How to Make a Quiver for Arrow – Hunting & Practicing

Carrying arrows in a quiver has turned into a trend. But buying a quiver can cost more than you expect. Especially quivers with great features. But as it is one of the must-have archery equipment there is no other option. But actually, there is a way. Make it yourself. Have you ever making a quiver your own? Maybe not or maybe you have but faced trouble to make a good one.  But once you learn to make it in the easy process you would love to have a self-made quiver. Besides your money saving plan is done.

Quiver making tools

  • Fabric and material: Choosing fabric and material depends on what type of quiver you are going to make. If it’s a leather quiver get good quality leather and if it’s a plastic or other quiver choose the exact long lasting one.
  • Swing tools: Buy swing tools before you start. It helps a lot to get done with the curved shape and corners of your quivers.
  • Scissor: A common tool that will do all the cutting stuff and shape your quiver with the design you want it to be.
  • Measurement scale: Measure your quiver properly. A silly mistake can ruin the shape. Measure every single part accurately and make it as per the measurement.

Check out how to make a quiver in different ways with the instruction to wear your quiver accurately.

How to make a quiver in the forest 

You need it actually when you are in a forest for hunting and need an instant quiver urgently. In the forest, you won’t have perfect leather or your desired fabric. You have to make it in a natural way. Collect a thick and long length bark from your surroundings. Fold both top and bottom of the bark together.

If you look inside you will notice little space. And that is actually the space for your arrows. Collect a rope or anything that helps to tie it well. Tie both ends of the berk accurately. Make space in the middle and put your arrow in it to check out if it fits or not. Pull the extra rope from the end side and attach it to the top. It’s the holder of your back quiver. You are done with your self-made forest quiver.

How to make a leather quiver

To make a leather quiver, collect good quality leather. Fold square-shaped leather like a tube. Be careful about the space inside the tube. Take a small piece of leather and cut it in round shape. Attach the round portion to the bottom of your tube leather. Make small holes with the help of a leather punch. Stitch both the leather very well. Now your bottom part is done.

Next, stitch the middle of the tube leather. Otherwise, it will open up and won’t hold the arrow tight. Do the stitch in the same way that you have done with the bottom of your quiver.  Add a long leather belt from the top to the bottom and make it easy to carry on your back. Your leather quiver is ready. This kind of quiver is suitable for girls too. So, girls if you want to know how to make a girl quiver then you got the answer already.

If you want to know how to make a hip quiver or how to make a back quiver then this leather quiver making process is the perfect solution for you. Not just that it describes a perfect answer to how to make an arrow quiver. So, make it your own and give it your desired design.

How to wear a quiver

After making a quiver the main fact you must have an idea about is how to wear it in the exact style. Everyone may not have a same type of quiver. Wearing the quiver that you have depends on its style and pattern.

Usually, every quiver has a holder to carry arrows comfortably. Most people choose either a back quiver or a hip quiver. So, here are the wearing process of these two famous quivers. Check it out.

How to wear a back quiver

This kind of quivers is placed on your back and holds the arrow in your back. The belt attached to it helps to make it hold tight. The belt is adjustable so you can make it comfortable to hold.

Wearing a back quiver is not tough. You just have to check if you are comfortable to pull out the arrow as it is the main factor. So, try it after wearing if it’s okay or not. Adjust the belt if needed. Make yourself comfortable.

How to wear a hip quiver

Hip quivers are also known as a side quiver. This kind of quiver holds the arrow in a forward facing style. You can see your arrows as they are positioned on your right side. Wearing a hip quiver is very comfortable.

In every hip quiver, there is a belt that has to be attached to your waist. The holder sits along your hip holding arrows inside.


Basically, quivers play a vital role to make your shot a good one. So if you make it as per your comfort and follow the accurate wearing instruction it would be great. Thanks for being with us till the end. Hope you have learned how to make a quiver in easy steps. Have a safe archery experience.

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