How to Use a Single Pin Bow Sight to Get 100% Accuracy in Target


One of the most important parts of bow equipment that makes your target hit successfully is a bow sight. So, you need to be very careful while buying it. Half of your success in archery depends on your bow sight.

Archery has improved a lot with the latest technologies. The equipment got a very well finished touch of digitalization. As a result, there are two types of bow sight to choose between.

  • The single pin bow sight
  • The multi-pin bow sight

It’s up to you which one is going to be suitable for you. But in that issue of single pin vs multi-pin judgment, most of the time people switch to the single pin sight. Not everyone but switching to a single pin permanently is huge.

The reason behind this is its advantages. It’s just you have to know how to use a single pin sight. Once you got the idea which works better you will also love it the way it works.

A single pin bow sight is really a very good working archery tool for beginners. At least you can get an exact target. If you become skilled in targeting one the multiple targets will be easier to learn.

The first thing before starting archery you need to choose between the single pin or the multi-pin. If you are not experienced or have no idea about it then the suggestion for you is to choose the single pin bow sight. Especially if you are a beginner.

After choosing the single pin bow sight you need to know how to use a single pin bow sight. Though this is not an easy job if you know the quick and smart tricks and have a clear idea then it will be less tough.

To help you in this we are going to tell you the short way of using a single pin bow and making sure a successful target with less effort. Check out the effective instructions below and hit your target with single pin bow sight successfully.

5 Instructions About How to Use a Single Pin Bow Sight

After setting your mind for single pin bow sight thing that you would eager to know the using process. If you do not have an instructor and has to do it your own then these 5 instructions are going to help you a lot.

1. Buy a good single pin bow sight

As bow sight plays a vital role in a good shot so, it is really important to buy the best working one. Know about its quality and working ability before you buy. Your first experience will make you confident to go for the next one. If you get a bad one you will lose hope to get the success.

What you need to check the sight is the picture of the target it provides while looking through it. Get information from the experienced people who will suggest you a better one. Check all the screws and extra holes that are important to set the distance.

The most important thing in the bow sight is the pin. Your shot will depend on this single pin.  Check out if the pin is attached strong and works exactly it should work. If you find everything find go for it and start your archery.

2. know its benefits

Why did you switch to this? Many people will ask you this question even your mind will ask you the same before choosing this single pin bow sight. So, you must know the answer to this why.

You have already noticed its structure. It has only one pin standing straight in the sight. If you see a multi-pin you will find up to 7 pins in that. This makes a huge difference. With a single pin sight, your target will be one. Besides you has to set several targets in a multi-pin sight.

As your target is one you can focus fully and your concentrate will win the success. It is not complicated and never confusing what you may face in multi-pin bow sight. So, a single pin bow sight will make you hit the target better and fast.

3. Set your bow sight

Before setting your sight you must read the instruction attached to it. Reading the instruction will make you clear about the equipment. There are many critical measurements in setting a distance target. So, if you read the instruction well it will be easier.

After reading it start the setup. Check the screws that need to tighten up. Don’t make it too tight cause it can damage it. Know the use of the extra hole in the instruction book. Fix your distance and adjust it.

Look through the bow sight if the window sight is clear and the point is in the target. Once you have set your bow sight and distance you are ready for the hit.

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4. Mark your target

The one and only focusing object in this process is the target. To hit the target you need to be very clear about its distance and condition. If you have done every sing set up and took your position but do know have focused on your target, everything will be meaningless.

Look at the target through the bow sight. The top point of the pin will be on the target. If the top open of the sight pin is on the target then you are going right. Make yourself strong and stable to your place. One thing you need the most is the focus on the target.

5. Hit the target

This is the last action in this process that will make the result successful or not. So, you need to be very careful here. You have already set your target so, now it’s time to set the arrow. As the distance has been fixed before so now you just need to make the hit go well.

Draw the arrow back, watch your target through the bow sight, check out the position of the target, take your position and hit. These simple sets will let you hit the target successfully.

To get more success in your every shoot the bow sight is most important hunting gear for bow hunting. Also, the bow quiver is another one hunting gear to help you to carry the arrow in the hunting field and prepare for next shoot in short time.

Final Verdict

Archery makes the targeting sill strong and is a very well known hunting process. The use of single pin bow sight is described above with needed instructions. Hope they were helpful to make your archery experience with single pin bow sight a good one. Happy Hunting!

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