Apply These Secret Techniques To Improve Whitetail Deer Hunting

Whitetail deer hunting is largely luck, but if you choose to become a student for the whitetail deer, then you will be able to score consistently with every deer season you take part in. The major difference between a hunter who takes home a deer and one who doesn’t is in the preparation for the hunt and techniques used to bring down the kill. To turn the odds in your favor, there are secret techniques that you must be willing to apply to improve the hunting and also make improvements to the hunting spots.

Secret hunting techniques for whitetail deer hunting

Secret 1 – Locate more than one ambush site: When your ambush sites are not limited then your success chances are taken higher. When you are using a portable tree stand that is lightweight, then you will have an easy time to move it to the nest best site when one fails to yield the kind of results you expected with the hunt. Considering that the wind can change and leave one location unfavorable, when you have more than one site, you will be able to move to where the wind is more favorable.

Secret 2 – Use wind as a hunting tool: One of the commonly made mistakes by most hunters is hunting in unfavorable windy conditions. Prevailing wind direction should help you determine how perfect the ambush location is even when you have used scent control and eliminating products. Working with the wind will make the scent control more valuable to your whitetail deer hunting efforts.

Secret 3 – Find rub lines, but avoid getting too close: Paying attention to rubs in your hunting area will help you identify a travel route that is used frequently by a buck. Inspect rubbed trees because all sized bucks rub on all sized trees. Deeper gouges should be indications of larger deer. However, even when finding these rubs, avoid touching them and any scraps you find because you will only end up leaving human marks the buck will be able to read.

Secret 4 – Move from the crowds: Whitetail deer hunting season will definitely have large numbers of hunters chasing for the bucks. This could mean that you could end up hanging stands closer to each other and this kind of crowding really affects the results that you get. The secret to successful hunting lies in moving away from the crowds. In heavily forested areas, try as much as possible to move further from fields and roads where hunting pressures are likely to be. Because most hunters so not venture in swampy areas, heavily thicketed spots and high grass fields, choose such areas to improve your hunting success rates.

Secret 5 – Make a habit of scouting continuously: When it comes to whitetail deer hunting, nothing is more valuable than scouting for deer signs that are meaningful to the hunt. If the ambush location you have selected does not seem to be yielding much, it should be time to search for deer sign and active trails than sitting in that one unproductive spot hoping that the situation will improve. Scouting seems to be most beneficial during the midday hours when there is less deer activity. The best thing you can do as a hunter is to adjust to deer changes like bedding areas, hunting pressure and food sources and continued scouting helps you keep abreast of the deer movement patterns so you are able to adjust strategies and stand sites accordingly.

Hunting spot secrets

If you have your own hunting property, then your hunting success rates are greatly improved because you can make changes or improvements to the hunting spots. The same will be possible when you get permission from private property owners for your hunting. Here are some of the spot secrets you can use to improve results.

Secret 1 – Restrict access: Whitetail deer have a need to feel safe and secure, especially around their bedding areas. Create inviolate areas on the property so that no one gets into the bedding areas no matter unless it is to blood trail a deer. Everyone else using the land should be notified about the areas so there is minimal intrusion for better hunting results when the season is on.

Secret 2 – Allow some sunshine in: Whitetails love beddings areas with no or very little grass, but soft spots work for cooler times. A grassy bed is what they will therefore be looking for and there is no way you can have such areas unless you allow some sun in. Drop a few trees in selected areas to allow sunshine hit the forest floor to provide deer with food and bedding cover. It would also be appropriate to seed warm season grasses to offer a comfortable mat for them to lie on.

Secret 3 – Control predators: If you have deer predators on the property, then you can increase hunting success and improve the hunting spot by clearing them off. Coyotes seem to the most common deer predators and they can ruin your hunting areas. You should also think about cleaning up wild dogs in the area to make it most suitable for deer hunting and other ground nesting birds like turkeys and quail. You can trap the coyotes or allow coyote hunting areas where they are not considered game animals.

Secret 4 – Hinge cut the trees: Another good way of improving whitetail deer hunting spots is by hinge cutting trees. You should, however ensure that you do not end up overdoing it. Cutting small trees slightly over halfway will drop it to the ground to provide backing for bucks for rubbing yet it continues to grow adding a thicker look and feel to the area. Avoid dropping too many trees by all means so you do not leave them without visibility. You also want to make sure that the drops are done in the right directions and locations. If you are removing brush, then ensure that you do it to only appropriate levels.

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