Best Samick Sage Review: Field Tested By Expert

Recurve bows are distinguishable by the curved tips on either bow end. It increases the speed of bow and also the release smoothness. The recurve bow is a bow that is widely used in target archery and the Olympics is the only style allowed for the competition. A huge number of archers also prefer the recurve bows for 3D archery, bow hunting, and field archery. Samick sage is the best one bow on this categories and I’ll write about some best Samick Sage Review.

These bows can come in one solid piece, but the most popular bows are the takedown style bows. The takedown recurve bows make it possible for you to break on the bow into different parts once unstrung. The breakdown does not only make it easy to transport the bow but also makes it very easy to upgrade bow limbs as you grow in strength, hence no need to purchase a new bow as you increase your skill levels.

The bows are gripped from the middle part, also known as risers; they can be made of metal, carbon or wood. The bottom and top parts of the bows are known as limbs and they can also be made from different materials. The power of your bow is achieved by the unique curve on limb tips.

Buying A Recurve Bow Tips

When buying your bow, it is best that you choose one that is slightly shorter than you. But other elements that are more important in the purchase are draw length and draw weight.  Sizing of the bows is different and if you are just a beginner in archery then you had better seek professional help to get it right when buying your first bow.

The good thing about the bows is that they come in average sizes too, so you can get them for youngsters interested in the activity. The bow lengths can be anywhere between 54 inches and 64 inches for younger shooters and 64 inches to 70 inches for adults.

When buying the bow, remember bow length ought to be matched with the right draw length. A good bow should also have a draw weight that is relatively low regardless of your natural strength as an archer.

Low poundage is very beneficial, especially for new archers and the takedown recurves bows make it possible for them to move limbs up or down to achieve correct draw weight. In essence, therefore, your first recurve bow should match eye dominance and draw length, and it should be light in draw weight, affordable and able to sustain your increasing ability.

Additional Accessories

To start shooting and enjoying your bow, there are additional accessories that you can consider getting. These archery accessories improve your shooting experience, but some will depend on the bow you choose and whether it is designed to accommodate the accessories that you are considering.

Bow stringers – For your recurve bow, a commercially made bow stringer is the best. The last thing you want is to end up twisting bow limbs or damaging them and hence a bow stringer is a valuable accessory.

Choose stringers that have been developed with safety and consistency in mind to enjoy the best experience. A wall stringer can also make a very good choice for stringing your bow, but you should ensure that it is securely fastened to a wall and you know how to use it properly.

Bowstring – Extra bowstring can be very helpful in case one gets damaged or it breaks. A good string should have multiple strands and be wrapped tightly at the ends and center complete with serving. The serving and number of strands will determine how thick the bowstring is and this influences nock fit to the string.

Consider your arrow’s nock size when choosing the bowstring. A good serving should hold the arrow securely, but not too tight to require effort unclipping the arrow from the string.

Quivers and strings – Arrows should be longer than or equal to the draw length. A quiver helps in holding the arrows so you have an easy time wearing on your thigh, hip or simply set on the ground as you shoot. Back quivers are good options for many, but they may not be that convenient for competitions and wooded areas.

Arm guards – They are designed to ensure that sleeves remain out of the way and at the same time keep the skin protected. The guards also offer a flat surface for the string in case it grazes the arm as you shoot.

Beginner archers should consider full-length arm guard and switch to those that cover the forearm of bow arm once they learn how to rotate the bow arm elbow to the vertical position and away from bowstring path.

Finger tabs – They are designed to keep fingers protected against blisters that can create release problems. Leather gloves can also work in offering you the protection you need as you enjoy your shooting. Some of the finger tabs today come with flat leather that is attached to a plastic plate or a metal plate.

The tabs have loops and are worn on middle finger with newer models having the spacer that spreads the middle and index fingers to prevent pinching arrows and sending them off course accidentally.

3 Best Samick Sage Review! Field Tested By Expert

Samick recurve bows are the creation of Samick Sports, a Korean company that is an industry leader since 1975. The company has grown to have bows that have gained popularity in over 50 countries and it also sponsors a number of world’s best competitive archers. Samick has given attention to details making Sage bows great and you will definitely love the recurve bows under this brand.

#1 Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve BowSamick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

This recurve takedown bow makes it possible for archers to increase draw weight as they become experienced making it very cost-effective. It comes in a wide range of draw weights from 30lbs-55lbs making it a good choice for hunting small game too. It is indeed one of the best bows you can choose to use.

Product highlights

  • Pre-installed brass bushings, sight, stabilizer, and quiver for future upgrades
  • 62-inch bow with B-50 bowstring and arrow rest
  • Hard maple limbs with black fiberglass, metal limb, and single tapered knob
  • Pocket design to increase or decrease weight as appropriate
  • Maximum draw length of 29ʺ


The Samick Sage takedown recurve bow comes with an averagely sized grip that suits small and medium hand pretty well. The ergonomic shape of the grip also minimizes pain in bow hand when at full draw. The riser of the bow is made of wood giving it a beautiful and elegant look.

