With a real ‘American name as iconic as the maker, this rifle ideally blends cutting edge features and intrinsic value – get ready for the Ruger American Revolution Review. It stands as one the hot favorites among sportsmen from sea to shining sea. In the firearm industry, one thing has become certain – customers want accurate and reliable rifle at a competitive price range.

To match up with the demand and to catch up with the trends, Ruger designed a totally new rifle with just a few simple ingredients like reliability, accuracy, smooth bolt, a good trigger, stylish appearance and last but not the least an affordable price tag. Yes – Ruger has done a great job by jamming in all those high-end features at a realistic cost, without making much of a deal-breaking compromise in the quality of this beauty.

Overall, this Ruger American Revolution is light weight. The skinny stock also comes with some cool quick handling traits to it. The action is based around a 3 lug bolt. This provides more room around the scope and give it a more quick bolt cycling regimen.

Now let’s move back a bit. You will find a cocking indicator near the back of that bolt and a tang type safety right behind it. Personally, I prefer tang mounted safeties due to their control and ease of use. However, the flush type bolt release sure makes this thing fast.


If you are looking for something really solid and simple, then this is the rifle. It is in fact one of the most solid rifles available to big game hunters. The stout rifle is deadly accurate, reliable and also very easy to use. Instead of using the old fashioned lug for transferring shakiness, this Ruger rifle makes this thing called “Power Bedding” which are v-blocks made from aluminum alloy as a way to make the accuracy even better. It is a neat little thought. You will feel the V-block compression and even feel the firm “stop” when you re-install the action and when you screw it back into the stock.

The rotary plastic magazine is also fantastic on the Ruger American. Okay I agree with my hunter friends, the plastic is a bit cheaper compared with the X-bolt, but keep in mind this rifle is also pretty inexpensive. I will say, the magazine is super lightweight and also slips into the magwell pretty quickly, almost at lightning speed. You simply don’t have to rock the mag into place, instead simply aim right at the magwell and it’ll go in. The magazine keeps a super secure hold & it does not rock forth and back or rattle around.

Interestingly, this rifle uses the Accu Trigger lever design, however; unlike the Accu Trigger, it cannot dip the sear right into safety when you actually hit the trigger. I quite liked the trigger pull. It’s like that of the Savage or like that of the Remington 783 lever triggers. Sexy and sweet this trigger feels great.

The back most portion of the stock right where your jawbone goes is a skinnier than I would like, however it does make this gun much more light and portable. The stock also has some texture on it. Time to talk about its performance. Hitting the prey with so much accuracy is a spectacular sight to see when you buy this rifle. I chose to shoot the American chambered in .308. Overall, we give this rifle two thumbs and with that concludes our Ruger American Revolution Review.

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