HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra-OL-5519 Bow Sight Review

A sight is one of the most important equipment you can have when aiming for accuracy with your hunting or archery. It helps you hit targets by showing and guiding you to the exact place the arrow will strike. A sight can be used by beginners and experienced shooters who are serious in hitting targets. Even though it is very possible to use a crossbow without a sight, the inclusion of one makes the shooting experience all so pleasant and fulfilling. HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra-OL-5519 Sight is the best one option for the hunter.

There are so many bow sights you can choose from. The sights can either be single pin or multi-pin sights. The single pins bow sights seem to be a favorite for many shooters and hunters and they do come with a number of advantages such as simple easy adjustments and increased accuracy. With so many options available in the market today, you would need to do your research on the sight you are about to purchase so you get the most suitable one for your bow and the kind of results you are looking to achieve with your shots.

The HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite Sight is an award winning moveable sight and you therefore can expect only the very best when using the sight. This single pin sight has silky smooth elevation arm pairs and accurate sight tapes that ensure that you enjoy the best performance when hunting or even for your 3D shooting needs. The sight comes with toolless micro windage adjustment system and patented ds-tapes and Mathews harmonic damper that makes it very reliable in offering excellence during the shoot. The revolutionary yardage dial offers rapid adjustment by the yard and you will also find the color coded tapes that are numbered in one yard increments very useful for the shoot.

The sight has features rheostat adjustment that gives archers and easy time changing the pin brightness depending on the current light conditions and demands. It has 5 feet fiber optic and weighs 9 oz. making it a great sight for modern bowhunters who wants to enjoy the flexibility and advantage of using adjustable archery sight.

Top Sight Highlights of HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra-OL-5519

Fully protected fiber optics – The HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite Sight comes with an ARMOR pin technology. It employs CNC machined aluminum pin guard that covers the fiber optic on every optimizer single pin. This technology ensures accurate on target hits regardless of the terrain you are hunting in or shooting.

Patented RDS technology – The Range Dial and Shoot technology of this sight is probably one of the elements that makes it stand out uniquely from the rest of the sights. The technology uses simple two distance calibration method that provides unmatched accuracy for all users, hence increases success rates in any given field.

HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra-OL-5519 Bow Sight HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra-OL-5519 Bow Sight

Tool free adjustments – Unlike most other sights, this sight is designed with a tool free windage and elevations adjustments so you have an easy time tuning the Optimizer. You do not need to carry your wrench once you mount the sight to your bow thanks to this convenient feature.

Lifetime warranty – This is a rare element to find with any given product, but this HHA sight comes with a 100% lifetime warranty. It means that you can return your sight in case it fails to have it replaced or repaired cost free. It is something that goes to show the kind of quality you are getting with the sight and the confidence the manufacturer has in it.

  • The adjustments require no tools; you do not need to carry your wrench as long as you have the sight mounted on the bow
  • The sight comes with fully protected fiber optics
  • It features ARMOR sight pin technology that ensures accuracy with every shot taken
  • The sight housing is designed big enough but at the same time it remains light enough to carry the sight with ease
  • The sight also comes with rapid adjustment feature and adjustable sight pin brightness to suit your kind of shooting conditions
  • 100% machined aluminum making the sight durable and the black color keeps the sight appealing to all kinds of archers.
  • The sight might require manual adjustments when there are changes in the yardage
  • It might feel a little heavy for some shooters

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