The laminated hard maple exquisite finish is shiny, yet it does not reflect too much light. The riser also has the cut-past-center shelf, making it very easy to tune and to work with all kinds of bow arrows, but it is not very long hence slight hand-shock may be felt during the shooting.

The limbs of this bow are detached from riser by unscrewing bolts. They are laminated to make them durable and you do not have to worry about twisting or layer separation thanks to the quality of the lamination. The limb tips feature phenolic plastic to strengthen them and make them more durable if using FF bowstrings. The string of the recurve bow is decent and fast. It is recommended that you buy a good bow stringer to attach and replace string safely and quickly as needed.


The Samick Sage offers improved accuracy because of the total length of the bow standing at 62 inches. It is superior in accuracy compared to recurve bows that are shorter. This bow weighs 3.4lbs and is a bit heavy, especially for archers who are used to lighter bows; you may need a few days to get used. With the comfortable grip, you are assured of comfortable aiming and the bow does not have enough vibration to make any noticeable accuracy problems. You will not have any problems hitting 30 to 40-yard targets with this bow with the right draw.

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#2 Sage 2″ Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow – NEW Model

The Spyder Takedown recurve bow is the new improved version of the classic Samick Sage model. It is referred to as Sage 2 by archers and has quickly become a favorite for most. This bow features a new redwood finish riser, round edges, reinforced limb tip, limb pockets and flush limb bolts. It is nothing short of elegant and whereas it is a high-end bow, it comes at a very affordable price.

Product highlights

  • Sleek redwood riser that is bolstered up
  • Fast flight compatible
  • 62-inch bow with 20-60 draw weight
  • Left and right handed
  • Includes Allen wrench, Dacron bowstring and arrow rest


The Spyder takedown recurve bow has removable limbs that make transportation and storage easy. The lightweight design of this bow offers portability, convenience so you will have an easier time packing and carrying if for the field, outdoor sports, or target archery and even bow hunting. The riser is bolstered up and sleek with rounded edges. The improved flush limb bolts make this Samick new model among the safest you can choose as a serious archery fan.

This bow measures 62 inches and has a draw weight of 20 to 60 lbs and can, therefore, be used by beginners and advanced archers without any problems. Considering that it is left and right handed, the convenience and suitability are increased.

The smoothened edges on the riser for a comfortable grip and lighter weight of this bow offers you a hunting experience that is more comfortable. The spyder takedown recurve bow is a durable bow that is bound to serve you for years with proper care.


The enhanced features of the Sage 2 greatly improve the performance of the bow. It is a bow you can fully rely on even when you choose to go hunting. The draw weight that can be adjusted offers both beginners and advanced archers and easy time achieving accuracy when shooting. The accommodation of right and left handed archers also put this bow tops in improving performance.

However, compared to the original sage, the Spyder is not as easy to string; you will need to use a stringer every time you need to string the bow on and off. The Allen wrench that comes included makes it easy for you to assemble the bow and the Dacron bowstring offer you an extra string when the need for one arises.

#3 Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow Bundle

If you are looking forward to getting the best value for your money, you should really check out the Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow. The bow comes in both the left handed and right handed orientation to best suit your preference. In addition to this, the bow is quite light and durable at the same time.

Product highlights

  • The 62” SAMICK Sage Bow
  • B-50 bowstring
  • A stick on arrow rest
  • The southwest archery stringer tool
  • Hard maple limbs with black fiberglass
  • Single tapered knob
  • Metal limb pocket design


When it comes to the design, the bow features hard maple limbs that are backed up with black fiberglass. Since weight and comfort go hand in hand, this bow comes at a light 3.4 lbs and even better, the construction is quite durable- definitely made to last. You can also purchase the limbs separately so as to increase or decrease the weight as per your preference. There is also a single tapered knob and a metal limb pocket design

The bow also comes unassembled and measures about 6-7 feet long. So as to put it together, you’ll need to carefully connect the limbs to the riser and the stringing bow. Even though the bow performs quite well, there is room for future upgrades. In order to do this, you’ll need pre-installed brass bushings for the brass plunger a stabilizer as well as a sight all of which will fit the bow quite well.


Moving on to the performance, the bow will not disappoint. It’s both right handed and left handed hence anyone can use it. As for the draw, it entirely depends on the size of the bow that you get, the larger the bow the longer the draw. The 62″ SAMICK sage bow, however, allows for a draw of up to 29″ which is also the recommended maximum draw length.

The bow also comes in different sizes hence you can pick one regarding how strong you are. This makes it suitable for both men and women. The aesthetics of the bow are also not left out- from the beautiful maple wood construction to the curvature, it’s quite eye-catching and doesn’t compromise on performance all the same.

Damage to you or the bow can be prevented by the use of a stronger tool. This is what you will use when stringing or unstringing the bow and more so, you’ll get to keep your warranty intact this way.


Samick Sage recurve bows are some of the best you can choose for archery, target shooting or small game hunting. All features are designed to improve performance and to give the most pleasant user experience. Detailed Samick Sage review will help you make the best bow decision.

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