How Many Arrows Does a Quiver Hold?

Quivers are invented to decrease the trouble of holding arrows in any archery mission. But many archers neglect to get a quiver as they do not know its importance or try to escape its cost. If you are one of them then we are here to change your thought.

Do you know how many arrows in a quiver can be held at once? If you don’t know then that is the main cause you have been neglecting this superb product yet. It’s time to get a new thought about quiver. Cause the new style quiver offers you great advantages. Why will you be backward when excellently featured quivers are here?

Normally a bow quiver can hold at least 6-12 arrows. But some quiver can hold up to 24 arrows at one time. Get the correct information before you buy especially the hidden facts that your seller is going to hide smartly. Getting the direct suggestion from an expert is not that usual to many.

By reading our article one can sharpen his idea with reliable information about how many arrows fit in a quiver. First of all, you must know each type well as all the quivers do not hold same. Here we will explain each of their holding capacity to let you the perfect one for you.

Types of Quivers and Their Holding Capacity 

  • The Back Quiver: Attached in back and holds up to 24 arrows at once. Has extra weight and need an extremely skilled hand to be comfortable with this.
  • The Bow Quiver: It is actually kind of holder only. Can’t carry many arrows. The holding capacity is up to 6 arrows at one time.
  • The Side Quiver: Attached to the left or right side with a belt sit along the hip. Up to 12 arrows can be held at once. Convenient to use.
  • The Field Quiver: The corrected form of side quiver that holds 12 arrows at one time. Protected from an uncertain injury that occurs with side quivers.

Quiver- The Arrow Holder in Brief

Searching for quavers won’t show one particular result. Because there are various types that exist in quiver creation. Besides knowing all the pros and cons at once is tough, some tell the good and some focus on the bads. But to make a right choice that matches your archery purpose needs clear idea on each type to choose a particular one. We have made your trouble less.

The searching part is done, what you have to do is read the information below and note the important one down. Make your search successful. Here are the quivers with a comparison to make you sure about the exact one that you need.

From all the types the main 4 types have been brought here with every necessary factor that we have already explained shortly. Here is the description for you. While you buy don’t be influenced by the outer expression. Judge well and buy. To make it effortless here are the top 4 quivers described below.

  1. The Back Quiver

Whenever it’s about archery we imagine a man holding arrows back, pulling out and shoot. Especially this happens with the new archers. This style shows the beginning of archery. In the very past times, every story that tells about a hunter king or a hunter presents the climax of hunting with this style.

This style is none but the back quiver style. A back quiver is actually attached to your back and holds arrows backward. If you buy a back quiver the first thing you must be very expert of is pulling the arrow out smoothly for a good shot. Let us explain in brief.

Back quivers can hold up to 24 arrows and are attached to the back. As it holds your back tight you have to think about its weight. But that’s not a major fact. This quiver has another primary factor. And that is pulling the arrow out for a shot. It won’t be a trouble if you are a tall person. Cause while pulling the arrow out you have to make it straight and then pull it out. but it is troublesome for people with short arms. They can’t make it straight fully before pulling out.

You can’t see how many arrows are remaining or if there is a defective one. But once you get used to its process this will be the most comfortable style for you. Another negative point about this quiver is it makes noise while pulling the arrow out and also rattles in case of body movements. Besides, taking an arrow from your back every time and setting for a shot is not that convenient to many. But practice can make it perfect.

So, the final opinion about this kind of quiver is you can choose it frequently if you can dominate the pull out style with enough practice. 3D shooting, field shooting, walking around the woods is fun with this. You can get a back quiver from here.

  1. The Bow Quiver

This is actually considered as a bow holder. If you see a bow quiver you will have the same opinion. Though all other quivers are also used for holding arrows the pattern of those quivers are slightly different. Other quivers have pockets and divided sections for different arrow types. Or space for keeping other accessories with the extra pocket but this bow quiver is nothing like that.

This kind of quiver can hold up to 6 arrows at a time. The good thing about this quiver is it never makes noise and very easy to pull the arrows out. It contains no extra weight. Bow quiver can be a good choice for limited arrow use. But if you need more than 6 arrows with you it won’t work exactly.

If you go for a long time hunt you will need more arrows then having a bow quiver is useless. This type of quiver is actually suitable for short-term processes. But still, it can be a good choice as it is very easy to carry and contain no extra weight. Get it from here.

  1. The Side Quiver

This is probably the most popular and also the most common one among all. The reason behind the popularity is its convenient use. It sits on your hip wearing a belt around your waist and known as a hip quiver.  The arrow inside it remains forward facing. The best part about this is you can see your arrow.

While the fast shoot in a competition or hunting this works great. You can be careful of your remaining arrow and get a warning before it finishes. It is very easy and convenient and pulling the arrow out with this is so simple. This kind of quiver can hold up to 12 arrows at once.

Carrying a side quiver can be injurious if you are not careful enough. The end of the arrow some often hits the leg or your backside. You can get seriously injured if you are in a narrow place. Side quiver needs enough space and the area should not have things that can damage your arrow. You can see the front side of your arrow only. But carrying a side quiver you should be careful about its back. Get a side quiver from here.

  1. The Field Quiver

Though this quiver is not that famous but has great advantages with it. It sits more easily with its belt around your waist. It is almost similar to the side quiver. But the fact that makes a difference is the arrow position. Arrows inside this remain backward facing.

Your arm will cover the arrow. In a side quiver, you can see your arrow but here you can’t. This is the developed one of the back quiver. Here you don’t have to face the problem while pulling out the arrow. A field arrow holder is also free from injury. It is safe as you attach it vertically to your back. Up to 12 arrows can be held at one time with this awesome quiver. If you make it your first choice, purchase from here.

Our Verdict

Whether it’s about hunting or any archery event quiver is a must. Get your desired and most matching quiver and make your shot go well. With the brief explanation and reliable information above you must have decided to choose one among all as now you know about the super holding ability of a quiver and how many arrows in a quiver can be carried at a time. If you it was helpful all our endeavors of providing you correct info were successful. Thanks for being with us.

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