Hodgman mackenzie chest waders reviews

Chest high waders tend to be the most popular because of the superior coverage they offer in deeper waters. The good thing about chest waders is that you can always use them as waist high waders using when it is too hot and you are planning to hunt or fish in shallower waters. The same goes to boot-foot waders that come with wading boots attached to offer convenience and flexibility to anglers and all kinds of wader users. The hodgman mackenzie chest waders comes with both elements; it is chest high and has boot-foot.

This is among the waders that are designed to offer quality at an affordable price and it is therefore a very popular item among anglers. It is constructed from heavy rugged denier PVC coated nylon fabric which means that the wader is relatively lighter compared to traditional rubber chest waders that tend to be a little heavy and cumbersome for some. This material also is quite durable, especially when compared to rubber.

Hodgman Mackenzie Cleat Chest Bootfoot Fishing/Hunting WadersHodgman Mackenzie Cleat Chest Bootfoot Fishing/Hunting Waders

You will also love the lightweight PVC cleared boots that do not weigh you down as much as rubber boots would. The PVC soles are simple but durable and they flex to keep you protected from chaffing but at the same time ensuring that you enjoy a firm grip in muddy bottoms or when trudging across slippery loose stones.

Another feature that is worth mentioning when talking about the Hodgman Mackenzie cleated bootfoot chest wader is the adjustable, lightweight and durable suspenders that ensure that you get a perfect fit for your frame every time you are headed out. The suspenders come with easy on and off buckles that will give you an easy time putting on the wader or removing it. This wader is a perfect selection for fishing or even walking on the beach in winter but it can also be used for all kinds of purposes throughout the seasons including summer angling. It may not have as many features as most other waders so, but it’s definitely worth the price and it will serve your needs for a considerable length of time thanks to the durable PVC and nylon shell.

  • It has 2-ply nylon/PVC shell that makes it lighter compared to rubber, hence more comfortable especially during warmer conditions
  • The PVC boots that come attached to the wader are cleated and flexible and you know you can trust in their durability and functionality too
  • The boots have outsoles that are cleated so as to allow trekking without necessarily being worn down as it is the case with heavy rubber boots
  • This wader has h-trap adjustable suspenders and side release buckles that ensure every user achieves a reliable and secure fit regardless of the frame and has an easy time securing or removing the wader
  • The tough nylon PVC shell fabric gives this wader additional value in terms of keeping water out and durability
  • The wader is quite flexible and reduces chaffing so you remain most comfortable in all kinds of fishing or hunting grounds
  • It comes with an internal pocket so you have a convenient place to keep your essential without worries as you wade through the waters
  • The shell is taped and the seams are sealed to ensure that waterproofing is not compromised
  • This may not be the best wader for extremely cold water. The 2-ply PVC/nylon shell is much lighter and this sacrifices insulation hence it may be necessary to layer up if you are using the wader in colder area and temperatures
  • The wader has not outer pockets or attachment points and hence it limits options for carrying any extra gear that may be needed for the fishing or hunting trip.

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The Hodgman Mackenzie cleated nylon/PVC boot foot chest waders are designed with simplicity and comfort in mind. They may lack lots of features that are appealing to some anglers, but they definitely are a functional pair that will offer you the protection that you need when going about your water activities. The wader is available in different sizes hence finding the fight fit for you is something you should have no problems with when out shopping.

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