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How far would you be willing to go so as to get the best out of your hunting expeditions? I’m pretty sure if you’re out to get the best game, you’d be willing to do anything it takes, right?

Still, at that, there’s a much better option to blending out in the wild than elevated and ground blinds that you most probably have only heard of in the recent past- the ghost blinds. These are unlike any other blinds you’re used to and even though they still do function to conceal you as you hunt, you’ll be blown away by how they work.

We’ll be taking a look at the bet that there are in the market and later on sum up our ghostblind review with a detailed guide so that you’ll know what to go for with regard to your style of hunting.

Let’s kick it off then, shall we?

If you want a quick glimpse of what we’ve got in store for you, here’s a comparison chart to give you a head start- it’s equally as good as the individual ghost blind reviews.

ImageNameEditor's RatingPrice
GhostBlind 4-Panel Predator Blind
GhostBlind 4-Panel Predator Blind
Ghostblind 4-Panel Predator Blind 9.8/10 Check Price
GhostBlind 6-Panel Runner Blind
GhostBlind 6-Panel Runner Blind
Ghostblind 6-Panel Runner Blind 9.6/10 Check Price
GhostBlind Predator Ultimate Package
GhostBlind Predator Ultimate Package
GhostBlind Predator Ultimate Package 9.5/10 Check Price

Ghostblind Review 2019- Only Choose From the Best

Well, this is all we’ve been waiting for. It’s time we take an in-depth look at what these ghost blinds really are about. Regardless of whichever game you’re out after, I’m sure you’ll get one that suits you perfectly well.

#1 Ghostblind 4-Panel Predator Blind

GhostBlind 4-Panel Predator BlindGhostBlind 4-Panel Predator Blind

Starting off our reviews is the 4-Panel Predator blind and I’ve got to say, this one is definitely going to blow you away. With as much as 4 panels, it’s going to cover your front and sides really well. It is also designed to eliminate any unwanted sun reflections as well as animal movements.

Let’s find out whether there’s more to it, shall we?

Weather resistant unbreakable polymer

As far as durability is concerned, I’d definitely recommend this to any hunter. The surfaces are constructed out of weather resistant unbreakable polymer material.

This means that they’re bound to take a beating and are usable in any kind of environment without threatening to give in to even the harshest weather conditions.

Comfortable usage

Whether you are using a gun, a bow or a crossbow, this ghost blind can be used perfectly well while you’re in a seated position and at the same time be able to clearly see through the shooting ports.

The 4-panel predator ghost blind gives you about 180 degrees of coverage and just in case you need complete coverage, you’ll be needing two of these blinds.

The 4-Panel Predator can also have its side coverage extended by adding 2 panels at the side and as for vertical adjustment, there are extenders that are 7” high. Both the vertical and side increments are sold separately.

Lightweight and portable

Owing to the fact that it comes in a hinged design, you can fold up the reflective panels to the inside and upon doing so, the folded dimensions are 46” x 24.5” x 1” and weighs only 12 lbs. for easy transportation.

Utmost concealment

Unlike the ground blinds that are exclusive to only specific seasons, this blind can be used in any season and the best part about it is that you’ll not need any special equipment or prowess to set it up. It’s suitable for use in the snow, cut corn fields, green leaves, brown leaves etc.- as they say, mirrors don’t lie.

What’s to like
  • It offers about 180-degree coverage for utmost concealment.
  • Made out of unbreakable polymer for durability.
  • Lightweight and portable for reliable transportation and an easy setup.
What’s not to like
  • It’s worth having only if you have monitored the animal movement completely well.

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#2 Ghostblind 6-Panel Runner Blind

GhostBlind 6-Panel Runner Blind
GhostBlind 6-Panel Runner Blind

As the name suggests, the runner blind is the most portable ghost blind that money can buy. It weighs only a mere 8 pounds but guaranteed to give you a really good concealment.

Carrying it is quite simple and the same goes for the setup and take-down process. Whether you are an entry level deer hunter or have had some past experience in the field, this is definitely a ghostblind worth having. Let’s find out what makes this worthy of our reviews, shall we?

6-panel coverage

These are no ordinary reflective panels. With as much as 6 of these, you’ll be getting no less than 180 degrees of coverage.

The panels are also designed in such a way that they tilt forwards once you set the blind up. By tilting forwards rather than being completely perpendicular to the ground, it’s going to eliminate any unwanted reflections from the sun and the sky simultaneously. Hence making only the natural vegetation visible.

Unless the game is 4’ away, it’s only going to see what’s reflected on the ground and around the blind.

Durable weather resistant & unbreakable polymers

As for the build quality, it’s made of weather resistant and unbreakable polymer. This is viable for use in strong winds, intense sunlight and moist conditions as well.

The fact that it’s a polymer construction also means that it’s built to take a beating. By employing the reflective property, you’ll only be needing one of these.

