How to Hunt from a Ground Blind – Get More Success in Hunting

Hunting from a ground blind is a challenging style that boosts up the hunting mission and ends with a great experience. Hunters choose it most often as the best alternative. If you have tried it before then you know well why hunters love this tremendous hunting style.

Besides, hunting from a tree stand is less comfortable and need more effort. While being on a tree stand you have to trace your game from a difficult position or angle that you may not be used to. But ground blind is better in comparison. You can see your game directly. Isn’t it interesting? But the safety issue can make you think twice before you go for this process.

People with height fear or any kind of disability gives a big thumbs up to this amazing procedure. So, if you have decided to go for a ground blind hunt, the first thing you must know about is how to hunt from a ground blind. Starting something with enough knowledge is awesome and helpful. Where to get the reliable information? You don’t have to go anywhere because you are at the exact place.

To make your journey successful with an excellent start here are some must known facts related to hunting from a ground blind along with some startup instructions in this article.

Let’s start with the ground blind setup tips.

Ground Blind Set-up

Set your ground blind tent up with important information to make sure your safety and success. Basically, here are the 5 short setup instruction to let you know the startup process of how to hunt from a ground blind. Hey! You are getting all in one here. Have a look below and make your plan a real one.

  • Find an accurate place

Finding an exact place for a ground blind set up is very important. Your whole hunting process will depend a lot on it. To select a perfect place you have to check if the place is near to your game or a place where they stay and collect food.

Don’t make your tent in the opposite direction of the wind. It is best to make it in the similar direction. Try to set it near to any tree or add some artificial leaves around. Avoid putting it in a blank field. You should be careful of not making your tent a noticeable one. Click here to purchase a Ground Blind Tent online.

  • Brush the blind in

You may not know its importance and neglect to do it. But not brushing your blind can ruin your plan. Want to know how? Hunting areas are not as clean as the place we live. It contains dry leaf, broken branches, and other useless stuff. As you have to be inside, it’s normal that you will move often. During your usual movements, these unwanted things will make noise. Be careful about the sharp hearing power of your game. The noise will make them sure about your presence.

Don’t forget your hunting place is more familiar to them than you. Just like your living place. If any new object arrives at your place you get the news before being told. They also feel the same when you stay at their place. So, be like you are not there. Brush your area very well to avoid noise and distracting facts.

  • Know your game well

When you are on a ground blind hunting mission, it’s normal to fix your game before starting. So, now it’s the turn to know your game well. Every animal is never same. You have to follow different rules and precautions in case of every particular one. It’s not going to be the same every time.

Suppose, you are about to hunt deer. Deer has a sharp nose with very sharp eyes. This quality won’t match with other animals. So, knowing your game’s nature and movements well is a very good step before starting a ground blind hunt.

  • Be invisible

Being disappeared in the eye of your game is important. If the game pattern you once they will be alert about your attack. Wild animals have this power of tracing hunter fast. So, if they are careful you have to be more careful.

As you have to sit inside your tent so make sure you are not noticeable. If you see your tent you will find everything in black. So, it is compulsory to wear black while being inside. Your tent must have a natural print that helps it to match with the area.

The human smell is also another important fact. Animals can smell you very fast. So use Anti-Smell Spray while being there. You can use UV killer (Ultra-Violet killer) for more safety as every animal are not color blind.

  • Get your hunting equipment

You can’t hunt with any ordinary equipment. You need to collect every needed instrument before you start. Bow, bow sight, binocular, tent, shooting instrument and a lot more. If you search for it or ask any experienced hunter you will get a good idea about it. If it’s about a ground hunting from a ground blind first thing you must have is a folding tent. Besides you must have the bow, a binocular, gun, black clothes, UV killer spray, anti-smell spray and other important hunting objects.

Follow these 5 steps to make your ground blind hunting experience awesome. Now, know the two hunting process we promised to provide you here.

How to hunt deer from a ground blind

Hunting deer is always the main target, especially in the ground blind. Here is the short brief of deer hunting process from a ground blind.

First of all two things, you must know about bucks are their sharp nose and eyes. Follow the instruction attached up for a kick-ass preparation. If you are a bowhunter take your position according to your comfort. And if you are with other equipment then always be ready to shoot because your game can arrive anytime. Stoot at the perfect moment and get it done excellently.

How to bow hunt from a ground blind

Set your ground blind tent very strong with all necessary steps. Follow the tips above to create a good one. Once you are done with the setup you have to take your position inside. Sit comfortably to shoot your game accurate. When your game is in front of you be very careful. Observe its movement in your bow sight fix the yards your shot will take place. Draw the arrow back and shoot. That’s the short procedure one may follow during a ground blind bow hunt.

Final Verdict

In this article, I have tried to provide every needed information about hunting from a ground blind. Hope they will be helpful and work well for you. So, don’t forget to read all the instructions carefully to avoid silly mistakes in your hunting mission!

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