How to Sight in a Bow to Get 100% Accuracy – Single Pin & Multi Pin

Behind every successful shot, accurate bow sight strategy is vital. Practiced hand with accurate measurement skill is the must-have quality. Anyone acknowledged to archery knows the fact very well. If you are a beginner you must be searching for a good guide to learn this major method. Once you are an expert your performance in archery will never go down. If you are about to start, you have to know the procedure first. Learning process of sighting in a bow is not anything tough. But if you are not clearly done with the basic then it can be an arduous journey.

Bow sight may seem a trouble to many but the list of those many are backward from the smart learning process. By reading this article you can bring yourself out of that list. To make that happen we are here with an excellent strategy based on bow sight. Before we start here are some must-know information to make your idea strong.

Bow Sight Information

From the beginning, till now many advanced technologies have been added to this archery equipment. Difference between an old style bow sight and a digitalized one is huge. Even in the very beginning archers had no idea about this. They had to make every shot accurate with their extremely skilled eyes.

But now archers are saved from that tough targeting task. The bow sight is like an appreciation to make every target successful. With the thought of improvement two kinds of bow sight has been invented yet. What else can be more excellent when you can make a choice in between? Let’s introduce you to them.

  1. Single Pin Bow Sight
  2. Multi-Pin Bow Sight

It’s up to your comfort and choice which one is going to be more preferable. As we don’t know your opinion yet so we will describe both processes here. Either you select the single pin bow sight or the multi-pin bow sight you will be provided equal information and instruction in this article.

As you have known the type now it’s time to give you a crystal clear idea of it’s working process. Let’s start.

How to sight in a bow

Though every bow sight looks very similar some specification creates the huge difference. However, while learning the process of using a bow sight one has to be very clear about its parts. Check out the common parts and their use included to every kind of bow sights.

Selecting pin: Decide how many pins will be preferable for you to choose a particular type. You can choose the single or the multi-pin.

Measure the distance: Point out your target and guess how many yards they are away from you. The measurement scale has various yards settings. You can fix how many yards your shot will take place.

Fix the window sight: As you have to see your targets positions through the bow sight, so the window of your sight must be clear.

Fix the screw: In a bow sight there are many screws that may seem unnecessary but actually has enough importance. Fix every single of them according to their use.

Use the extra hole: Most of the bow sights have extra holes in it. If any of your screws are not working exactly, you can use that extra hole for tightening or loosening.

Process to Sight in a Bow

After fixing the alignments here starts the major part of the using and working process of a bow sight. For a good start, you need to buy a bow sight confirming their excellence. Though you can’t judge a good one before using still you can get a better one by appropriate search and comparison. The first thing you have to before sighting in a bow, make a vertical line of your target. Avoid setting your target in various directions if you are a beginner. A vertical line of target ensures a clear idea about your aim.

Fix you sight and every important part of it. Your vision must be very clear while targeting the point. After selecting your target guess the distance. Point to be noted that your guessing ability must be strong as the result of the shot depends a lot on it. Now, look straight through the bow sight and aim at the target. You won’t find it easy for the first time. But don’t lose hope. It is very important to know how to hold the arrow if you have a shaky hand problem. Instead of holding tight, try to make it comfortable. But do not shoot holding with an open finger. A slight carelessness can cause a big injury. Focus on the sight pin and check its accuracy. Complete the procedure with a great shot. Archer who has the question of how to sight in a compound bow, this process is applicable.

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How to adjust bow sight

To let you know about the adjustment of a bow sight we will talk about both single pin and multi-pin here. A single pin bow sight can make one shot at a time while a multi-pin makes up-to seven. Though this is a matter of personal preference and choice 90% of archers go for a multi-pin sight. But that doesn’t make the single pin sight useless. It’s just about your need and purpose. Let’s not get into that argument. Here is the adjustment of both bow sights.

Single pin bow sight adjustments

Fix the single pin bow sight accurate following the manual instruction guide. Do the tightening and loosening of screw or knobs. After attaching all necessary parts your primary adjustment gets over here. Now, check the position of your target through the bow sight. If you aim at the sight you will notice a pin inside standing straight. The top point of that pin has to be pointing your target. Fix how many yards you need and mark on the measurement scale. You are ready for the shot.

Multi-pin bow sight adjustments

This kind of bow sight can have up to seven pins. Every single pin gives the scope of one shot. The primary adjustment has to be done just as the single pin bow sight mentioned up. Now time to adjust the distance. Set all the pins you have and as many yards you need. In a multi-pin sight, pins are attached to the right side and not in a vertical position. Keep the top point of every pin on your target and shoot.

In case of hunting the target is much more confusing and tough than other situations. It is all about fast-changing targets and position. Here every shot has to be done smooth and fast.  To build up that quality practice is a must. Once you know the strategy and got the proficiency that can distract you from shooting the target. By following the strategy described up, your thought of how to use a bow sight must have been clarified.


Archery is an art and a bow sight does the efficient job of making every shot a best one. We tried to provide all reliable and related information on how to sight in a bow.  Your archery purposes may not be same every time but the process is always similar. Along with buying a good bow sight check your bow if it is working according to your expectation. Because it can be a reason of your imperfect shot. Follow the instructions above to use a bow sight accurately.

Hope the tips and suggestions were helpful. Have a successful archery experience.

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