Easy cleanup& set up

Cleaning only requires you to hose off any accumulated dirt while you’re out hunting and drying it with a soft cloth; avoid using any chemicals to keep the ghost blind free of any odors and you might want to wipe it down with Rin X anti-fog to keep the surfaces completely clear of any moisture.

What’s to like
  • Compact and easy to carry around as it weighs only 8 pounds.
  • Designed to eliminate unwanted reflections or animal movement.
  • Made out of unbreakable polymer for durability.
What’s not to like
  • It’s a bit too short and you may need to have the extensions.

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#3 GhostBlind Predator Ultimate Package

GhostBlind Predator Ultimate Package
GhostBlind Predator Ultimate Package

If you’d not like to go through the trouble of having to purchase all the accessories of the predator package independently, this bundle will suit you quite well.

You’ll be getting a lot more than just the ghost blind. From the extensions to the carry bag and addition accessories to set it up, there’s no way you could go wrong on this one.

A closer look.

The 4-panel predator blind

Being the most important equipment in the whole bundle, the GhostBlind Predator is going to give you quite a good amount of concealment and coverage.

The blind mirrors the earth’s floor and not what is ahead. The panel is also designed in such a way that it’ll eliminate any unwanted reflections or sunlight which could end up scaring away animals. Whereas the front has got a reflective surface, the back has got a camo pattern which has varied over the past few years.

The Ghostblind Predator is also easy to clean as you’ll only need to hose it off after you’re done with your hunting expedition.

Accessory kit

Something else that you’re going to appreciate is the accessory kit. This includes a single shoulder carry strap, 4 steel tent stakes, 4 tiedown cords with toggle balls, 2 bungee cords and written instructions.

Whereas the shoulder carry strap makes it easy to relocate over short distances, the others aid in setting it up and I’d recommend that you take a look at the manual to ensure you don’t go wrong whatsoever.

Additional extenders

As for the height, it is 46″ high but just in case you may need to extend this, there are extenders included in the bundle each of which has got 3 steel pons that slides into the flutes at the top of the predator panels.

The extenders are 7 inches high and could make quite a huge difference as far as concealment is concerned.

The deluxe GhostBlind carry bag

Yet another important accessory included in the bundle is the Ghostblind carry bag. While the strap makes it easy to move over short distances, the carry bag should come in handy where you have to cover a lot of ground.

The most striking thing about this carry bag is that it’s going to carry not only your Predator blind but also your backpack, accessories and even your chair since you might prefer to shoot from a seated position.

What’s to like
  • There are additional extenders included to give you better vertical coverage.
  • Includes a carry bag to accommodate the blind and all your essentials.
  • The Predator blind is made out of unbreakable polymer for ultimate longevity.
What’s not to like
  • You might want to use anti-fog spray just in case there is morning dew.

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#4 Ghostblind Deluxe Carry Bag

Ghostblind Deluxe Carry BagGhostblind Deluxe Carry Bag

Finally wrapping up our ghostblind review is the carry bag that you’ll find quite handy on your hunting trip. It’s large enough to accommodate all your gear, has got a durable construction and most importantly, the bag is really comfortable despite being large in size.

Here’s what it packs under the hood:

Adjustable shoulder harnesses

As far as comfort is concerned, the shoulder straps on this bad boy are really large and they were designed to accommodate even the largest hunter as each one has got adjustable harnesses.

No matter how much you pack with you, you’ll enjoy utmost comfort every time you have it on.

Ample storage space

For storage, you’ll literally pack all your gear and considering it’s built exclusively for the Ghostblind Predator that’s the heaviest, you’ll definitely appreciate this carry bag.

It also does have 2 net and one zippered pocket on the back for your tent stakes, tie down strings and many more accessories. You can also attach your day backpack as well as your chair. The fact that it’s got a durable and water-resistant fabric allows you to carry a lot of weight comfortably without the risk of damaging it.

Hands-free hunting

With all your accessories in the carry bag, you’ll be able to navigate the woods and hunt for hands-free. It’s got enough space to fit as much as 2 predator blinds.

What’s to like
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for flexibility and comfort.
  • It’s got enough space to accommodate all your hunting gear and additional accessories.
  • Durable fabric and waterproof design for long-term usage.
What’s not to like
  • Be careful with the zippers since over straining them may result in their breakage.

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Ghost Blind Ultimate Buying Guide

From my personal experience with ghost blinds, you need to have at your fingertips the key aspects that define a really good ghost blind which is what we’ll be looking at before we sum up our reviews.

How it Works

I’d rather we focus on what makes ghost blinds different from other hunting blind alternatives to best be able to tell apart these from the others.

Ghost blinds, unlike ground blinds or elevated blinds, don’t give you a 360-degree concealment but they work in such a way that they utilize reflective panels which mirror the ground ahead of you.

They can best be used if you’re sure of the movement patterns of the animals. As far as camouflaging and concealment go, ghost blinds are indeed guaranteed to serve exactly as they are meant to. Yet another feature that makes these different is that the setup process is quick, simple and straightforward as we’ll see later on in our guide.

