What Everybody Ought To Know About Deer Season

Deer hunting can be a very exciting activity only when it is permitted. Nothing is more fulfilling that finally managing to bring down a sizeable animal and when you are prepared enough for the hunt, this is exactly the kind of results you will get. Getting the right gear (hunting rifle, hunting boots, ground blind, bows and bow sight etc) and equipment is of course paramount, but you will also need to find the best deer hunting grounds, whether private or public and do a lot of practice to make the hunting season as successful as you would wish for it to be. So, it is most important to know about deer season.

Beginners who want to be successful in their hunt can improve skills by using the appropriate bows and targets to train. For those who wish to use rifles, several shooting practices can also prove to be very helpful in increasing the success rates of any given deer hunting session but when exactly is time right to go deer hunting?

The timing of Deer Season

  • The perfect time to deer hunt is when the season opens and this might vary from place to place. Use the relevant sources to find out when the hunting season begins, so you can prepare yourself accordingly before deer season kicks off. There are places where deer hunting is open throughout the year and some places where there are specific seasons to hunt so find out what applies in your locality and work according to the laid hunting rules and regulations.
  • When you find out when the deer hunting season is, the next thing you should do is increase your odds so you find and actually shoot something. Because time is not always enough, even during hunting season, your aim should be to maximize every chance you get. You can strategize the hunting periods so that you are a successful hunter in the end.
  • Deer tend to be active at dawn and dusk because they are crepuscular animals. If your hunting place is near where you live, then you can allocate a few hours in the morning and a few after work to make the most of your hunting. If you live further from the hunting place, then you should rise up early for the hunt or be prepared to stay in the wild a while longer to hunt the animals at the most appropriate time.
  • Moon phases seem to influence the animals. They will for instance be on the move till late morning hours during nights when there is a new moon. During non-quarter periods the deer move mid-morning. If night hunting is allowed where you are hunting, then you can take advantage of this to get the most from your session.
  • During deer season, it is highly likely that the hunting grounds will be crowded with other hunters, especially if you choose public hunting areas. To ease the crowding and increase your hunting success rates, consider hunting during week days when it is less crowded. Remember that mid-season has the animals scared and very alert and their movement will be very minimal. On the other hand, you can use the crowds to ease your hunting; let them guide the deer to where you are with little effort from your side.

Hunting spots

Where you choose to hunt determines the results that you get. If you are looking for trophy sized deer, then you had better know what areas are best for such. There are three different deer species and they are found in different places. Know what your species of target is and choose the location appropriately. If at all you choose to use calls to woe the animals your way, then choose the correct calls to attract the attention of the deer that you want. Bucks are generally bigger and with the right calls, you will be able to attract them your way easily.

When thinking about the best place to hunt, you should remember that the animals must eat to survive. Sites that have greens, rye or clover therefore makes good grounds for hunting deer. Look for tracks, scrapes and trail routes to guide you to your kill. Sleeping is another thing that deer must do to survive. Dense and thick brush usually makes the perfect bedding areas for the animals. The areas may be additionally swampy and with small pines, making predator movement easily detectable. It may be a little difficult to hunt around the sleeping areas, but then you can strategically place yourself where you can wait entrance or exit to the feeding spots from the sleeping areas.


Deer hunting is usually as successful as the hunting place you choose, season and proper timing. Get into the deer season with a clear mind and you will most definitely increase your chances of achieving the results that you wish to achieve from every hunting session.

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