoid any chance of accidents, it is better to replace the bow string after every 2500 shots. This is recommended even if it has been regularly waxed.

 Keep your Bow Away From Damp – Storing the compound bow in a dry place, away from humidity will prolong its life.

Some More Useful Tips

Regular Inspection of the Bowstring – Check the compound bow periodically. This helps to identify any signs of stress or damage.

Not to Dry Fire the Bow – This causes great damage and should be avoided at any cost.

Never try to pull beyond the Draw Length – This might cause the bow string or the cable to snap.

 Get Professional Service – Do not take chances if you are not sure. In such situations, it is the best to seek professional help.

Conclusion of Compound Bow Tips

The game of archery has evolved a lot ever since it was first included among recreational activities. Effective use of the basic scientific principles can be made for very precise shooting. So, if you are interested in archery, what are you waiting for? Know the basics, get the best compound bow reviews and get ready to start by click

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