The Weight & Portability

As far as hunting is concerned, ghost blinds are the most portable concealment option there is in the market. we’re talking a really simple yet convenient setup. Well, truth be told, even the heaviest ghost blind is still far much better as compared to alternative options of blending in the wild.

The weight goes hand in hand with the aspect of portability. In the case of portability, you should go for one that’s really easy to fold up. This way, if you need to move from one spot to another, you can do it with less trouble.

There’s more…

There are also backpack carriers exclusively meant for the ghost blinds and I’d recommend this to you if you’ll be covering a lot of ground during hunting. The heaviest that these can get is about 12 lbs. which is really not that heavy as compared to other concealment options


Ghost blinds were designed for hunters who’d like to cover as much ground as possible as they hunt and at the same time not forego the aspect of concealment.

With this in mind, it’s important that you go for the most durable blind there is owing to the fact that you’ll be moving around frequently and chances are that you probably won’t be that careful with the blind.

I’d recommend that you go for one that has got weatherproofing capabilities in which case the best material incorporated in the design yet so far is polypropylene. Polypropylene panels are completely weatherproof and definitely not easily breakable

Which Kind of Weapon Will You be Using?

Something else I’d recommend you pay attention to is the kind of weapon you’ll be using. In this case, if your weapon of choice is a traditional bow or a compound bow, then you should go for a large ghost blind since the last thing you want is your weapon itself selling you out.

With bows, you’ll have to be much closer to your target since the shooting range is not that long as compared to what a gun will offer. With bows, you’ll also want to be stealthier

Alternatively, for guns, you could go for a much smaller option since you’ll not have to be so close to your target to get that perfectly clear shot.

Bow Hunting Using a Ghost Blind

Using a rifle is easy since you’ll just have to aim through the slots at the top of the Ghostblind. When it comes to using the traditional bow or a compound bow, things are much more different.

Here’s the way to go:

  • Firs of all, aiming behind a ghost blind is way trickier as compared to doing the same while standing out in the open or while using a rifle and as such, you might want to take some target shots before hitting the hunting grounds.
  • Try keeping the bow upright while drawing back. This way, your arm will not be noticed and you should also consider trying out a face mask and a hunting cap- basically hide your skin as much as possible.
  • Depending on your dominant hand, place your compound bow on your knee (if you’re left handed, place the bow on your right knee and vice versa) in order to increase stability and minimize fatigue

The Cleanup Process and Maintenance

Just as it is the case with any hunting blind in the market, utmost care and maintenance are needed for every ghost blind.

They’re bound to catch some dirt after every hunting expedition and you’ll want to keep them sparkling clean in order for them to maintain their reflective properties, right? Water and a clean cloth should do. Simply hose it off and wipe the water off.

Avoid using window cleaning sprays since this may leave some scent on your blind that the animals may pick up.


If you’ll be doing your hunting in foggy conditions, you should use an anti-fog cleaner on the surface which will keep the fog away hence allowing the ghost blind to retain its reflective properties.

Set Up Equipment

Finally, you should be aware of how to use the accessories to set up the ghost blind perfectly well. With most, you’ll be getting tent stakes, tie-down cords, carry straps and bungee cords.

The tent anchors and anchor chords will aid in securing the ghost blind in place, the shoulder carry, on the other hand, makes movement from one spot to the other quite easily. In the set-up process, ensure that everything is firm by cross-checking what goes where using the user manual.

Ghost Blind Strategies- the Best Way to Go

A ghost blind could really take your hunting to a whole new level and most definitely blow most ground blinds out of the water and as such, here are some things you need to take into consideration to have the perfect hunting sessions.

  • The last thing you want would be to shoot via the Ghostblind slots for the very first time in the heat of the moment when that trophy game is just a few yards away. Indulge into some target practice before first hitting the hunting grounds.
  • If you’ll be using the Ghostblind Predator, you should use the best seating. An easily portable chair with a back rest for instance should do and you could use a pillow for added comfort if need be.
  • Be observant of your surroundings. Do take advantage of the bush and trees around you to know where to best position the ghost blind to give yourself optimal concealment.
  • You could also be aware of your back when using a Ghostblind. The best way to do this would be to bring a pruner with you and with this prune around the bush to protect your back. You could also put some branches in front of the ghost blind to enhance camouflaging.
  • Overcast days are much better. I’d recommend that you sue the Ghost blind while the sun is overhead since there is little shadow casted by the ghost blind as compared to using it when the sun is behind you

Final Verdict

Wrapping up our ghostblind review, it’s crystal clear now that these are some of the most important hunting equipment you could get for your money. With utmost care and maintenance, you’ll have guaranteed longevity and definitely the best hunting trips.

Most importantly, before you make up your mind on choosing any of the above-listed blinds, consider your style of hunting goes avoid any disappointments- you deserve the best.

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