It’s no secret that we hunters have a thing for precision rifles. Although we all want precision rifles for hunting and targeting but the question remains – how much are we ready to spend? Or how much is too much for a precision rifle? This is why we decided to do the Remington 700 Review. Take it in writing; precision rifles with a free-floated barrel, killer optics and high quality bases will cost you a fortune. However, if you are looking for a precision rifle at a realistic rate then settle with a Remington Model 700 VLS. By making just a couple small tweaks you no doubt will be able to construct a deadly accurate rifle without ruining your 401k.

The Model 700 has gone through many changes in appearance but most blue and true rifle hunters will know this rifle right when they see it. It’s an old authentic deer hunting icon.

The trusty Remington 700 VLS is the most popular choice for many. With an insane level of ownership at more than 8 million, the 700 is believed to be the most prolific piece. It’s very accurate. Experienced hunters prefer the 700 chambered in either .308 or 270 for deer. It is available in various trims and options, of course.

Its features include full-length extractor, adjustable trigger, and a fixed ejector, one-piece bolt with integral bolt guide, one-piece steel magazine box and 26-inch free-floated heavy contour barrel and concave crowned muzzle chambered in .308. The bolt is engine-turned and blackened and that’s how the anti reflection properties of the surface stands out. The stock is created with an anti-slipping, grippy type black, with a dullish gun metal drizzle. The operation is simple, with the same two position safety found on the right of the rear tang. The rifle also comes with a receiver that is full length and airplane-grade brushed aluminum block in order to provide the best stability. Yes, you now have a great deer hunting rifle that performs. It’s simple, rugged and above all, accurate. For a rifle that is stock, the precision of this is fantastic.


I detest narrow triggers. Honestly; it’s a massive turn off for me, nothing makes me go limp faster than a narrow ass trigger. A narrow trigger simply ruins the rifle’s precision. Fortunately, this rifle’s trigger is adjustable and wide. In fact, it is wide enough to accommodate the index finger’s entire pad if you have medium to small hands. The 700 also has a number of vertical grooves as non-slip contact surface. The fore grip is definitely not quite as wide as the 700 PSS, however it is sufficient enough to create a rest that is stable.

The quality of this rifle is high and you won’t find any dings fresh out of the box. The mounted scope that was installed on this gun needed no adjustments, thanks to Remington’s superior working of metal and attention to optics detail.

Time to test its performance. Although I tested a .22-250, the firearm is available in .308 and .223. I must say the inherent accuracy of Remington has a special place in my heart because the adjustment has to be almost nil to get a great group of shots

I find this Remington 700 VLS an accurate rifle that is well worth the cost that finds a nice balance of several features. And this concludes our Remington 700 Review.

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