Find A Quick Way Where To Shoot A Deer For Successful Hunting

When you choose to go deer hunting so many things need to be right and in coordination with each other for the hunt to be a success in the end. The most obvious things for any hunter is choice of appropriate hunting clothes, hunting bow, bow quiver, hunting boots, weapon and more. Learning to use the weapon, improving shooting skills and finding the perfect hunting place comes next. But the one thing that most hunters forget is the importance of shot placement/where to shoot a deer.

The area where you shoot the deer really determines the kind of results that you get. The last thing you want as a hunter is to take a shot that only scares the animal by scratching it on the skin. The shot spot can be termed as the bottom line of any given hunting session and you need to get it right. Usually, where to shoot a deer depends on the angle of deer from where the hunter is, the distance between hunter and deer and also whether the deer is stationary or moving. Essentially, you want to target the vital organs of the deer to make an instant kill.

Apart from aiming the shot on the right spot on the anima, you also want to make sure that the shot is strong enough to achieve the results that you expect. This is especially important when using bows; the settings should be set right, so you have a shot that is strong enough to bring the deer down and not just throw an arrow that slightly pierces the skin and drops to the ground with little impact but scaring the animal away. But which spots are best to target when hunting a deer and why?

High shoulder – This shot is a shock-and-awe shot that short-circuits the nervous system of the deer when the spine is snapped. It is a shot that also breaks the ribs and anchors your deer giving you a quick kill. However, with this kind of shot, especially when using a rifle, lots of meat gets damaged around upper back strap from the shoulder. The chances of missing the aim are also very high when targeting the high shoulder spot.

Heart and lung – The good thing with targeting the heart and lungs of a deer is that you do not need to be that accurate to down the animal as it is the case with the high shoulder shot. The animal might still get away, but because of the massive hemorrhaging, you will have an easy time tracing it to its dying place using blood trails. The only downside with the shot is that if you are not that accurate and your shot only clips small part of the lungs, then the deer is likely to recover. The same goes for bullets that only scrape off shoulder or rib.

Brain – This is a shot that will give you an instant kill. It is the perfect place to shoot your animal, not just because of how quick it is to bring it down, but also because you will have the very little amount of damaged meat when you take the head shot. This is, however, a very tiny target and it is very easy to miss; the chances of wounding the jaw only are very high. To get aiming right, it is important to consider a bow sight if you are hunting using a bow.

Neck – A shot right into the neck of the deer kills by sensing massive shock to the spinal cord and the vertebrae. This shot is also a good one because it only damages a little meat. The only problem is that this vital area is quite small and you would need to be very accurate to get it right. If you hit low then the wound is minimal and the recovery chances are high; you shot might only paralyze the deer and you will be required to take a second shot to finish it off. Sometimes it might even be necessary for you to slit the throat to kill the animal after the first maiming shot.

End of the point of where to shoot a deer

The best way to improve your deer shooting skill is probably by practicing with a deer hunting target. Most targets come with the vital organs clearly marked out so you are able to aim accurately. The more you practice on where to shoot a deer the more you get to improve on your aiming thus achieving accuracy in the end. Consider getting additional weapon accessories that can help make the aim more accurate so you reduce your chances of missing with every shot you take on the deer. An appropriate bow sight can be a great addition to your hunting bow so you are able to aim deer shots to the right spots for the easy kill in the end.

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