Trophy Ridge React One Pro 1 Pin .010 Sight Review in 2019

One of the best things you can do as a bowhunter or shooter is to equip your bow with a reliable sight. Sights are helpful in making accurate arrow strikes and you can choose between single pin sights and multi-pins sights. Single pin sights remain a favorite for many may be because they are so much easier to use and adjustments are equally as easy to achieve. The Trophy Ridge React One Pro sight is among the very good options you have when you are out looking for a sight you can trust to deliver good results.

Trophy ridge react one pro sight has a 100% aluminum construction that makes it durable and at the same time lightweight so you do not have to worry about extra weight once you mount it onto your bow. It features React Technology that makes sighting simple throughout your shooting range. The Trophy Ridge bow sight Technology basically calculates the pin gap to 100 yards based on the distance between 20-yard pin and any other yardage. Once the two yardage pins are set, you can shoot through an entire range without any more requirements. This automatic setting offers more accuracy with every shot making the sight quite reliable.

The Trophy Ridge bow sight features a rheostat light to improve visibility even in low light conditions. For consistent shots, the sight comes with a level. The fiber optic pin offers superior brightness and you will also find the custom sticker kit included very useful for acquiring targets faster. The micro windage and elevation require no tools and therefore in-field adjustments are made fairly easy for all shooters. You are also at liberty to adjust 2nd and 3rd axis. The most amazing thing about the Trophy Ridge React 1 bow sight is that it is compatible with a wide range of compound bows thanks to the multiple mounting holes that make it easy to mount on your selected bow. The setting up is really easy to achieve and you, therefore, should be ready to hit your targets within minutes.

  • This sight is 100% aluminum made and it is therefore durable
  • It embraces Smart Pin technology to make sure that your shots are as accurate as they can get
  • It has sight level that offers 2nd and 3rd axis adjustability
  • The sight has fiber optic pin that is ultra-bright for easy usage and the rheostat light that makes it possible for the shooter to make accurate shots even in low light conditions
  • The sight offers versatility thanks to the multiple mounting holes it comes with; you can use it on a wide range of compound bows without any problems
  • It has a drive shaft knob that makes it possible make quiet, accurate and fast movements up or down to set the sight
  • The Trophy Ridge has a positive stop design at 20-yard indicator position for faster target acquisition in all kinds of hunting situations
  • It comes with 100% toolless micro adjustment
  • The biggest drawback of this sight is that it does not come with any instructions included. You, therefore, would need to at least have some knowledge of how to set and use a sight to be able to use it without too many problems
  • This sight might also feel too big and heavy for some shooters especially those that are small framed

Setup of Trophy Ridge React One Pro

Verdict To Buy Trophy Ridge React One Pro

When buying a sight for your bow, the first thing you want to confirm is that it is actually compatible with your type of bow. It is then important to consider the quality of the sight and ease of use. The features your bow sight comes with determines what you can do with it and how easy it will be for you to get all shooting elements together for an accurate targeted shot. Consider the kind of conditions you will be shooting under so that you can choose a sight that has what it takes to give you a pleasant experience with your shooting session or hunting trip.

The Trophy Ridge React One Pro is a sight designed to make your shooting experience pleasant especially in terms of accuracy and ease of use. It is not only easy to setup but also quite simple to use.

Accuracy of Trophy Ridge React One Pro

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