Crosman Elkhorn JR Compound Bow Reviews of 2019

Bows for Children

Outdoor activities for children are very beneficial for their growth and archery is one of the most exciting that you can choose for your children. With proper supervision and teaching, the sport and skill can actually take them to a higher level of archery in adulthood. If you have a child interested in archery, then the next big thing to do so find a bow that is good enough for their size and safety. The market has so many bows to choose from and most have draw weight and length that can be adjusted to match the needs of the children. Crosman elkhorn jr compound bow is the best one compound bow children.

The good thing about the adjustable bows is that your child can grow with it, hence there will be no need for you to buy the new one every now and then. Archery for children should not necessarily be about accuracy, but rather getting accustomed to shooting in proper form

Archery lessons can start as soon as a child shows interest in the sport, but there in some places there is a legal age as to what a child can go hunting. When taught properly, the sport is very safe and enjoyable for the kids.

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Choosing compound bows for kids

The last thing you want is to have an injured child for making the wrong bow choices. But with a few considerations, it is very easy for you to make the right bow decision to give your child an easy time shooting and at the same time keep them safe and free from injuries and strains. Compound bows are good for children because they use cables and pulleys to bend the limbs.

The leveraging system advances the bows technologically this offering some advantage for the kids when drawing and shooting. Below are top three tips to choose a compound bow for your child.

  1. Assess your child’s draw length by properly measuring wingspan. This means measuring from tip of the right hand to left-hand tip with both arms spread out. By dividing the number by 2.5 you will end up with the draw length that is ideal to set for the child.
  2. Find out the dominant eye. A simple test using an item that is at least 15 feet away focused on a small hole created by your forefingers and thumb cab help you make this determination.
  3. Base the draw weight on the child’s weight. For instance, a child weighing 50 to around 70 pounds will be suited by 10 – 15-pound draw weight.
  4. Consider the safety features of the bows to ensure that your kid is saved from injuries when shooting. You should also find out what extra accessories you can get to improve the safety of your child and to make archery fun and comfortable for them.

Crossman is one of the most reputable designers and manufacturer of shooting sports products. The company is not only popular for the excellent line of airguns but also bows and airsoft ammunition. This is a brand that pays attention to quality and is among the few that have young archers in mind by making the Crossman Elkhorn Jr. compound bow arrow. This is among the best bows you can select for your child as you will find out in this review.

Crosman elkhorn jr compound bow Review

Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow
Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow

The Crossman Elkhorn Jr. compound bow has been designed to look and feel just like a full-length adult bow. It has heavyweight composite limbs and an integrated center shot riser with large sight window. The all-weather strings, cable guard, and cables offer young shooters superior performance. It is the perfect bow for young and beginning archers.

Product highlights
  • Weighs 3.3 lbs. making it ideal for the youngsters
  • Draw weight of 17-21 lbs.
  • Maximum draw of 26inches
  • Composite limbs and riser
  • Cam wheel system
  • Measures 33 inches from axle to axle
Design and durability

The Crossman Elkhorn junior bow is made from durable and tough composite material and is equipped with a center shot riser. This offers comfortable gap for viewing and makes it easy to view the target. The bow has a superlative design that offers ultimate balance and accuracy when shooting. The grip is also carefully designed to deliver comfort to right-handed children.

The composite fiber material of the compound bow makes it extremely lightweight making it easy to handle by the kids. The compound bow has durable composite limbs that are heavily weighted to offer balance when shooting.

Axle and cam system

The bow has a thick tough cable that supports the cam system to provide accuracy and strength. The 33 inch axle gives the junior bow an adult bow feel and it is balanced with 17-21 lbs. weight makes it easy for the young shooters to handle it. With a maximum of 21 lbs. draw weight, this bow is perfect for kids aged 12 years and above.

Package contents

The compound bow comes in a complete package so your young archer can start enjoying the sport as fast as possible. The bow package comes with:

Setup of crosman elkhorn jr. compound bow

The drawbacks

The junior compound bow does not come with a manual to help with assembling and this can pose a challenge, especially for first-time users because it has lots of parts to put together. You can, however, make the task easier by getting an online tutorial. The bow accessories are also not that high in quality and you might need to purchase better ones especially the arrows.


The Crossman Elkhorn jr. compound bow is quite affordable and will serve the needs of your young archer for a long period of time, thanks to the high-quality durable materials it is made from. It is among bows that have very positive reviews and you, therefore, know you will enjoy value for your money. Just ensure that your child is taught the basics of archery and is always under supervision when shooting to keep them safe.

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