How to Install Arrow Rest on Bow: Step by Step Installation Guide

If you are thinking that installing the arrow rest is a difficult task, swipe your tensed mind in a chilly mood and get ready.

Here we are going to locate the drop away mannered rest following some easy steps. Now you are thinking that what is drop away rest?

The rests which abolish fletching interference, eliminate rest tension position and other components are called drop away rest. These factors hamper the efficiency of your bow.

If you want to install it perfectly on a well-tuned bow, choose the drop away rest. Because it is the best option. Now follow the instructions given below which will help you to know how to install an arrow rest.

Checking Out the Parts How to Install Arrow Rest

There will be some parts of the arrow rest packet. First, remove them from the packet and analyze the parts carefully.

After seeing the parts you will become tense. But don’t worry, follow the instructions which are given below. This will help you to install the rest very efficiently.

Affixing the Arrow Rest

An important step of how to install arrow rest on recurve bow is affixing the arrow rest to the bow’s riser.

For that, you need two kinds of screws. One is the berger hole screw and the other is any additional set screws.

After collecting the screws affix the arrow rest to the riser by installing these two types of screws. Remember that, you have to attach the rest squarely to the riser.

Placing the Arrow Rest

Now, come to another step. How you will adjust the arrow rest? Look at the bowstring. For adjusting arrow rest to the up position pull the cord while putting an arrow there.

The center of the arrow must be horizontal to the center of the berger hole. So, at the time of adjusting be careful about it.

Check out the down position. There should not be any type of contact between the arrow and arrow holding arm.

If you notice any contact there, shift them towards the bowstring to cut off the connection.

For gaining the solution of the problem you have to make adequate adjustment. You have to install something to remove the impact.

If you follow the adjustment trick you can raise the arrow rest up to 1/8 inch off the center of the berger.

Setting the Center Shot

Center shot is a position of an arrow rest which is situated on the left to right location of the rest. Adjustment of the center shot is necessary. Maintaining the distance is a must.

Place the center shot off the inner portion of the riser. This will make the rest ideal.

Connecting Drop Away Cord

Here you have to use a setting knot. Strap the cord of the drop away to the rest’s downward cable.

Tie the cord loosely. Because if you tie the cord tightly the cord will tear.

Tie it in an area which will far from the upward cable.

So, follow above techniques carefully which will help you to know how to install a drop away arrow rest.

Arrow Rest’s Tie

Pull the recurve bow back to seize the drop away rest. Now you are thinking about how to install arrow rest on compound bow?

If the cord was tied comfortably, you can continue your pulling when the arrow rest is in upward.

The cable will pass through the setting knot and at full pull will form the perfect tie in location. For getting this desired location the cord must be tied smoothly.

Completing Tie in the Drop Away Cord

Now you will be able to make the setting knot tight, by following above instructions. You can affix your finishing knot under the setting knot to the cord and learn how to install a brush arrow rest.

Make sure either this task is done under the setting knot or not. Hitch this in hardly and then complete the knot with tricks in the knot affixing 101 link.

Finishing Touch

Snip the surplus cord under the knots. Keep the firestorm off the cable by melting the unravel end with a lighter.

The rest must raise perfectly. So, make sure that either the rest is rising prematurely or not. You can pull the bow back smoothly for testing this.

Always remember about the full draw. In a perfect rest the knots will hold well.

At last, take a paper tuning. This will help you in final adjustment.

Warming up of How to Install Arrow Rest

Above tricks will help you a lot to establish the arrow rest in a very genuine way. The instructions are not only useful but also easy. You will find the tricks of how to install an arrow rest step by step.

If you are not interested in installing the rest in a drop away style, you can also follow above instructions for achieving a successful setup. Because I have elaborated the steps also for alternative style.

The steps of tying, adjusting and giving the finishing touch are perfectly described. So, happily install the rest and get the maximum efficiency with your bow.

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