The Secret Guide To Ohio Deer Hunting

When deer hunting, every hunter wishes to hunt in areas that have plenty of deer so that the hunting success rate remains high and luckily there are lots of good hunting grounds in Ohio. Even with the right hunting gear, as long as you have selected the wrong place to hunt you will not get much from your treks in the bush trying to make a kill. There are so many deer hunting tips that can make you a success, but when hunting in Ohio, you ought to get familiar with the basics so you are at your best and make all the right choices for Ohio deer hunting.

Ohio deer hunting season

The hunting season in Ohio remains to be amongst the most liberal across the United States. Bowhunting season starts in the last days of September running all through to start of February.  The good thing about the season is that you can actually also hunt on Sunday if this is the day you are free for the hunt. Best crossbows are allowed too so you can ensure that you are armed with the best by the time the season begins.

If you are a rifle kind of hunter, then the gun season typically begins after the rut. Ohio allows shotgun only, but for hunters who are serious about trophy whitetails then bow hunting is the way to go. Ensure you are up to speed with the regulations as far as hunting goes so you remain on the right side of the law as you go hunting.

Why Ohio makes a good hunting spot

As a hunter you should go into hunting ground details to be convinced that you will indeed catch what you dream of catching. With everything carefully selected, you will have an easy time taking down the deer and celebrating. Ohio makes one of the best hunting states in the US and for a number of reasons. The successful hunting secrets lie in the:

  • Right terrain, crops, genetics, and habitats that produce big bucks consistently
  • Shotgun seasons that give you a chance to enjoy your hunting rifle after rut if you are not very good with crossbows.
  • Easy access to NR hunting licenses and also deer tags; you will get them easily over the counter at an affordable rate
  • The one-buck per year limit that allows you to use any weapon in any zone or county using the same deer permit
  • A deer hunting season that is long enough to give any hunter the time to enjoy the hunt
  • Consistent regulations which are easy for hunters to keep up with

Top areas to Hunt Deer in Ohio – east central Ohio

Trophy bucks are available in different corners, but east central Ohio makes one of the best hunting destinations for deer hunters. The Licking, Muskingum and Coshocton counties are some of the top areas you can choose for your deer hunting because they consistently produce large bucks and have lots of public land opportunities for deer hunting. The top three Ohio public deer hunting areas are:

Dillon Wildlife Area – It has very good unpressured deer, and there are very few hunters here so you are able to maximize on the resources available even when hunting few yards from the road.

Woodbury Wildlife Area – It is made up of 20,00 acres of whitetail habitat and makes a prime location in east-central Ohio. The different state routes offer good public access and you can also use township and county roads too. To find your trophy bucks here, make sure that you study the area map carefully and find spots that other hunters are likely to overlook. With correct evaluations, you do not even need to go deep into the timber to find what you are looking for.

Conesville Coal Land – It is a 12,000-acre prime whitetail habitat on Muskingum and Coshocton counties. You require a free permit that you can get from local bait shops or you can contact other relevant bodies for the same.

Apart from using public land, you can also bag trophy bucks by gaining access to private land. An Ohio deer hunting outfitter can help you get a hold of private hunting ground that is unpressured and is top quality.

Top hunting areas in southwest Ohio

Southwest Ohio also offers very good deer hunting spots with some of the best including:

  • Bruch Creek State Forest
  • Tranquility Wildlife Area
  • Shawnee State Forest

You will also find reliable deer hunting outfitters here to help you gain access to private land from where you can maximize your hunting. But just like hunting anywhere else, you should ensure that you have the quality hunting gear and equipment. Every hunter needs to stay safe and comfortable to have an excellently pleasant hunting experience and it should not be any different with you.

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