How to Set up a Ground Blind for Deer & Turkey Hunting

The ground blind is a well-known name in hunting. Among all other ways, this process has been considered to be the most famous and preferable one. People with disabilities choose this as their best alternative. Besides, people who have height phobia goes for the ground blind process very often. Over and above it is one of the most effective hunting processes that allows the hunter to watch the game directly from the normal angel he is used to.

So, if you are thinking of setting up a ground blind, you need to know the accurate process very well. All sorts of basic information based on the setup of a ground blind will be provided in this article. So, stay with us for reliable information.

Let’s get started with the procedure to know how to set up a ground blind for deer & turkey hunting.

How to Set up a Ground Blind – Setup Strategy

Once you have decided to go for a ground blind you have to be alert about all the cautions included in this process. It’s not an easy task to make sure the safety level every time. In this term, a one has to hunt very close to what can be dangerous dealing with the wild animal. A good set up can save you from being tracked by your game. It’s a good point to ensure the success.  Here is the procedure to set up your ground blind in a safe way.

#1 Choose a perfect place

Choosing a perfect place is very important for setting up a ground blind. Your whole hunting process will depend a lot on it. If you are hunting with tree stand then you need to find a perfect tree that let you see with larger vision just like that for setting up a ground blind you need to find a place which is near to your game’s food collecting place or somewhere it comes often. Things you have to think before you chose a place are here.

  • Avoid blank place: Always try to set your tent beside any tree or place including natural objects. While being inside you and the tent must not be a noticeable one to your game. If you didn’t get a place like that use artificial leaves around your tent.
  • Follow the wind direction: This point becomes one of the major when you are about to hunt a mature buck. Deer’s nose is the sharpest as their eyes. Don’t take a chance setting your tent against the wind. It will smell you faster than you can think. Even bucks follow this wind strategy to save their lives from a sudden attack.
  • Ensure the presence of your game: You can’t put your tent in a place where the game never arrives. Wait for its move and find out the place they stay the most then set your tent to that accurate location.
  • Don’t put it in the middle: Avoid setting it in the middle of any place. We have already suggested you, to be hidden. Besides, when you see your front side you can have a sudden attack from your backside as ground blind doesn’t ensure the safety always.

#2 Brush your area before setting the tent

This may sound funny. But this is one of the major issues one has to be done with. Brushing your surrounding will help you removing noise. What knows how? Suppose you are inside the tent suddenly you stepped into a dry leaf just because of that noise your game will be concerned and escape the place.  To let it not happen, make your area free from noisy objects and keep your equipment in a stable position.

#3 Apply the smell free method

Hunting a deer especially a mature buck one has to be very careful about this factor. Bucks are created with strong smelling power.  So, it’s safe to use anti-smell spray on your tend and also on you. This kind of spray will disable it to get the human smell. So, before starting your ground blind your tent must be odorless.

#4 Be conscious about the color

Do you think bucks are color blind? No, they are not. It’s actually they do not see the color the way we humans can. But colors like blue and violet are noticeable to them. So, it is wise to avoid wearing anything of such color. Wear pitch black as inside of every tent is black in color. You have to sit inside so maintain that matching shed to make yourself invisible. For more caution, you can use the ultra-violet killer spray on your tent because bucks can see this that we humans can’t.

#5 Set your ground blind tent

After following all the instructions above you are now ready to set your tent. Another important thing related to a ground blind set up, get a folding tent and obviously with advanced features. Make sure your tend is strongly attached to the ground. The heavy wind must not ruin your plan.

Final Verdict

These are the strategy to set up a ground blind what make you clear about how to set up a ground blind for deer hunting. This process is excellently perfect for the deer hunting mission. A good set up can make your plan end with an expected result. Another tip for the beginners is before starting a ground blind hunt, gather as many information as you can because the first experience will always remain memorable. So, make it a good one with sufficient knowledge.

Hope the article based on deer hunting from a ground blind was helpful. Thanks for being with us. Happy hunting!

If you are going hunting alone then is better to carry an instant tent as setting up would be easy.

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