Top 3 Best Genesis Bow Reviews of 2018: Field Tested

Genesis Bow Review

Important considerations when buying your first bow

There are so many compound bows out there and you will want to make sure that you get the most suitable one for your shooting needs. It is okay to want a good looking bow, but then again, you need to think about the features and how they work in giving you a pleasant shooting experience. Below are some of the most important things you should be keen about when buying your very first bow to get the most suitable for you and you can see our genesis bow review to select your first bow.

The let-off – Hunters have a belief that the higher the let-off or a bow the easier it is to shoot. But models that come with lower let-offs can actually be faster and flatter in the shooting. It is a matter of preference, but it helps to know what you are getting and what effects that are going to be on the shooting.

Draw length – As an archer, the last thing you want to do is shoot with a length that is too long for you. The added length may increase power stroke and faster arrow speeds, therefore but you will not be accurate when you are stretched. Get your measurements done by a pro so you are able to get a bow that fits your exact draw length or one that can be adjusted appropriately.

Draw weight – It is the numerical value measuring how much energy is needed to pull the bow back. Considering that not every shot will be from a solid stance, hence awkward position shooting is possible, go for draw weight that is appropriate. Ensure that you do not strain when pulling back the bow so you can shoot accurately and comfortably.

Cams – Aggressive bow cam design increases the speed. Whereas this may be advantageous, you should remember that aggressive cams are also much harder to draw and hence accurate shooting will be difficult. It is best that you stick with bows that have moderately fast cams to cover most of your hunting situations just fine.

Brace height – It is the distance between the bow’s grip inside and the string when the bow is not drawn. It influences the speed and accuracy, making it one of the most important features to look out for when looking for a bow. Shorter brace heights offer longer power strokes increasing arrow speed, but this amplifies shooting form errors because arrows stay on the string longer. Bows with brace heights that are longer may be slower but they are easier for accurate shots. Choose a bow with 7-inch brace height for a good shooting experience.

Bow length – Shorter bows are lightweight and maneuverable, making small tree stands and ground binds very successfully. But with decrease length comes difficulties in accuracy. Keep off extreme lengths and choose what works for your size.

Genesis Pro Review

Top 3 Genesis Bow Review

Genesis compound bows are the first to be designed to eliminate specific draw length and let-off requirements. They are therefore the perfect choice for beginners and intermediate archers of all sizes, abilities, and ages. These bows make an introduction to the archery sport a breeze because the learners do not develop any bad habits of ill-fitting bows. Genesis bows offer the thrill of drawing back, taking aim and shooting arrows straight to target’s center thanks to the patented bow design. Kids and youths can learn the sport faster and easier using the bows. Genesis bows are loved because:

  • They have zero let-off design
  • No specific draw length requirements, hence kids do not outgrow the bows
  • They are easy to shoot
  • Shoot like more powerful bows
  • Are durable and long lasting

#1 Genesis Bow GenK-12240 Kit, Black

The Genesis Bow GenK-12240 kit is a bow that can be adjusted as the archer grows and develops skill making it a very valuable bow. The riser is made from durable machined 6061-T6 aluminum and the idler wheel and cam are also aluminum adding to the durability of the bow. The limbs are composite to offer lightweight but superior quality and sturdiness when using the bow.

Product highlights

  • No specific draw length requirements
  • Machined 6061-T6 aluminum riser
  • Sturdy composite limbs
  • High strength bowstrings
  • Aluminum cam and idler wheel
  • Single cam technology

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Design and durability

Genesis Bow GenK-12240 kit has been designed to offer a great start for archers of different abilities, sizes, and ages because it has no draw weight requirements. It features a single cam technology that eliminates common tuning issues and reduces recoiling and noise and at the same time improves accurate shooting. The riser is made from machined aluminum diving it a beautiful look and adding life to the bow and it is also drilled and tapped so you have an easy time installing the accessories also included in the kit. For sturdiness when shooting, the limbs are composite and this is a material that also makes the bow lightweight in nature for easier handling even by younger shooters.

Kit contents

This Genesis kit comes with a number of important accessories included. You will find:

  • The Bow
  • Belt tube quiver for your arrows
  • Adjustable arm guard
  • Five aluminum arrows
  • 3/16 inch hex wrench
  • Owner’s manual to guide you in assembling


This bow comes with zero let-off design that makes it very easy to start learning archery. The light draw weight at 20lbs standard can be lowered safely to around 10lbs using the hex wrench so you are able to make adjustments as needed. It is a bow that covers standard draw lengths that range between 15 inches and 30 inches.

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#2 Genesis Original Bow RH-Camo

Genesis Original Bow RH Camo is a good bow for beginners. This is because it is designed adjustable so shooters of all sizes and ages as well as skills can easily find their right adjustments to make shooting most rewarding for them. It is a model that is simple and reliable to use.

Product highlights

  • Draw length ranges from 15 inches to 30 inches
  • Draw weight from 10-20lbs and is very easy to adjust
  • Allen wrench included to attach limbs to the riser
  • High accuracy affordable

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Design and durability

The Genesis Original bow is made using high-quality materials, the weight and sturdiness of the bow give it a look and feel of a full sized model. The riser is made from machined aluminum which is tapped and drilled to hold the different accessories like bow quiver, stabilizer, arrow rest and bow sight. The constructions make the bow durable and balanced. The split limbs of the bow are composite and have molded grip and a single cam system. The bow’s cable guard is Teflon coated whereas the idler wheel and cams are machined aluminum. Every feature of this bow is designed with the archer in mind and you will love everything from brace height to the axle to axle length. It is a model that is sturdy and well made to offer a good experience every time.

Package contents

This bow kit comes with:

  • The Bow
  • Belt tube quiver attachable to belt
  • Adjustable arm guard
  • 5 aluminum arrows
  • Manual
  • Hex wrench


This bow is one of the best that you can choose even for beginners. It has zero let-offs, allowing everyone to shoot without any problems. The bow also draws very smoothly and feels well-balanced with its single cam system, preventing tuning messes and hard recoils. It is not loud and therefore you do not even need any hand shocks when shooting. It is a good bow for recreational shooting.

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#3 Genesis Pro Bow Black-Chrome

The Genesis Pro bow is one of the most stylish you can find. The black chrome gives this bow an appealing look and you will also love how the bow feels in hand. The bow comes with all amazing features of Genesis and you, of course, know that you can fully trust in the quality materials and craftsmanship of this bow.

Product highlights

  • Machined aluminum riser
  • Draw length ranges from 15 inches to 30 inches
  • Draw weight from 10-20lbs and is very easy to adjust
  • Allen wrench included attaching limbs to the riser

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Design and durability

The Genesis Pro bow is made from durable materials with the riser being constructed from machined aluminum. The limbs are composite and are durable and sturdy yet make the bow lightweight and suitable for the younger shooter. The grip is made in such a way that it is comfortable when using and you will love the zero let-off design that makes the bow very easy to handle even for youth archers. The riser comes tapped and drilled to give you an easy time attaching accessories you might need to improve your shooting experience.

Package contents

This package of course have the bow and:

  • Belt tube quiver attachable to belt
  • Adjustable arm guard
  • 5 aluminum arrows
  • User manual
  • 3/16 Hex wrench


The Genesis pro has all features designed to offer an exceptional shooting experience. It is easy to put together thanks to the manual also included. Your kids will not outgrow the bow and you will love how easy it is for them to learn archery.

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