Easy Ways Of How To Hunt Coyotes – Step By Step Guide And Coyote Hunting Tips

Coyote hunting has become remarkably popular. There are now more hunters and programs and also sites that are dedicated to hunting coyotes. This is a sporting activity that has turned from being an off-season activity done when there is nothing else important to pursue an activity that involves skill and meeting targets for some hunters. Hunting for coyotes is not just a fun activity, but you can also make some profits, especially considering that coyote fur prices have substantially risen over a few years. On this article I’ve discussed about coyote hunting tips. That will guide you for successful coyote hunting.

November through to February makes the ideal hunting season for the coyotes. When the deer season is over, then you can continue with the excitement of hunting by entering right into coyote hunting. But just like any other hunt, you will need to use some important coyote hunting tips to be the success that you hope to be at the end of the day with your hunt.

Step 1 – Get ready for the hunt

  • Whether or not you are hunting in remote areas, carry lots of water. Food is also important with snacks like seeds and nuts being very ideal. The high calorie snacks keep your energy levels up considering that you will be doing lots of moving.
  • Ensure that you have enough fuel for the vehicle; the best you can do is fill up before embarking on the hunting trip.
  • Carry fire starter and materials in your and do not forget a first aid kit. You can never be too sure what will happen when you are out there.
  • Let someone know that you are going for a hunt and where exactly you are headed. It is a simple thing that can save your life.

Step 2 – Get your calling gear ready

  • Find ideal camouflage to ensure that you easily blend with the hunting environment. A suit that is breathable and lightweight is best. It also helps to choose fabrics that do not pick twigs and sticks.
  • Carry shooting sticks and pack your electronic caller if you prefer using it to the mouth calls. The caller will come in handy when you want to woe the coyotes your way before taking the shot.
  • Get your decoy and weapon ready. Other important gear to carry include shooting chair, face mask and gloves.

Step 3 – Scout potential hunting areas

  • Location is probably the most important thing for successful coyote hunting. There is no way you will make a kill if you hunt where coyotes are absent. You can scout online or go for private grounds if you get the permission.
  • Know the habitat well. Coyotes hunt where food is available and they can hunt alone or in packs when the prey is larger. They are also most likely to be near water holes, deer herds and cows. Know the hunting ground well-enough so you have an easy time evaluating where the coyotes are.
  • Remember that the coyotes love protecting themselves from danger so place decoy in a place that offers them this. Before piling on your caller and the decoy, they need to be assured that they are safe and secure; be wise with your placement and stand.

Step 4 – Get to the location wisely

  • Begin by hiding the vehicle strategically. Coyotes are laser focused and will get curious by the slightest thing. Be as quiet as you possibly can and limit scent and noise around the stand. Be careful with doors and don’t bang gear when carrying.
  • Keep your movements slow and know the direction where the wind is blowing so you do not end up giving yourself away too soon. Sun direction is also important because coyotes has harder spotting ability looking directly into the sun.
  • Do not let the skyline be your background. Don’t crest hills and instead use the sides. Let your stand location be as strategic as possible.
  • Power on the caller and place decoy a good distance to the caller. The caller should be placed facing possible coyote direction.

Coyote Hunting Tips Video


When getting ready for the hunt make sure safety is top of your priority. You ought to be cautious when handling wild animals and firearms or bows and arrows for that matter. Remember that coyotes are susceptible to disease and you should wear gloves when handling them. It is also very important that you know the predator hunting regulations that apply in your state. You should at all means remain within established laws within the state and county for that matter. Where as hunting may be allowed throughout the year in some states, it might not be the case in others and whereas you might need a permit in some it is not the case for others. Other states will allow hunting at night, while others may not. Find out what applies to you before preparing.

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