How Does a Drop Away Arrow Rest Work


Don’t you think, besides experience, your performance as a bow hunter, is much more dependable on the outfits?

Most of the bow hunters reply positively on this question. They also believe that day by day with the increase of experience, people are inventing technically rock solid things that can help to solve problems that they faced before. The drop away arrow rest is one of those creations.

Drop away rests outcome is like an evil in bow hunting. But many people are confused about how it works or whether it works or not. This content is for those people who don’t know how does a drop away arrow rest work and after reading the full content, your idea will be crystal clear about that.

Let’s get started.

Parts of a Drop Away Arrow Rest

Before learning the working procedure, it’s important to know about the parts of a drop away rest have because with the help of those things, a drop away arrow rest works.

Basically, five parts are so much important to drop away rest. They are mounting, tighten the screw, vertical adjusting knob, rotating knob, adjusting screw, support shaft and draw-cord. Many drop-away arrow rest can have more portions besides these fundamental parts.

Now, get ready to know how does a drop away arrow rests work.

How Does a Drop Away Arrow Rest Work

Drop away arrow rest is set up at a point, from where the arrow takes the release from the bow. The arrow rest is connected in your bow with the vertical adjusting knob. And adjusting screw.

In normal alignment, mounting of the arrow rest set up at a right angle. Tuning can be changed with the help of tightening the screw, adjusting knobs and rotating the knob.

Supporting shafts are the special parts provided by the drop away. It is connected with bows down cable by a draw cord which works like a receptor for the supporting shaft.

When someone pulls the down cable, draw cable also pulls supporting shaft up and therefore the arrow lies on it. This is the condition when the bow hunter is ready to fire. If he fires, the draw cable losses its pressure and shaft go down.

So, in the time of releasing, arrow gets less touch with the bow outfits which is important for the accuracy.

Fixing the Alignment of a Drop away arrow Rest

It’s important to know the way of fixing the arrow rest for a bow hunter. How, if you can make the expected tuning of your arrow rest all on your own? Let’s see how to adjust a drop away arrow rest.

  • Tighten the rest: If the screws of the rest become loose, you can’t get the proper result from the arrow rest.
  • Measuring draw chord: Measurement of draw chord is important. It can’t be much short or much longer.
  • Check the setting of draw chord: It can be said that the setting of draw chord is the most important thing for drop away arrow rest, it can’t be declined. So adjust your arrow rest draw chord as you feel comfortable to use.
  • Checking the height of nock: Nock has to be collinear with the arrow rest
  • Centering: You will get the best service if the drop away arrow rest belongs to the center.
  • Adjusting the knobs: you can tune the alignment with the help of adjusting and rotating knobs.
  • Adjusting the support shaft: with the help of provided screw, the movement of the shaft can be maximized or minimized.
  • Left-right adjustment: adjust the arrow rest with its rotating knob

By trying the things described in above, you can find the tuning that suits you.

Why People Prefer Drop Away Rest

In recent days people prefer to drop away arrow rest over others. Do you know how this is possible?  It’s only for the accuracy.

The important property of drop away arrow rest is, it can eradicate fletching contact. The support shaft connected with draw chord makes the free release of the arrow. So people can use more helical fletching which provides more spin to the arrow.

Drop away arrow rest is much-forgiving because of eliminating contact with arrow and bow, therefore, its arrow flight is not hampered by contact with anything.

Moreover, drop away arrow rest is less time-consuming.

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Finale Words

Practically it is observed that drop-away arrow rest has an enormous impact on the field of accuracy which you never find with others. Besides, it’s much more forgiving efficiency pulls it to a great level.

So, after reading this article on how does a drop away arrow rest work, if you wish to make a change in your bow, this season, you can fulfill it with your chosen drop away arrow rest. Happy bow hunting!

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