Alas, here is our Sako A7 review for your reading pleasure. The all new Sako A7 fuses reliability and bold design with the finest OEM accuracy rating. Yes – the Sako A7 is deadly damn accurate.

Just a casual glance at the Sako A7 will reveal the fact, the rifle has improved on the older Sako 75 design. It has been designed strategically to fill the gap between the Sako 85 and the popular Tikka T3. Sako A7 features a synthetic stock, detachable magazine, machined forged steel bolt, adjustable single-stage trigger and hammer forged barrel.

The A7 is well balanced with a skinny profile. The A7 sports the cold hammer forged barrel that is free floating – just like the rest of the lineup from Sako.  The rifle comes in two finishes – blued out and Sako’s special stainless steel. Did I miss something here? Yes, its bolt possesses surprisingly smooth movement with a seventy degree throw.

The magazine of A7 is similar to that of Tikka however instead of plastic it has metal reinforced feed lips. Moreover, the A7 magazine also uses a Total-Control Magazine release. In order to remove the mag from the rifle, the magazine needs to be pressed inward, while simultaneously pushing the latch to release it fully. You got it right, this is a borrowed feature from the good ole Sako 85 and it helps to prevent bumping the latch accidentally.

Now take a closer look at the bolt and receiver. Here also you will find the perfect mix of Tikka and Sako 85 characteristics. The receiver of the A47 looks just like the 85 but the shroud of plastic on the tail is just like the trusty Tikka.


Trigger? This trigger is the exact same as the 85. Sako’s A7 trigger can be adjusted between two to four pounds and is factory set at three pounds which is a little too heavy for me (I am a feather light trigger shooter.) The A7’s trigger guard is made of some kind of plastic with the familiar Sako shape to it. You simply can’t be disappointed with the trigger on this rifle.

The scope of the A7 illustrates a significant departure from tradition for the company. The A7 includes standard weaver style mounts – hallelujah! Sako uses a specialized system of rings that can be put to good use for lining up that scope of yours. This is a huge improvement from the old 85.

To sum it all up there’s a lot to like about this new A7. It delivers superb accuracy without breaking your bank. The detachable box mag comes handy for unloading and loading in a hurry. The latching system on this rifle is a major plus along with the weaver rings, it makes a nice pair.

Now let’s come to the most important part – accuracy. Precision and accuracy defines Sako, which is why they have a guarantee of accuracy on all of their guns. Sako guarantees that all of their rifles to group five shots within a one inch circle at a distance of about 100 meters, solid.

I enjoyed using the new A7. Out at 200 meters, I could hammer out groups averaging 1.5 inches without any trouble. Honestly; I am a big fan of its accuracy and light trigger, have I fallen in love?

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